Who Makes PXG Golf Club? A Behind-the-Scenes Look!

If you play golf, you’ve probably heard of PXG. It is a high-end golf club manufacturer known especially for its unique design, innovative technology, and customization. The company has a good reputation among professional and beginner golfers as well.

All credit definitely goes to the man Bob parson, who wished to make the best golf club in the world. Fortunately, his effort and dedication make PXG unparalleled in the golf industry. 

We will talk about every bit of detail, including who makes the PXG golf club, where it is made, and why golfers want to pay more for PXG golf Club. Keep reading to find out more!

Who Makes PXG Golf Club

Brief Overview of PXG Golf Club

From the desire to make the best golf club in the world, Bob parson founded PXG ( Parson Xtreme Golf) in September 2013.

Within a short period of time, the company became unparalleled in its field under the direction of this man. 

PXG is now well known among players for its attractive appearance and cutting-edge technology, which are meant to encourage launch higher, go further, and feel softer to improve performance. 

Along with having numerous retailers, stores, and distributors worldwide, the brand has quickly grown to be an internationally recognized one. 

Today, it offers a range of clubs, including wedges, irons, and fairway woods, designed to encourage forgiveness, feel, and performance. Let’s have a look at what this brand has offered so far.

Who Makes PXG Golf Club
What PXG offers Types
Drivers 0311 GEN5;
0311 XF GEN5
Fairways 0311 GEN5;
0311 XF GEN5
Hybrids 0311 GEN5;
0311 XF GEN5
Irons0211 XCOR2 Chrome;
0211 XCOR2 Xtrem Dark;
0211 Z Hybrid Irons;
0317 ST Chrome;
0317 ST Xtreme Dark
Wedges0311 Milled Sugar Daddy II Chrome; 
0311 Milled Sugar Daddy II Xtreme Dark;
0311 3X Forged;
Putters Raptor;
Black Jack;
BallsPXG offers Premium Balls
Golf BagsStand Bags;  
Tour bags
Hats and accessories Visiors; 
Men’s and women’s Gloves; 
And many other things

History of PXG Golf Club Manufacturer

History of PXG starts when Bob parson, founder and philanthropist, purchased the 292-acre Golf Club Scottsdale in 2013 and changed its name to Scottsdale National Golf Club.

Parson built a practice facility at the same time that he bought more land close to the club.

later in 2015 when Parson launched PXG, and the prototype of PXG was given to professional golfer Ryan Moore. In the Hyundai tournament, Moore used the PXG club effectively. 

As time goes on, PXG continues to collaborate with top designers and adds more technology experts. It quickly rose to prominence and is now a well-known golf club on a global scale.

Early History of Parson

Parson is an entrepreneur. The first startup of this man was Parson Technology, their first invention was “Money Count,” a software program designed to make accounting simple.

Fortunately, Money Count was quite successful and became a popular accounting software. It was, however, sold to Intuit in 1994 because Parson was planning something big.

In 1997, Parson launched Godaddy.com with the proceeds from the sale of Money Count. Go Daddy is a domain registration company that is still popular worldwide.

Early History of Parson
Go Daddy

In 2011 70% of the company was purchased by KKR & Co. L.P. and Silver Lake for $2.3 billion.

In 2012 Parson established a holding company. The company is more like a parent company, and all his recent ventures are under this parent company.

It includes YAM capital, parsons agency, and many others. The Journey of PXG started after 2013.

Where are PXG Golf clubs Made?

It has been a constant debate whether PXG golf clubs are made in the USA or elsewhere in Asia, especially china?

From the available information, we can conclude that the  PXG golf club is made in the USA under the strict principal and owner’s supervision.

As you know, PXG is known for its high price point. The high price point does indicate that the product is manufactured in the USA.

And the products manufactured in the USA command premium quality and reliability.

  • It is insured that all the PXG clubs meet high standards and premium quality 
  • Ensure innovative technology for improved performance 
  • PXG use Top class material in their golf club
  • The unique and effective manufacturing process 

Material and Technology Used to Make PXG Golf Clubs

In golf, performance depends on how you feel when you hold the club. And, the club is more technologically innovative, feels good and offers more forgiveness, and improves performance. 

PXG is a name that meets all the criteria tour pros require. Also, more forgiveness allows the beginner-friendly user to start their journey of becoming a greater player with PXG. 

Let’s check out how these great golf clubs are made, the types of material used, and the technology it is equipped with.

Precision weighing technology

Precision weighing technology 

PXG golf clubs are made with a precision weighting system like interchangeable weight for bias setting and preferred spin.

It is heavy and lightweight. This weight can be used to adjust the head mass. The available weights range from 2.5 to 20 grams.

XCOR Technology

XCOR Technology

XCOR technology is especially used in irons. The sole purpose of it is to deliver face movement, longer distances, and improved performance. This technology is a result of multiple years of research effort.

Material PXG is made of

Material PXG is made of 

PXG clubs are made of carbon steel that prolongs their duration and helps deliver stability, feel, and appearance. The shaft is made of multi-material construction with carbon in the upper layer and steel in the lower tip. 

Is PXG a Reputable Brand For Golf Club

There is no concern that PXG has a strong brand image in the golf industry. It is known for its high quality and innovation. The product from PXG is designed to improve performance. 

Because it comes with everything a golfer needs, PXG tends to be more expensive than other brands. Let’s find out why PXG has gained immense popularity: 

High Standards

High Standards

The first thing that sets part of PXG apart from other brands is its quality. High-grade material, advanced technology, and premium material ensure the highest quality and standards. Also, the principles that are followed during the production process are unique.


Clubs from PXG are flexible in that you can tailor the club according to your preference.

PXG offers great customization in its club, including weight distribution and adjusting the lie and loft angle to increase performance.

Brand Image

PXG has established itself as a recognized brand in the golf industry. Players do not hesitate to pay the premium price.

Several high profiles of professional golfers have endorsed the PXG club. This endorsement adds to the brand’s credibility and reputation.

Unique Technology

Unique Technology 

This brand has a long-standing reputation for innovating unique proprietary technology, including XCOR technology and a precision-weighting system. Such innovation aims to hit the ball further and ensure performance.

Some Professional Golfer Review About PXG Golf Club 

The prototype of PXG was given to professional golfer Ryan Moore who has successfully used it in the Hyundai tournament.

After that, many pros shared their positive experience with the PXG club. Here are some remarks from the top pros.

Zach Johnson, 12-time PGA Tour winner

“The technology and how luxurious the clubs felt astounded me. The PXG clubs had the best performance in the league.”

Charl Schwartzel, 2011 Masters champion

“I was amazed at the technology and how good the clubs felt. The performance of the PXG clubs is second to none.” 

Lydia Ko, former world No. 1 women’s golfer

“The irons are really amazing. They’re very consistent, very stable, and very forgiving. And, they have incredible distance control.”  

Ryan Moore, 5-time PGA Tour winner

“The feel and distance control of the irons is just incredible. The ball comes off the face hot and consistently.” 

Pat Perez, 3-time PGA Tour winner

“I’ve been absolutely blown away by the performance of the PXG clubs. They’re the best clubs I’ve ever played for.”


Hopefully by now you have learned a lot about PXG golf club including where it is made. Still, you might have some questions. In this part, we will talk about some frequently asked questions you might want to know.

Why are PXG golf clubs so expensive?

Pxg golf clubs are expensive because the innovative technology it uses in its product is unique. Also, since the product is manufactured in the USA, the labor cost is more than that in Asia. 

How much do PXG golf clubs cost?

PXG Golf club is recognized for its high price point. Many believe that customization options and unique technology justify the price point of PXG golf clubs. The new PXG GEN5 Golf Clubs costs $5,000.

Are PXG Club Made in China?

PXG golf club is made in the USA, not in china. The company headquarters is in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has been a manufacturing club since  2015 maintaining high standards and quality.

Are PXG clubs good for beginners?

PXG golf club is designed for professionals and beginners as well. For example, their 0211 Z Hybrid-Irons offer a unique design and construction that offers more forgiveness, thus more beginner friendly.

Where can I buy PXG Golf club?

You can buy PXG Golf club directly from the company’s website or authorized retailers.

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