Bermuda Length Shorts | Explanation With Buying Guide!

Bermuda length shorts are probably something you’ve heard of if you’re interested in fashion or style. They are so-named because of their popularity in Bermuda. They are also called walking shorts or dressing shorts. These shorts are a specific kind of short pants used as semi-casual clothing by both men and women. 

Native Bermudan “Nathaniel Coxon” invented Bermuda shorts. In 1914, he hemmed his employees’ uniform pants to make them more comfortable in the heat. These shorts gained popularity as a piece of sportswear in the 1920s and 1930s due to their association to relaxation and tropical vacations.

But, this is not all that you need to be aware of. Further details about them, including their history, styles, materials, and buying advice, will be revealed in this article. To learn more, continue reading.

Bermuda Length Shorts | Explanation With Buying Guide!

What Are Bermuda Length Shorts? (A Detailed Explanation)

Bermuda shorts, often known as Bermudas, are a kind of knee-length shorts. In the 20th century, Bermuda shorts were initially developed for the British military.

They are frequently constructed from lightweight materials like linen or cotton and have a straight style with a hem which falls slightly higher than the knee.

Jack Lightbourn (former Executive Vice President of the Bank of Bermuda) claims that the general managers of the two banks (The Bank of N.T.

Butterfield and Sons Ltd and The Bank of Bermuda Ltd) in Bermuda, were worried that their male staff wouldn’t have appropriate clothes to wear due to clothing shortages associated with World War II.

They recruited a native tailor to produce two sets of shorts designed like British military pants for every one of their male workers.

Bermuda shorts were first introduced during this time. As the shorts gained popularity in the post-war era, local retailers like Trimingham Bros. and H.A. & E. Smiths enhanced the style of the pants and incorporated brightly colored fabrics.

Bermuda shorts are frequently used in more formal situations, such golf resorts or casual business events, and are frequently seen as a dressed – up alternative to conventional shorts.

In addition, they are a fantastic option for outdoor adventures like cycling and hiking.

As they are available in a variety of colors and designs, there are multiple possible designs to choose from to accommodate various preferences and interests.

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What Made Bermuda Shorts So Popular?

What Made Bermuda Shorts So Popular

Basically, being a popular product has a lot of reasons. Here, a Bermuda short is a type of knee-length short and is incredibly versatile, which is the fundamental factor in their popularity. 

They could be worn up or down, which makes them appropriate for a variety of events. They are ideal for informal trips such as spending the day on the beach, but they can additionally be used for more formal occasions like anniversaries or business lunches.

The traditional and timeless style of Bermuda shorts is another element that has enhanced its popularity.

People from different ages and backgrounds have worn them for more than a century.

These shorts have gained popularity worldwide, among everyone from Bermuda-based military troops to Hollywood celebrities.

Bermuda shorts are very pleasant to wear. Bermuda shorts offer adequate covering while also giving for movement without restriction.

But the regular pants are extremely short or too exposing. During hot summer days, they are ideal since they are frequently composed of light materials like cotton or linen.

And lastly, Bermuda shorts’ fame has been affected by social media. On Instagram, influencers and famous people have been seen using them, which has boosted their popularity and awareness. 

What Are The Bermuda Length Shorts Design And The Features That Made It Special?

Bermuda shorts are normally knee-length and have a narrow fit with a tapered sleeve that ends slightly above the knee.

These shorts have a classic design that never goes out of trend, and they are generally slick and elegant.

As they are frequently constructed of lightweight materials like cotton, linen, or mixes, they are perfect for warmer climates.

They feature a straight cut or a modest flare, depending on the style, and are made to fit tightly around the hips and waist.

Bermuda length shorts usually go with polo shirts, penny loafers, and other classic clothes. Its style is commonly linked to posh or classic looks.

These shorts come in a range of patterns and colors, from basic solids like blue, khaki, or white to striking prints like striped, plaids, and flowers.

Moreover, Bermuda shorts could come with decorations like belts, pockets, and folds. Here are some features that makes Bermuda length shorts special:

  • Comfort: These shorts are made with comfort in mind.
  • Style: These shorts feature a traditional, timeless design that’s always in trend.
  • Colors: These shorts are available in a variety of hues and designs, making it simple to choose a pair that complements one’s personal style.
  • Tailored Look: These shorts have a tailored appearance that is both fashionable and upscale due to their narrow fit.
  • Build Material: These shorts are usually well-made and have durable construction, so they will endure for many years.

Differences Between Bermuda Shorts And Regular Shorts (Table Data) 

While a Bermuda short and a regular short appear the same, they differ in a number of ways. And you should be aware of their variations if you wish to use any of these.

In this section, we tried to describe those significant differences, which might change your buying decision. So, whatever you are going to buy, see their differences.

FactorBermuda Length ShortsRegular Shorts
Wearable SituationBermuda shorts are frequently worn with boat shoes and collared shirts.From sports shorts to canvas shorts to denim cutoffs, regular shorts may be worn in a number of fashions.
DurabilityBermuda shorts are more durable.They are not durable and Bermuda length shorts. 
LengthBermuda shorts are available in lengths that end just above or close to the knee.They are often shorter, ranging from the mid-thigh to roughly above the knee.
MaterialsBermuda shorts are frequently made by cotton, synthetic fibers, denim, rayon, or a combination of the four.Regular shorts typically made of a heavyweight, robust cotton fabric.
FitThese shorts usually have narrow or tapered fits.Depending on the cut, these have a more relaxed, loose or a tighter fit.
Popularity Bermuda shorts are popular due to its style, appearance, and comfort.These shorts are comfortable, yet they are slightly unpopular.
PriceThey start at around $5 and may go up to $150.Their costs start at $4 and go up to $200. But, their logo or other printed design shorts might cost around $200. 

Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Ideal Bermuda Length Shorts? 

Bermuda shorts are a versatile piece of apparel that may be used for a range of events.

Yet, with so many designs, materials, and brands to select from, finding the perfect pair may be challenging. When selecting an optimal Bermuda length shorts, consider the following factors:

  • Fit

Depending on the style, the length should be slightly above or close to the knee, with straight or tapered legs. Shorts that are correctly fitted should be neither too tight nor too loose around the waist.

  • Fabric

Try to select cotton fabrics. Because of its breathability, softness, and adaptability, it is a common fabric option for Bermuda length shorts. But, for hot weather, you can choose linen fabrics.

  • Comfort

Examine the comfort of the shorts as you are trying them on by sitting, walking, or otherwise moving around. It’s best if the shorts don’t feel restrictive or overly tight, and they shouldn’t jump up as you move.

  • Style:

Consider the event as well as your particular style preferences when selecting a style. Here, basic solid colors are appropriate for a number of events and go well with many different shirts.

Strong colors and patterns could be visually appealing, but there might be fewer chances to match them.

  • Quality

Try to get shorts made of sturdy fabrics that won’t wear out quickly and with reinforced stitching. Also choose a brand that is renowned for its high standards of quality and longevity.

  • Price

While choosing a pair of shorts, keep in mind how much they will cost you. Don’t buy any over priced shorts. But, if any shorts seem overpriced, but the brand is offering a guarantee, you can choose them.


Buying ideal Bermuda length shorts is not everything. You have to know how to wear them properly. There are several ways to wear them. This short video might help you to know about it. 

How to Wear Bermuda Shorts//Bermuda Shorts DO’s and DON’Ts//Bermuda Shorts Outfits//MASHA


There’s a chance that you still have some queries even after going through this article. We did our best to answer the most frequently asked questions. To get the answers you need, read this FAQ.

What Is The Estimated Cost Of A Piece Of Bermuda Length Shorts?

Depending on the brand, material, and quality, Bermuda-length shorts can cost anywhere from $5 to $150 or more.
Between affordable and luxury brands, prices might differ. Here, the price may also rise if the brand offers any guarantees.

Can Both Men And Women Wear Bermuda Length Shorts?

Absolutely, Bermuda shorts can be worn by both men and women. They are a multipurpose shorts type which can be worn by anybody, no matter what their gender, as long as they fit well and match their particular style.

Is It Possible To Convert Jeans Into Bermuda Length Shorts?

Yes, it is possible to turn jeans into Bermuda shorts. To complete the design, trim the jeans to the appropriate length and hem the edges. This is a fantastic technique to transform worn pants into a fresh set of shorts.


The greatest quality Bermuda shorts have a three-inch hand-sewn hem to allow them to hang properly. On the side and bottom, they typically contain one pocket each.

Men in Bermuda still wear Bermuda shorts as their traditional clothing. Now several nations throughout the world, including the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, India, Bermuda, etc., sell these shorts.

Any fashion-conscious person’s closet should have a pair of Bermuda-length shorts. These shorts are the ideal option whether you’re dressed up for a night out or simply doing activities on a warm day.

So why not get a pair right away and take advantage of all that Bermuda length shorts have to offer?

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