Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs? Know The Hidden Truth!

Kirkland Signature is your go-to brand for reliable and affordable golf clubs. It is available at your local Costco. But the news isn’t great for players who doubt its integrity. After all, how good can regular golf clubs from Costco feel? And, more importantly, who makes Kirkland golf clubs?

The owner of Kirkland golf clubs is Costco. That’s true. But Costco relies on SCDC (southern California design company, CA) for manufacturing. After the product is developed, it is marketed and distributed under the “Kirkland Signature” label.

To be honest, the “cheap” tag doesn’t work if the players value brand reputation. But before you make a judgment, we urge you to finish the whole article first.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs

Brief Overview Of Kirkland Golf Clubs

Kirkland Signature produces two types of golf clubs. The first type is Kirkland Signature Wedges, and the second is Kirkland KS1 Putter. Both are gaining immense popularity among beginners or seasonal golf players. 

And why wouldn’t that be? Kirkland Golf Clubs are classy and affordable at the same time. You won’t be disappointed with the performance either. 

The wedges come in a set of three. As a beginner, the lofts on the wedges will suffice. Yes, the grips are a little low-quality. But that’s what you get for such a cheap price.

History Of Kirkland Golf Clubs Manufacturer

It’s time to address the elephant in the room: who makes Kirkland golf clubs? You already know it’s a Costco brand. Check out some interesting historical facts below.

How Was the Kirkland Signature Brand Established?

Kirkland Signature is a label of Costco. If you live in the USA, you probably know what Costco is. It’s a household name for big-box family purchases at a lower price. 

In 1995, Costco decided to bring all its store products into a single label. It normally doesn’t work for most companies that offer such a huge variety of items, including diapers, food, and golf equipment.

However, Costco’s co-founder Jim Sinegal thought otherwise and went ahead with the new brand called Kirkland Signature.

If you are wondering why the name “Kirkland” was chosen, it indicates the first headquarters of this MNC.

Who Is The Current Supplier?

Who Is The Current Supplier?

Costco is both the owner and supplier of the Kirkland Signature Golf Clubs. Kirkland Signature wedges and putters will shine on the shelves as you shop for golf equipment.

Costco has always promoted Callaway Edge golf clubs in its warehouse. No doubt, Callaway is one top-notch brand with many options for customization.

However, in 2016 Costco started its golf equipment line and introduced Kirkland Signature balls, wedges, putters, etc.

Who Manufactures The Kirkland Golf Clubs?

Costco partners with a top-notch product development company to produce high-quality golf clubs. 

According to sources, Southern California Design Company is responsible for manufacturing and designing your favorite Costco Golf Clubs.

It is located in Carlsbad, California. We find it interesting that Callaway also uses this location to manufacture its golf equipment.

No doubt, Costco has played safe by choosing the manufacturers located so close to its long-term partner Callaway Edge.

Materials And Technology Used To Make Kirkland Golf Clubs

Alloy steel is the material used within the Kirkland golf club sets. To be honest, we didn’t expect a robust build quality considering the low price.

But the Kirkland relay surprised us, and we are all here for it. Here are some amazing design facts you didn’t know about these clubs.

Wedge Angles

Wedge Angles

Three clubs represent three different wedge angles for various situations. For example, you have the 1-52 degrees angle for the gap wedge, 1-56 degrees for the sand wedge, and 1-60 degrees for the lob wedge.

In a sense, you won’t have to shop for any more wedges in the future after this one purchase. 

True Temper Shaft

True Temper Shaft

Ever heard of “wedge-flex” before? Well, it’s a special type of shaft put in wedges for optimized performance. 

In simple words, the shaft will feel softer than your regular irons used for long shots. And Kirkland golf clubs feature wedge flexes produced by none other than True Temper.

The biggest benefit it provides is the feel. Wedges are mostly used to get the ball back out of the hazards.

And you need quite some force or impact for that. A wedge flex allows you to have that heavy feel and maximize the impact on the ball.

Milling Technology

Milling Technology

Kirkland golf club’s head is produced through milling technology. It simply means milling a piece of metal until it takes the shape of a club head.

Which metal will be used depends on the brand. For Kirkland, it’s stainless steel. Usually, companies charge higher for milled golf clubs.

But that’s where Kirkland stands out. It offers technologically advanced clubs at a minimum Costco price.

Is Kirkland A Reputable Brand for Golf Clubs?

We get where the question is coming from. Since the main provider of Kirkland signature wedges is Costco, you might doubt its integrity. Let’s determine whether Kirkland, as a golf brand, is reputable.

Costco Is Only The Supplier

Costco is a brand known for selling products for a family at a discounted price. But as we said earlier, Costco isn’t the one actually manufacturing your Kirkland golf clubs. It merely acts as a distributor. 

In that sense, it’s not actually “Costco Golf Clubs,” as some would like to call it.

Designed By SCDC

SCDC (southern California design company) is the one responsible for manufacturing Kirkland golf clubs.

SCDC is popular for its partnership with brands like Microsoft, AT&T, and Samsung. That should clear your doubts about how sleek the Kirkland Golf Clubs will be.

Filled With Technology

Filled With Technology

The KS1 Putter and three wedges literally leave no space for criticism. The clubs are designed with a true temper shaft and a milled face. It’s not forged at all. You get a lot of spins while playing on thick grass, sand, even mud.

All of these characteristics have contributed to alleviating the reputation of Kirkland golf clubs. It’s not a cheap brand, to say the very least.

Some Professional Golfer Review About Kirkland Golf Clubs

Kirkland’s simplicity is the key to its popularity. It can compete with the OEM brands both look and spin-wise.

Check out what the professional golfers who gave Kirkland a try have to say about the wedges.

Very decent wedge set to be honest. I like the weight assigned to them as well as the look. The grips are a bit thin for my liking. But I can just regrip them later. —Justin Turner

Only bought these wedges to try them out. But I was immensely surprised by the spin and control. When I want to score short shots, they perform better than my highly-priced wedges. Have been using it for almost two years consistently. Three of them come cheaper than some top brand’s single clubs. —Betty Rogers


We hope you got the answers you were looking for. In case we missed something, here’s our small FAQ section for you.

Are Kirkland Wedges Good For Beginners?

The Kirkland Signature wedges have the right weight and feel to support a beginner. The club face is intentionally kept large to allow some errors during a shot.

Are Costco Golf Clubs Any Good?

Costco golf clubs are good quality. The wedges are kept simple yet sleek. You get just the right spin, control, and aesthetics to feel confident on the field.

Since when has Costco started selling Kirkland Signature wedges?

The brand “Kirkland Signature” was introduced in 1995. However, Costco has only included a golf-equipment line under this label since 2016.

What Is The Usual Price Of Kirkland Signature Golf Clubs At Costco?

The three-wedge set comes at $170. That’s around $57 for each club. If you think closely, other OEM brands offer single clubs for over $100.

Final Thought

Costco currently operates in 46 states with more than 800 stores. That means you don’t have to look further. Next time when you go grocery shopping, just check out the golf section.

We are not saying Kirkland Golf Clubs are the best in the market. There are premium wedges from OEM brands that offer more customization and spin. 

But Costco gives you the best golf clubs you can buy with a budget constraint. Finally, why spend more money if the cheaper one works just fine?

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