Cleveland CBX 2 vs RTX ZipCore: Which Wedge Fits Your Needs

Cleveland is a well-known name in the golf accessory sector. The most popular and well-known wedges they have ever produced are their CBX 2 and RTX ZipCore. However, if you are new to this field or want to start playing golf, you may be unsure about which wedge to purchase. 

However, it is quite evident from several evaluations and the performance of these wedges that CBX 2 will be a superior choice. There are various reasons why this wedge is a superior choice. You may be able to choose any top wedge if you are entirely aware of those elements.

In this article, we’ll talk about these two wedges and their main distinctions. Therefore, keep reading this article.

Cleveland CBX 2 vs RTX ZipCore

Overview Of Cleveland CBX 2  Wedge

CBX 2 wedge demonstrates the perfect combination between high-end wedge architecture and efficiency and forgiveness.

It has all the characteristics of a tour wedge except that it has a cavity rather than a blade.

Overview Of Cleveland CBX 2  Wedge

Overview Of RTX ZipCore Wedge

One of the well-known golf wedges currently available is the Cleveland RTX ZipCore, primarily for those with lower handicaps.

Its grooves underwent a unique heat treatment procedure to guarantee that they remain sharp and sensitive for longer

Overview Of RTX ZipCore Wedge

CBX 2 Vs ZipCore: Comparison Table

Though these two golf wedges offer the same purposes, they have a few variances. A comparison table might assist you in rapidly determining such differences. This may also assist you in selecting the appropriate wedge for your needs.

CategoryCleveland CBX 2Cleveland RTX ZipCore
Release DateSeptember 2019September 2020
Handicap RangeMedium to HigherLow to Medium
GripLamkin 360Golf Pride Tour Velvet
GolferMen’sMen’s, Women
Shaft NameDynamic Gold 115True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner
Shaft TypesSteel, GraphiteSteel
Shaft Weight115 g128 g
FinishBlack Satin finishChrome, Black Nickel, Rusty/Raw
Price ( USD )$139.99$119.99

What Are The Differences Between CBX 2 And ZipCore?

Due to the various varieties of wedges and their different specifications, you should conduct a study to choose a wedge that is appropriate for your swing and demands.

This section will discuss the detailed differences between CBX 2 and RTX ZipCore wedges that help you select the perfect one.


A wedge’s performance is heavily influenced by its design. There are variances in the design of these two wedges.

The CBX 2 wedge was developed from the ground to the top for forgiving and spinning, making it suitable for golfers with cavity back irons.

The RTX ZipCore Wedge, on the other hand, is developed entirely from the inside out, with one of its greatest achievements on the exterior.

By combining it with the TT Dynamic Golf Tour Spinner shaft, this wedge is created to extract each and every bit of spinning and accuracy.


This is the most important factor everyone should consider when choosing a golf wedge. Based on several practical uses, we noticed that there aren’t huge performance differences between these two wedges. 

Here, we discovered that the CBX 2 wedge’s effectiveness is quite forgiving. You may expect a seamless performance on almost any grind if you have learned fundamental short-game techniques.

Besides, RTX zipcore includes UltiZip grooves that cover each inch of the flat part for excellent spin efficiency. And the wedge has a High-Toe profile which helps it to slip confidently underneath the ball. 

During our experimentation, we ultimately discovered that CBX 2 was performing quite better than RTX ZipCore.


It has a significant impact on the performance of a golf wedge. Here we noticed that RTX ZipCore is much heavier than CBX 2.

A greater head weight on golf wedges gives more force with shorter swings, assisting in getting the ball upwards.

Loft, Lie, And Bounce

These three factors are the most crucial when selecting a perfect golf wedge. Because they directly affect your playing conditions.

No matter how expensive or popular wedges you use, you won’t perform well if you don’t have a good idea about three of these. Here are brief explanations and a table about CBX 2 and TX ZipCore specs.

Loft and Lie
  • Loft

A wedge’s loft is the angle formed by the wedge’s surface and an imagined vertical line. The further loft you have on a wedge, the further height your shot will have, resulting in higher ball striking with much less distance.

  • Lie Angle

An essential factor in wedges and irons seems to be the lie angle, which determines how well users hit and how quickly they improve any game.

For right-handed golfers, the basic notion is that if the lie becomes too upright, the ball will travel left, and if the lie becomes too flat, the ball will go right.

  • Bounce Angle

Whenever the bottom of the club is resting on the surface, the bounce angle refers to the angle formed between both the surface and the top part of the club.

It allows you to make proper connections, accuracy, and rotation on the wedge strokes.

Cleveland CBX 2( Loft / Lie / Bounce )Cleveland RTX ZipCore( Loft / Lie / Bounce )
Loft: 46° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 9°Loft: 46° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 10°
Loft: 48° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 9°Loft: 48° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 10°
Loft: 50° /  Lie: 64° / Bounce: 11°Loft: 50° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 10°
Loft: 52° /  Lie: 64° / Bounce: 11°Loft: 52° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 10°
Loft: 54° /  Lie: 64° / Bounce: 12°Loft: 54° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 12°
Loft: 56° /  Lie: 64° / Bounce: 12°Loft: 56° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 10°
Loft: 58° /  Lie: 64° / Bounce: 10°Loft: 58° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 12°
Loft: 60° /  Lie: 64° / Bounce: 10°Loft: 60° / Lie: 64° / Bounce: 10°

CBX 2 Or ZipCore: Which Golf  Wedge To Choose?

This may be a tricky problem to answer adequately, but based on various well-known and popular golfer evaluations, we can easily declare that the CBX 2 would be a superior pick.

Despite the fact that the RTX ZipCore is a more sophisticated model, most professional golfers choose the CBX 2. 

The primary reason for this is its unrivaled performance and precision. This golf wedge performs effectively in all conditions. This wedge not only helps the ball spin quickly, but it also helps the ball go quickly.


So, at this point in the essay, you should have decided on which golf wedge to purchase. You could still have some relevant inquiries. No worries, just go through these commonly asked questions:

Does CBX 2 And ZipCore Beginner-friendly Golf wedge?

Yes, they both are beginner-friendly golf wedges. But CBX 2 is a perfect option for higher handicapper players, and RTX ZipCore is suitable for comparatively lower handicapper people.

Is CBX 2 And ZipCore The Easiest Golf Driver To Hit Straight?

Yes, both of them are the golf drivers who hit straight. However, some professional players claim that the CBX 2 is the easiest to hit straight because it has a bigger sweet spot.

CBX 2 Vs ZipCore: Which One Is Easy To Control?

Based on several professional golfers’ statements, CBX 2 is easier to control. Though some players mention that ZipCore is easier to control, their evaluation is too weak compared to CBX 2.

CBX 2 Vs RTX ZipCore: Which One Is Best For Chipping?

Here the CBX 2 is clearly the best bet for forgiving and spin. The initial CBX wedges were excellent, but the CBX 2 wedges are far superior to ZipCore.

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