Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs? [Behind the Brand]

Tour Edge is famous in the market for providing high-quality golf clubs according to the player’s interests. Tour Edge has carved out its name as a midsize golf club manufacturer. It is undoubtedly one of the fan favorites, with great quality and an affordable price range. 

Tour Edge golf clubs have been made by David Glod since 1987. After that, it is being manufactured in the United States in their own factory. The same company makes all the Tour Edge golf clubs in their locations at Chicago, Illinois. 

You might be interested to know more about this particular renowned brand. For your convenience, we have gathered all the necessary history and information about the Tour Edge company. You will get to know exactly who makes Tour Edge golf clubs and the history behind the operations of this company.

Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs?

A brief overview of Tour Edge Golf Clubs

Tour Edge clubs are usually mid-sized and forgiving for a golf club. These are just the perfect golf clubs for anyone, from a beginner to a PGA tour pro. There are different models of the Tour Edge golf clubs which can be suitable for you based on your skills in golfing.

On the golf course, Tour Edge golf clubs ensure proper distance travel and accuracy no matter how new you are to golfing.

The golf clubs dampen vibrations upon impact and reduce turf interaction. Therefore, you are sure to achieve a high ball launch and accelerated ball speed with these golf clubs.

Tour Edge golf clubs feature cutting-edge technology in their products at a reasonable price. Like all things, these golf clubs also have some good and some bad sides.

overview of Tour Edge Golf Clubs

Good Sides

  • High-launching balls with straight accelerated shots
  • Forgiving
  • Maintains the golf ball on off-center strikes
  • Versatile designs and models are available.
  • Dampens vibrations 


  • Some models might generate increased sidespin. 
  • Limited workability and large distance gap.

History of Tour Edge golf Clubs Manufacturer

David Glod
David Glod

The Tour Edge company was founded in 1986 by David Glod. He was a former golf pro at the Village Links Club in Glen Ellyn.

David Glod had a specific goal in mind, and that was creating high-quality, affordable golf clubs in America.

He has definitely succeeded in fulfilling his goal by making Tour Edge one of the top 10 golf club manufacturers in the world currently. 

David Glod designed his first golf club in 1987 and has not stopped since then. Tour Edge is now an independent manufacturer of cutting-edge golf clubs with splendid success.

There are three sub-brands under the Tour Edge golf clubs named- Exotics, Hot Launch, and Bazooka.



Tour Edge makes the Exotics gold club series for achieving optimal roll and maximum stability. These are produced from the requests of professional golf players all around the world.

The Exotics feature the C722 series (competition spec), E722 Series (Extreme spec), and the Exs Pro Irons golf clubs.

These golf clubs feature ridgeback and carbon wrap technology in them. It enhances the flexibility of the clubs and saves weight to create an ideal center of gravity.

It is possible to reposition the weight to the back of the golf club and achieve more power and feel from the club face. 

The Diamond face VFT feature of the Exotics makes way for amazing ball speed and reduced spin and face forgiveness.

On the other hand, the Titanium face is shallower and has a lower density for repositioning the weight evenly.

The adjustable hosel of these golf clubs can change the loft angles between 7.5 to 14 degrees.

Hot Launch

The Tour Edge Hot Launch features a complete set of golf clubs that deliver perfect launch and maximum stability upon impact.

This golf club set is perfect for competitive golfers because of its highly efficient technology. Hot Launch currently has 522 and 523 Series in both competitive and Extreme Spec.

These Hot Launch golf clubs provide maximum forgiveness with their sole rail design. It lowers CG and creates a larger convenient hitting area.

These contain a larger power channel for extreme distance gains. The clubs have a player-preferred shaping option for the best use.

You can have these custom-fitted golf clubs delivered to you by Tour Edge in two working days.

Bazooka: Get In The Game

The Get in the game product line of Tour Edge has contributed greatly to the company’s popularity among everyone.

This product line consists of affordable, user-friendly golf club sets for beginners, women, and children. 

The golf clubs in this line feature a sole rear weight fixed to create a deep center of gravity.

These have premium ultra-light shafts for higher launch and variable face technology for maximum distance. These technologies help golf clubs achieve a higher trajectory with less spin. 

Where Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Made?

Tour Edge golf clubs are strictly manufactured only in the United States. Unlike other companies, Tour Edge has never outsourced any part of its golf clubs from outside of the USA. All of their golf clubs are handcrafted in one single manufacturing site.

Since 1985, Tour Edge golf clubs have been made in Chicago, Illinois. They only have this one headquarter for making their golf clubs.

This allows them to achieve authenticity and splendid branding in making golf clubs. Their representative confirmed, saying, “All golf clubs are hand assembled at our locations in Chicago.”

Materials And Technology Used To Make Tour Edge Golf Clubs

The main reason for the incredible performance of the Tour Edge golf clubs is the high-quality materials used in production.

In addition, the innovative technologies weaved into these golf clubs make way for excellent performance.

Fairway Wood

Fairway wood makes Tour Edge golf clubs. These provide a high launch angle upon swinging. There are multiple shaft flexes available to find your suitable one. This help covers a great distance and gives an amazing feel.

Fairway Wood

Variable Face Thickness Technology

This technology expands the area for shots by creating more contact points on the face. It produces powerful and straight shots with improved forgiveness. Even on mishits, the shots can cover maximum distance due to this technology.

Diamond Face Technology

Diamond face VFT technology is embedded in all Tour Edge golf clubs. This gives an amazing ball speed upon swinging.

Moreover, it helps achieve full-face forgiveness. It reduces spins, as well as boosts the performance of off-center hits. 

Titanium Face

Tour Edge features Ultra-Premium 8-1-1 Titanium Face. It allows you to reposition the weight of the golf club easily. It provides a lower density and ultra-premium distance as a result.


Instead of welding the components, the Tour Edge braze to assemble the golf clubs. The brazing process uses a laser to fuse the components chemically.

It increases the flexibility so that the face flexes more at impact. Thus, it reduces the weight of the clubs and achieves higher ball speed.

Is Tour Edge a reputable brand for golf Clubs?

Tour Edge has definitely established its name in the industry as one of the most reputable brands for golf clubs. 

Affordable but High Quality

One admirable thing about the Tour Edge golf clubs is that you get your value for the money definitely.

Compared to the other golf clubs, Tour Edge ones are at an extremely cheaper price. However, the quality of these golf clubs is still very high, considering the price.

Suitable For Everyone

Tour Edge is the perfect golf club for everyone, regardless of their skills and experiences. Their Get in the Game features clubs for people of every skill level or gender. 

For PGA professionals, Tour Edge golf clubs are a hot choice as they constantly seek out these clubs to play in the tours.

Tour Edge does not pay any players for it; it simply gained this popularity by providing excellent service. 

Lifetime Guaranteed Golf Clubs

Tour Edge has become even more reliable for its customers because of its lifetime guarantee for each of its clubs.

If the clubhead or the shaft gets damaged or snaps somehow, the company will replace the certain golf club. This advantage sets the bar way too high for other companies.


You will find the answers to some of the most asked questions in this section regarding Tour Edge. This company might grow on you at this point due to its incredible service and products.

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good for Beginners?

Yes, Tour Edge Get in the Game product line is just perfect for beginners. These come with a low profile forgiving hybrid, oversized graphite 3 wood, weighted putter, and cavity-backed irons.
All of these components, along with their advanced, user-friendly technology, makes these golf clubs perfect for beginners. 

Where Can I Buy Tour Edge Golf Clubs?

You can directly buy Tour Edge golf clubs from their online store, where you will receive a lifetime guarantee.
Apart from that, you can also buy these golf clubs from several online and retail stores around America. Amazon and PGA superstores are some stores where you can get these golf clubs.

Do any PGA players use Tour Edge Golf clubs?

Tour Edge Exotics is an all-time favorite of the PGA players on tours. Professional players like Bernhard Langer, Scott McCarron, and Alex Cejka love using Tour Edge clubs.
Tour Edge clubs have been used in 10 PGA tours and 15 PGA Champions Tours so far as the winning golf club by champions. 

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