Titleist T100s vs T200: Which Iron Better Fits Your Needs?

Have you been looking for a good iron to switch to? Titleist T100s and T200 series irons are among the best in the market. Do you want to know the main difference between them?

The main difference between the Titleist T100 and T200 irons is their performance. The T200 series is more forgiving than the T100s. Additionally, the T100s series’ spin rate is about 1000 rpm higher than the T200s.

This is not all. There are more differences between the Titleist T100s and T200 iron series. In this article, we will compare the two iron series and declare which is superior. Hence, we advise you to read it through.

Titleist T100s vs T200

Overview of Titleist T100s irons

The Titleist T100s is another version of the 100 series with increased launch and speed. The feel of T100s irons feels premium, and the irons are very forgiving.

T100s are made up of tungsten and have a clubhead size of the T100s larger than the T100 series. This causes the irons to give a solid, premium feel. It also provides more surface area for the face to hit the ball accurately.

Overview of Titleist T200 irons:

Titleist installed the multi-material feature in constructing the T200 golf irons. In the T200 irons, we noticed the use of D18 tungsten weights to lower the COG and greater mass efficiency.

Titleist T100s vs T200 irons: Quick Comparison Table

Now that you have seen an overview of both the Titleist T100s and T200 iron series, it is time to see their differences. We have made a quick comparison table for you to glance over the major differences. In the following subsection, we will talk about the differences in detail.

CriteriaTitleist T100s IronsTitleist T200 Irons
Price189 dollars189 dollars
Ball speedLessMore
Side AngleLessMore
Launch AngleLessMore

What are the Differences between Titleist T100s and T200?

Here we go into the exact comparisons of the factors that allow the Titleist T100s and T200 to vary. We will discuss all of them and tell you which iron is better than the other one.

Overall Flight Distance

Overall Flight Distance

The Titleist T100s and T200 perform similarly when it comes to distance. However, the T200 does seem to outperform the T100s by a couple of yards. 

When distance is compared, it is seen that the T100s average a total distance of 193 yards. Whereas the T200 averages a total distance of 196 yards. 

Golf Ball Speed

Titleist’s T200 series irons have a more incredible golf ball speed than Titleist’s T100s irons. The average speed difference between the two irons is about 1.2 mph.

The increase in speed occurs due to the larger sweet spot in the face that T200 implements into its design. The polymer core in the middle helps to add more force to the ball at impact, generating more speed.

Irons sound at impact.

iron sound

The T100s series irons are superior to the T200 series irons in this department. At impact, the T100s irons sound beautiful, crisp, and, most importantly, softer. On the other hand, the T200 gives a solid, hard sound and feel.

One of the core reasons for this difference lies in the material used to make the irons. Both are made up of dense tungsten, but T100 irons utilize muscle channels to save weight, enabling a softer feel.

Consistency of the shots

Titleist’s T100s golf irons are better at producing consistent shots than the Titleist T200 irons. When compared, T100s iron’s shots appeared to have a smaller range than the T200 series ones.

T200 golf irons have a much more comprehensive range of shots, therefore losing their consistency on the way. A core reason for this difference lies in the golf spins of both irons.

Forgiveness of the irons

T200 irons are more well-known for their forgiving nature than the T100s series irons. Titlest’s T200 is very forgiving, which is why it caters to a wide range of handicappers.

T100s irons focus more on the performance factor, causing it to reduce a bit of forgiveness from its end. While hitting the golf ball, you might not feel the best. However, the reverse was noticed while hitting the T200 irons.

Titleist T100s or T200: Which Golf Irons To Choose?

Both Titleist T series are excellent and well-rounded irons for all golfers. But if you were to compare specifically, T100s irons are better than the T200 series irons.

The T100s offers a Tour-informed design that automatically stands out. Plus, it allows the golfer to have more control over the ball, landing more consistent shots and spins. 

Also, compared to the T200, it only falls short in the distance and speed section by 1-3 units. This can be overlooked when overseeing the overall performance.

At the same time, T200 is best curated for golfers with mid to high handicaps. The extra forgiving nature, enabled by the increased power, allows the beginners to improve significantly.



We believe that this article has provided you with all the information you need. However, there might be some possibility of you having some queries. So, we have made a FAQ section to answer your further questions.

Do Any Professional Golfers Use The Titleist T100 Or T200 Series Irons?

Yes. Both Titleist T100s and T200 irons are popular among professionals. Players like Max Homa and J.T. Poston uses the T100s iron series, and players like Scott Stallings and Cameron Young use the Titleist T200 iron series.

Which One Is More Beginner Friendly: Titleist T100s Or T200 Series Irons?

Titleist T200 is more beginner friendly than the T200 iron series. The irons are made to be extremely forgiving and have max impact technology. This helps beginners to play more comfortably by adding more speed to the ball.

Where Can You Buy The Titleist T100 And T200 Series Irons From?

You can buy the T100s and T200 irons from their official website. You can purchase them from online websites like Amazon, eBay, etc. They should also be in your nearest golf store.

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