Who Makes Cobra Golf Clubs? [The Manufacturer Unveiled]

If you are the biggest fan of golf, then you might know the name ‘Cobra Golf.’ The name also has its prestige, not only familiar to you but professional to non-professional golfers around the world. It has gone through an enriched history, and you might be curious to know that. 

Who makes Cobra golf clubs? In 2010, the German company, Puma, bought Cobra Golf. And since then, the name Cobra Golf has been associated with Puma AG.  Therefore, Cobra Puma Golf now makes Cobra golf clubs in its headquarters in Carlsbad, California, USA. 

Cobra Golf offers some world-class golf clubs. And renowned golfers are the proud users of those clubs. Do you want to know more about the manufacturer and its products? Keep reading! 

Who Makes Cobra Golf Clubs

Brief Overview of Cobra Golf Clubs 

Throughout the history of Cobra Golf, we have seen the manufacturer introduce some high-performing golf clubs.

The manufacturer holds its reputation for producing the first utility golf club named ‘Baffler’ to King Cobra oversized irons.

In recent days, advanced golf clubs like AEROJET Driver, AEROJETHybrid, AEROJET Irons, etc, have come to light and become a craze for golfers worldwide.

The fascinating fact about the Cobra golf club is they are made through the forging process, letting you know the most out of the golf clubs.

According to Darrell Survey U.S. Consumer Research, in 2005, the Cobra drivers were spotted as no.1 based on the overall driver satisfaction for a good number of golfers worldwide.

And this showcased the quality of the clubs of Cobra Golf. Now let’s know some of the pros and cons of Cobra Golf Club.

History of Cobra Golf Clubs Manufacture

Cobra Golf began its journey in 1973 when the Australian amateur golf champion Thomas L. Crow founded the golf club manufacturing company.

Since then, the manufacture of world-class golf clubs has undergone some key phases. 

Standout Times in History

The shocking first move was introducing ‘Baffler,’ the world’s first utility golf club, back in 1980. Well, this was not the end.

Do you know who manufactured the very first stock graphite-shafted woods and irons? The name is Cobra Golf! This incident took place in 1985.

You will also be amazed to see the number of sales Cobra Golf got by selling these products. The golf manufacturing company generated $4.5 million in sales for five years!

Got in Touch with the Best Golfers

One of the blessed incidents took place for the manufacturer back in 2006 when they started announcing sponsorship for some promising golfers back in the day. 

To mention a few names, players like Geoff Ogilvy, Ian Poulter, Jeong Jang, and J.B Holmes are the core examples. Some golfers also won prestigious tournaments—for example, the PGA tour of J.B Holmes. 

In March 2008, Geoff Ogilvy, playing with the Cobra Golf clubs, won the WGC-CA Championship. To be more precise, Geoff Ogilvy was playing with a King Cobra Speed Pro D (9.5º) driver.

The same thing Geoff Ogilvy did when he won the Cadbury Schweppes Australian PGA Championship in December.

How the Manufacturer Transforms!

In 1996 American Brand Inc. acquired Cobra Golf, and the manufacturer came under Acushnet Company, where there were many golf equipment manufacturer companies as well.

But, the Cobra Gold stayed under the umbrella for a short time. In 2010, Puma acquired the company, and we got the name Cobra Puma Golf.

Where Are Cobra Golf Clubs Made?

location of Cobra Golf Clubs Made

All the Cobra Puma Golf clubs are planned, designed and made in California, United States, where the headquarter of Cobra Puma Golf is located. However, some parts of Cobra Golf’s clubs are manufactured in China.

A few days after starting the golf club manufacturing company founded by Thomas L. Crow, the first operation started in San Diego, United States. 

People often wonder why the Australian golfer founded the company in the United States. And instead, he was supposed to start the company’s operation in Australia. 

But the fact is, Thomas L. Crow seriously thought about the business, and ultimately, he did everything correctly. Those days, there were no reliable golf club manufacturing companies out there. 

Additionally, the company felt that operating a company in the United States would help them become competitive in the golfing industry. And their plan became successful as well.

Another core reason and the inspiring fact for founding Cobra Golf in the United States was the golfers in this region used to purchase clubs without thinking about their quality and productivity. 

Now, if a good golf manufacturer can produce high-performing golf clubs, people who need to be more careful about buying golf might purchase quality golf clubs. 

The rule of thumb was to make those golfers’ games better and create a revolution in the golf clubs market in the United States.

Materials and Technologies Used to Make Cobra Golf Clubs

Cobra Puma Golf is one of the world’s leading golf club and apparel manufacturing companies. Over the last few years, the manufacturer has introduced some fascinating golf clubs. 

Irons, drivers, and woods are up to the mark when the name ‘Cobra Puma Golf’ is associated with these products. But why are their golf clubs exceptional? Let’s find out.

Arccos Smart Sensor

Arccos Smart Sensor
Cobra Arccos

This is one of the most splendid technologies used in Cobra Golf clubs. This technology connects or pairs your Cobra golf clubs with an app called ‘Arccos 360’.

With the help of this app, after you connect your golf club to add, you can enjoy a bunch of game improvement features.

For example, you can see the directional data before and after you play the shot. And thanks to the GPS enabled in the app. 

You need to touch the aerial view of that hole you are playing, and the app will show you the distance or the barriers, like trees, bunkers, etc., that might come into play for you.

E9 Face Technology

E9 Face Technology

You can consider the E9 face technology as a revolution in technology used in Golf. But why is E9 technology fascinating?

The main intention behind launching E9 technology in Cobra Golf drivers was to increase the sweet zone to 30%. 

Additionally, when it comes to proper control and maximum distance, the E9 face technology plays its part, no matter which point of the club face hits the ball. 

High-Quality Stainless Steel

High-Quality Stainless Steel

You might know the significance of golf clubs made with stainless steel. The Cobra stainless steel irons and drivers are up to the mark, ensuring mind-blowing durability. 

Cobra Irons made from stainless steel are specially designed to generate more flex and speed.

Additionally, many Cobra club heads are made from a combination of stainless steel and titanium for optimal performance.

Composite and Graphite

Composite and Graphite 

You’ll find that most of the Cobra Golf club shafts are made from composite and graphite.

The benefits of golf shafts made from graphite are that they usually become flexible due to being lightweight and can produce impressive speed.

Is Cobra Golf Club a Reputed Club Brand?

Looking at the richest history of Cobra Golf,  it is meaningless to say that the Golf Club brand is not reputed.

And over the years, the Cobra Golf Club manufacturing company has developed the features and performance of its golf clubs. 

Now let’s find out the logical factor of why Cobra Golf Club is a reputed club brand.

Logic 1: Enriched History

The cobra Golf Club manufacturing company was not founded a few years ago. It has been almost 50 years since the manufacturer produced superficial golf clubs.

And as you are supposed to know, some of the golf clubs Cobra Gold were renowned and got a lot of fame. 

And till today,  the Cobra Golf Club is used by a good number of professional golfers around the world. 

Logic 2: Endorsement With Renowned Golfers

If you look at the history of Cobra Golf Club, many professional and reputed Golfers come in touch with this particular company.

Also, some of the most prominent golfers sponsored by Cobra Golf Club won some major golf tournaments.  

Current PGA tour players like Hideki Matsuyama, Gary Woodland, Bryson DeChambeau, and many others also play golf with golf clubs. And they are doing a lot better as well.

So if the Cobra Golf Club is not a reputed golf club brand, the players are not supposed to use the clubs. And this indicates how reputed the golf club manufacturer Cobra Puma Golf Club is!

Frequently Asked Questions

In our deep research, we have seen how people are curious about knowing Cobra Golf clubs. So we have sorted out some of the questions to answer here.

Is Cobra a Puma Brand?

In 2010, the two brands, Cobra Golf and Puma, were combined. Since then, Cobra Golf has been known as Cobra Puma Golf.
Puma bought the Cobra Golf company and now considers the company as one of its corporate divisions.

Are Cobra Clubs Good for Beginners?

Yes, Cobra clubs are designed for different levels of players. As golf clubs tend to be more forgiving, they should be good for beginner or high-handicap golfers who want to improve their games.

Are Cobra Golf Clubs Expensive?

Cobra Golf clubs are reasonable or less expensive than similar golf club brands. Along with the performance, this is one of the key reasons golfers prefer the Cobra Golf Clubs. 

How Long Do Cobra Golf Clubs Last?

Depending on the type of Cobra Golf club you use, most clubs usually last around 8-10 years. Additionally, the more careful you are with the maintenance of your golf club, the longer your golf club can last.

Final words

Now you know who makes Cobra golf clubs. And if you are considering purchasing a goal club, you can choose one from Cobra Golf.

It doesn’t matter what player you are; you will find absolute ease and comfort when playing golf with Cobra Golf’s clubs. 

Additionally, if you want to improve your game and take your playing experience to the next level, the golf clubs from Cobra Golf can help you on a larger scale.

Besides,  the more you know about the features of your Cobra golf clubs, the better you can improve your shots. 

The Cobra Puma Golf company is growing consistently, so we will see more advanced golf clubs manufactured by them in the near future.

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