Titleist TS2 vs. TSi2: Which Golf Driver Better Fits Your Needs?

Since TS2 and TSi2 have similar names and are from the same manufacturer, their differences can be hard to distinguish. And knowing its differences is important because it will help you to choose the right one.

The main difference between TS2 and TSi2 golf drivers is that TS2 is easier to hit than TSi2. However, the ball’s speed and spin rate are higher with TSi2. TS2 is good for learning, while TSi2 is good for improving.  

And this is the reason why pros comparatively use TSi2 more than TS2. It doesn’t mean you should outrightly choose TSi2 without any prior research. And to help you out, we are here to guide you.

Overview Of Titleist TS2 Golf Driver

TS2 is a golf driver manufactured by TS, known as Titleist Speed. It was launched in 2018.Just like all other TS series golf club heads, TS2 is made of wood. The crown of TS2 is thin and made of titanium. 

Anyone aspiring to play golf regularly can use TS2. It is more beginner friendly and does not require many skills to handle.

Its utility is super convenient. The TS2 driver also has the ability to enhance your speed and accuracy via forgiveness.

Good sides

  • Great spinning capability
  • Good for beginners
  • Amazing spin
  • Good speed and stability
  • Better stretched head


  • No adjustable CG cylinder
  • Bulky outlook

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Overview Of Titleist TSi2 Golf Driver

TSi2, on the other hand, was launched in 2020. Its crown is made of titanium which is ultra-thin.

And these ultra-thins are one of the key aspects of this line of golf club heads. So, TSi2 is the more upgraded version compared to TS2. 

It is a bit more suitable for people with at least some level of golfing knowledge. So it is safe to say that TSi2 is not among the primary golf drivers suitable for a novice golfer. 

Quick Comparison Table: TS2 vs TSi2 Golf Driver

It is important to dive into the facts and details of both of these golf drivers. Doing so would significantly increase our understanding of each of their abilities. So, let’s have a brief overview of their characteristics:

Appropriate UserBeginnersProfessionals
Standard Lie58.5°58.5°
Men’s Standard Length45.5″45.5″
Ladies’ Standard Length44.5″44.5″
Loft Options8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°8°, 9°, 10°, 11° (adjustable)
Head Size460cc460cc

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What are the Differences Between TS2 and TSi2 Golf Drivers?

It is important to dissect every aspect of a golf driver before choosing the right one. So, let’s have a detailed discussion and head-to-head comparison between TS2 and TSi2 below. 

Build Quality

The build quality for TS2 and TSi2 is entirely made of premium quality titanium. They are very resilient materials that do not have any carbon. 

Size and Dimension

TS2 is slightly smaller in size than TSi2, Despite the “ultra-thin” titanium crown embedded in the TSi2. It is because the dimension of the TS2’s driver or the wood-made clubhead is slightly thinner.


TSi2 has a loft that you can adjust up to +/- 2 degrees according to your preferences. Your shots will depend on the angle of the loft, which is essential to remember. And you can adjust the TS2 +/- 3 degrees. 

Design, Aesthetics, and Looks

Although both TS2 and TSi2 look very similar, the design of TSi2 is a bit more modern and cutting-edge. Not to mention the driver in the TSi2 appears a bit bigger compared to TS2.

Forgiveness, Efficiency, and Utility

While TS2 is a good driver, TSi2 is better in terms of efficiency. TSi2 has better forgiveness than TS2.

With this golf driver, the ball’s speed can be astonishingly good in the right hands. The overall utility of TSi2 is better only when a professional operates it.

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Spin and Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics in TSi2 are trickier to handle, which requires expertise. However, if handled properly, the aerodynamics of TSi2 can be commendable.

With a great flight window and spin, TSi2 has more room for creative and skilled shots than TS2. 

Horizontal Oval

TSi2’s horizontal oval is longer since TSi2 can hit the golf ball further from the TS2. The horizontal oval is the imagined path of a traveled golf ball. If you want to play long-distance shorts, TSi2 is the better choice.

TS2 vs TSi2: Which  Golf Driver to Choose?

Whether you should choose TS2 or TSi2 depends on who wants to operate it. As TS2 is great for beginners or people who haven’t garnished golfing skills, it is an ideal option if you are a novice in this sport.

On the other hand, TSi2 is better for you if you are a professional golfer. Even if you are an expert with good golfing skills, you should still choose TSi2. Its utility becomes more powerful under the right hands.

So the bottom line is that TS2 and TSi2 are both very good drivers, but TSi2 is far better for experts. It is because the aerodynamics in TSi2 are a little harder to handle, which requires skills and experience.

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Hopefully, by now, many of your doubts have been cleared. We have decided to answer some of the most important queries regarding TS2 and TSi2 That you might want to know.

Can you adjust the loft on the TS2 driver?

Yes, you can adjust the loft on the TS2 driver. All the golf drivers in the TS lineup, including the TS2, have a Sure-Fit hosel system.
With its help, golfers can easily modify the loft and lie angle according to their preferences. 

Is a Titleist TS2 easy to hit?

Yes, the Titleist TS2 is not only easy to hit, but it is the easiest-to-hit TS golf driver ever.
And for this reason, it is appropriate for beginners to use TS2, which helps them with good speed, spin, and stability.

How forgiving is TSi2?

TSi2 is very forgiving, so much so that it outranks not only TS2 but also TSi3. It can launch the ball quickly into the air compared to TS2. The superior aerodynamics, speed, efficiency, and utility of TSi2 make it an A-grade golf driver.

Does Titleist TSi2 have a draw bias?

The Titleist TSi2 driver’s standard setting for right-handed golfers is A1. Changing this location will modify the club’s draw or fade bias and your strokes.
Set loft and lie parameters to A2 for a greater draw with a regular loft. Change to A3 for a maximum draw, and smash the ball as much as possible with the utmost loft.

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