Who Makes Top Flite Golf Clubs? [The Manufacturer Revealed]

In golf, Top Flite has consistently been the preferred brand among novices. Multiple companies have owned Top Flite since the beginning. Now the question is, who makes top flite golf clubs now?

Top Flite is now under the ownership of Dick’s Sporting Goods. And the Clubs from Top Flite Golf are now designed and manufactured in the Company’s cutting-edge and eco-friendly facility in Costa Mesa, California.

Well, in this article, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Top Flite golf clubs. It will be simple for you to decide whether or not to invest in a set of Top Flite golf clubs. So let’s get started!

Who Makes Top Flite Golf Clubs

A brief overview of Top Flite Golf Clubs

Top Flite Golf Clubs are a popular choice among golfers because of their products’ great quality and low cost.

This manufacturer offers a wide range of golf equipment, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. 

In order to provide the best performance on the course, Top Flite also incorporates cutting-edge technologies into their clubs, such as perimeter weighting and optimized weight distribution. Top Flite’s XL lineup of golf clubs is a popular choice among golfers.

The XL series features clubs with large sweet spots and optimized weight distribution, making them ideal for golfers who want to improve their performance on the course. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the XL lineup of Top Flite golf clubs is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to improve their game.

Here, we’ll highlight some benefits and shortcomings of Top Flite golf clubs.

History of Top Flite Golf Clubs Manufacturer

Spalding introduced the Top-Flite brand in the late 1970s, and it immediately became synonymous with premium golf balls.

But the brand didn’t stop there; it grew to offer a complete set of golf equipment, from drivers to putters. With time, Top-Flite became a popular name among golfers.

In 1996, a private investment firm by the name of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought Top Flite after it had gained a significant amount of popularity.

After 7 years, in 2003, they had to sell Top Flite to Callaway because they had been under pressure from loans. 

Following the acquisition of Top Flite, Callaway offered a wider range of products at different price points, helping the business to draw in a larger customer base.  

Top Flite was sold by Callaway to Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2012, almost ten years after its launch.

Up until this point, Dick’s Sporting Goods has been in charge of producing Top Flite. To this day, Top-Flite remains a well-respected and trusted name in the world of golf.

With its comprehensive range of equipment, there’s something for golfers of all skill levels. Top-Flite has covered you, whether you’re starting or a seasoned pro!

Where Are Top Flite Golf Clubs Made?

Who Makes Top Flite Golf Clubs
Who Makes Top Flite Golf Clubs

Now, Dick’s Sporting Club has taken ownership and revived the brand. Top Flite Golf Clubs are manufactured in the company’s cutting-edge and eco-friendly facility in Costa Mesa, California.

When Callaway was the owner, Top Flite golf clubs were produced in China. Due to the cheaper labor costs and higher capacity for mass production in China, the company probably chose to manufacture the components for its golf clubs there.

Materials And Technology Used To Make Top Flite Golf Clubs

The material and technology of Top Flite golf clubs are great and provide you with better durability and performance. Below, we will show you the materials and technology used to build Top Flite golf clubs.

Materials And Technology Used To Make Top Flite Golf Clubs


  • Shafts: Graphite, Steel
  • Clubheads: Titanium, Stainless Steel
  • Grips: Rubber, Cord


  • Clubhead design: Advanced aerodynamics for increased distance and accuracy
  • Shaft technology: Flex optimization for improved ball flight and control
  • Groove technology: Grooves for improved spin and control on approach shots
  • Weight distribution: Optimized weighting for improved control and power

Is Top Flite a reputable brand for golf Clubs?

Top Flite has been making golf clubs for several decades, making it a renowned name in the sport.

The brand has been well-liked among golfers of all ability levels due to its reputation for offering high-quality equipment at reasonable prices.

Product Variation

Product Variation

This manufacturer offers every type of golf club imaginable, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

With so many alternatives, golfers can find the club that works best with their swing. On the other hand, these clubs are so much more affordable.

Player’s Satisfaction

Players worldwide have praised the quality and longevity of Top Flite clubs. They have said the clubs are strong, accurate, and consistent, all of which are very important qualities for a golf club.

Many golfers have had good experiences using Top Flite clubs, and the company has a strong reputation in the industry. Even though opinions vary on the brand, Top Flite golf clubs are a good value for golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, by now, many of your questions regarding top flite have been answered. Still, you might have some questions. In this section, we will try to answer some frequently asked questions.

Do pro players use Top-Flite?

Professional golfers enjoy playing with Top Flight clubs. But when it comes to big tournaments, they choose to play with upscale club brands.

Can female golfers use Top Flite clubs?

Top Flite clubs are great for female players because they have clubs designed especially for them that are lighter and have a softer flex. Clubs would be a fantastic tool for female golfers to improve their swing confidence.

How do I maintain my Top Flite Golf Clubs to last longer?

If you take good care of your Top Flite Golf Clubs, they will last longer and play better for you. After each round of golf, you should wipe them down, put them away safely, and have a pro inspect them for damage.

Graphite vs. steel shafts: Which one is better?

Steel shafts are more solid and stiff than graphite shafts. Graphite shafts allow beginners to have a faster swing and more forgiveness. Because of their increased weight and rigidity, steel golf shafts provide more control and accuracy.

What exactly is the warranty for Top Flite golf clubs?

The Top Flite Golf Clubs’ warranty varies depending on the club type. Most clubs have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. You must carry the bag and receipt to avail yourself of the warranty.

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