Who We Are?

GolferTroop is your ultimate destination for everything golf-related. We are passionate about the game of golf and dedicated to providing golf enthusiasts with valuable information, resources, and a sense of community. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your golfing journey, GolferTroop is here to support and inspire you.

What We Do?

At GolferTroop, our mission is to foster a thriving golfing community and help individuals of all skill levels enjoy the game to the fullest. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Sharing Knowledge: We provide a wealth of golf-related articles, tutorials, and tips to help you improve your game. Our team of experienced writers and golf experts is committed to delivering accurate, informative, and engaging content.
  • Product Reviews: Looking for the latest golf equipment and accessories? Our in-depth reviews and buying guides will assist you in making informed decisions when purchasing golf clubs, balls, apparel, and more.

Contributor’s Bio

Meet Mr. Kawser Ahmed

Editor & CEO

Kawser Ahmed, the driving force behind GolferTroop, serves as both Editor and CEO. With a profound passion for golf, he has led the way in creating a golfing haven. 

Under his leadership, GolferTroop has grown into a comprehensive resource for golf enthusiasts worldwide. 

Kawser’s commitment to delivering top-notch content and fostering a thriving golfing community is evident in every aspect of the platform. 

His vision and dedication have elevated GolferTroop to a premier destination for golf lovers, ensuring an enriching golfing experience for all.

Meet Mr. Jalal Uddin

Co-founder, Lead content Writer and Editor

Meet Jalal Uddin, the co-founder, lead content writer, and editor at Golfertroop.com. Armed with a finance degree from Jagannath University, Jalal seamlessly blends financial insight with his fervor for sports, blogging, and writing.

His expertise elevates Golfertroop.com, offering enthusiasts a unique blend of analytical prowess and engaging content.

Jalal’s strategic vision and dedication make him a driving force, shaping the platform into a go-to resource for golf aficionados seeking a deeper understanding of the sport.

Meet Mr. Zayan

Blogger, Golfer, and True Golf Enthusiast

Mr. Zayan, a passionate golfer and blogger, is a vital part of GolferTroop. With a lifelong love for golf, he shares his expertise through engaging blog posts that offer tips, equipment reviews, and tales from the greens. 

Mr. Zayan is also a dedicated member of our golfing community, providing guidance and insights. His commitment to golf and our platform enriches the GolferTroop experience, making him a valuable asset to our golf-loving readers.

Meet Mr. Ahmad

The Golf Cart Mechanic

Mr. Ahmad is the go-to expert when it comes to keeping golf carts rolling smoothly at GolferTroop. With a deep passion for golf and a knack for mechanics, he ensures that golfers enjoy their rounds without a hitch. 

From routine maintenance to fixing tricky issues, Mr. Ahmad’s skills as a golf cart mechanic keep our golf community on the move. 

He’s an essential part of the GolferTroop team, dedicated to enhancing your golfing experience one well-tuned cart at a time.