Who Makes Strata Golf Clubs? [The Manufacturer Unveiled]

Today, Strata golf clubs have become pretty popular among golf players. However, many players, especially newbies, need to learn the background and history of these golf clubs. So, who makes the Strata golf clubs?

Well, a very well-known and famous brand in the US named Callaway produces the Strata golf clubs. They mainly manufacture these clubs in 2 different countries. These golf clubs are of very high quality at a reasonable price. 

Now, this gives you a brief about the producers of these clubs. But deciding on getting a new golf club is not easy. However, by reading along, you get to know a lot of helpful insights about this. So, get started now to uncover the rest of the info.

Who Makes Strata Golf Clubs

A Brief Overview of Strata Golf Clubs

The Strata golf clubs are a set of golf clubs offered for every type of golf player. These clubs are specially offered for newcomers on this platform. 

The manufacturers try to make the entrance as easy and smooth as possible with the convenience of this set. This complete set of golf clubs comes in 3 different ranges; 12, 14, and 16 pieces.

With this, the stand bag and headcovers are also included in the count of pieces. Now, let us have a look at the primary pros and cons of using these Strata golf clubs.


  • This is a reputed and trustable brand by now already.
  • The clubs are very convenient for beginners since it has every type of club. 
  • If you are concerned about the price, the Strata golf clubs would not disappoint you as these are pretty reasonable.
  • The Strata golf clubs are really durable and can go up to even a lifetime.
  • These clubs come in 12, 14, and 16-piece sets which make it easier for the player to operate the game.


  • The putter here is the only non-forgiving club. Remember that you may not be able to swap or switch certain clubs.
  • The shafts of these clubs do not work as well as they do for slower swings. 

History of Strata Golf Clubs Manufacturer

History of Strata Golf Clubs Manufacturer

It has been a bit confusing to golfers about the manufacturer of the Strata golf clubs. So, it raised the question of who actually manufactures Strata golf clubs.

Well, the brand, Callaway, manufactures these Strata golf clubs. Callaway is one of the top brands in the US which is involved in producing top-notch golf stuff. 

At times, there comes confusion and debate about whether Strata is actually from Callaway or it is a new and different brand itself. 

However, a number of sources have confirmed that Strata golf clubs are manufactured by Callaway. So, you can hold this claim to be authentic and true that Callaway has the tag of Strata. 

Now, talking about Callaway, you never have to give a second thought about the quality of its products, especially golf stuff.

No matter what either way, you get very high-quality golf clubs with classic looks and many useful utilities. So, in a nutshell, Callaway manufactures Strata golf clubs.

Where Are Strata Golf Clubs Made?

Where Are Strata Golf Clubs Made?

The golf clubs of Strata are made in 2 different countries. About 40% of this is produced and manufactured in the US where its headquarters are located. The headquarters of Strata is in Carlsbad, California.

They produce a minor part of golf clubs here mainly to serve the golfers of North America and Latin America. On the other hand, Strata produces the rest, that is 60% of its golf clubs in China. 

So, you can understand that Strata maintains a majority of its production in another country which is China. Now you may wonder why Strata golf clubs are produced in 2 countries but not in their own country only. 

Well, they mainly produce 40% of their sets to serve the native and neighboring consumers. On the other hand, they also want to ensure the proper distribution of golf clubs in the international market.

That is why they produce at least 60% of the clubs in China to cover Asian and European golfers as there are many consumers outside the US too.

So, this is why they distribute the medium of their production and manufacturing channel.

Materials Used To Make Strata Golf Clubs

This segment would give you an idea about the materials and technology used to make Strata golf clubs. So, take a look.

Material 1: Steel


One of the main materials for this golf club is steel. Its irons and wedges are constructed with steel to give the strongest outer cover.

With the steel coverage, they try to ensure no dent or scratches on the clubs for frequent shots.

Material 2: Aluminum


Aluminum is used to construct the shaft of this golf club. This enables the golfers to swing the club easily and get more distance with every shot they take.

Material 3: Putter


The manufacturers use a putter in this Strata club to ensure a good swing. Due to this, golfers can expect to have high accuracy in their shots.

Is Strata A Reputable Brand for Golf Balls?

Today, the brand, Strata has gained much popularity in the industry of golf. They produce every essential stuff of golf games. Coming to the section of golf balls they are making and gaining more popularity than before.

With a number of perks, Strata has stood out to be a reputable one in terms of producing golf balls. So, take a look at the perks.

Utility 1: Balanced Mass

Balanced Mass

A golf ball has to have a balanced mass in order to maintain a good game. Strata golf balls have a uniform mass that helps the players to maintain momentum conveniently.

Due to this, players can hit the ball for a greater distance. However, the ball is not soft in any way which a few players think.

Utility 2: Reasonable Price

Reasonable Price

If a product is good, people would like that and if it has a good price too, everyone would love that.

So, Strata balls are good with quality and they come at a reasonable price too. Due to this, this has become quite popular among the players.

Utility 3: Speed And Spin Control

Speed And Spin Control

The control of Strata golf balls has made it pretty recommendable. Due to the control of speed and spin, newbies love to play with this ball as it works like the beginners’ luck. The professionals also like the spin control of it which makes it quite reputable.

Some Professional Golfer Review about Strata Golf Clubs

Today, the reviews in general could be biased to an extent at times. So, here we have covered a few feedbacks from professionals experiencing the Strata golf clubs. Take a look.

According to Dan Parker, this club is great, especially for beginners. This has an excellent driver, hybrid, and iron. Moreover, it ensures a good distance to cover.

The next person said this club is quite long-lasting. Moreover, it is very easy to use and maintain.

As Scrotto Baggins said, Strata golf clubs are great to control the speed and swing of the ball effectively.

So, these are some authentic reviews we have got from the ones who have been using this golf club.


As you have come here all the way from the beginning, you now have a good idea about Strata golf clubs. Here, we have got some last add-on info that might help.

What can I expect with the Strata golf set?

You get a lot of supplies with the Strata golf set. A 460cc Titanium driver, 25-degree 5 hybrids, Cavity-backed irons, and many other things come with the set. You also get a separate bag with this set to house your clubs.

Are the Strata golf clubs durable enough?

Yes, the Strata golf clubs turn out to be pretty durable compared to the other clubs. On average, these clubs can go at least 4 to 5 years without a repair. With a repair, you can expect these to work for a lifetime.

How expensive are the Strata golf clubs?

Strata golf clubs are not cheap or expensive compared to the other clubs. These clubs offer a number of distinct values to consumers with their price range. On average, you need to spend around $400 to get these club sets.

Can I use the Strata golf clubs being a newbie?

Yes, the Strata golf club is a great choice for a newbie. However, if you are into playing golf occasionally, you better not take these sets. This is because you can get golf clubs which are cheaper than these sets.

Can I get Strata golf clubs anywhere?

You can order Strata golf clubs from almost every country of the world. However, you can not expect these sets to be available in any random store or outlet for golf supplies as these are comparatively a bit costly.

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