List of All Ping Irons by Year: The Complete List for Golfers and Collectors

The history of Ping irons is a fascinating and impressive journey for both golfers and collectors. Ping has produced numerous iron models over the years that have helped golfers of all talent tiers in sweetening their play. 

Ping introduces a new line of irons each year, each with its features and technology. Knowing the various models and their respective features is essential for golfers looking to upgrade their equipment or collectors looking to add to their collections. 

In this blog, we’ll go over the Ping irons by year, covering each model and the innovations that set them apart. If you are a golfer or a collector and passionate about ping, this is the blog for you.

List of All Ping Irons by Year

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Ping American sports manufacturing started its journey in 1959, and since then, it has introduced countless models and series to this year.

Collectors and golfers have always favored them for their gradual improvement and innovation.

1970-1990: Early Days Of for Golfers and Collectors

Early Days Of for Golfers and Collectors

Here is a short list of early Ping Irons from 1969 to 1999. They were the experimental models that brought the brand success and motivation. Ping Eye 2 was a game-changer for them!

Year Models
1969-1976Karsten I; Karsten II; Karsten III; Karsten IV
1984Eye2 EZ Lite
1985Eye2 Square Groove
1986Eye2 BeCu
1989Eye2+ No+

1990s Ping Irons: New Era Of Innovation

Zing 2 Irons

The following is a list of ping irons from the 1990s. Many models and series were introduced over time, and they grew into a mature and established brand due to these innovations.

1990Eye2+; Eye2 Dot; 
1991Zing; Zing BeCu; 
1994Zing 2; Zing 2 BeCu; 
1995Eye 2 Irons; Zing 2 Irons; 
1996Ping ISI K Irons; Ping Zing Irons; Ping Zing 2 Irons; Zing Laminated Woods; 
1998ISI Irons; TISI Titanium Woods; Ping ISI K; 

2000s Ping Irons: Perfecting Perfections

I3 O Size Irons

Ping began to develop the Ping Irons, which were about to revolutionize the sport. The irons are updated to meet the standards of the new generation. 

2000I3 O Size Irons; I3 Blade Irons; 
2001TI3 Driver & Fairway Woods; 
2002TISI Tec Driver & Fairway Woods; 
2003Si3 Driver; i3+ Blade Irons; Ping Wedges; G2 Irons, G2 Fairway Woods; G2 EZ Irons,  G2 HL Irons; S 59 Irons; 
2004S 59 Tour Irons; G2 Driver; 
2005G5 Driver, G5 Hybrid, G5 Fairway Woods; G5 Irons; i5 Irons; Tour Wedges;
2006Rapture Driver, Rapture Hybrid; Rapture Fairway Woods; Rapture Irons; S58 Irons; iWedge; 
2007Rhapsody Driver, Rhapsody Hybrids; Rhapsody Fairway Woods; Rhapsody Irons; G5 L Driver, G5 L Hybrids; G5 L Fairway Woods; G10 & G10 Draw Drivers, G10 & G10 Draw Fairway Woods; G10 Hybrids; G10 Irons; I10 Irons; Tour W Wedges; 
2008Rapture V2 Driver, Rapture V2 Hybrid, Fairway Woods ;Rapture V2 Irons ;

2010-2015 Ping Irons: Precision and Control

G15 Driver

Starting in 2010, Ping has had some fantastic  years. This time, a large number of revolutionary Irons arrived. 

2010G15 Driver, G15 Draw Driver; G15 Draw Fairway Woods; G15 Irons, G15 Hybrid; I15 Irons, I15 Hybrid, I15 Driver, I15 Fairway Woods;
2011K15 Driver, K15 Hybrid Irons; K15 Fairway Woods; G20 Fairway Woods; G20 Irons, G20 Hybrid, G20 Driver; Anser Irons; Tour S Rustique Wedge; Anser Wedges; 
2012Serene Driver (Ladies); Serene Fairway Woods (Ladies); Serene Irons (Ladies); I20 Driver, I20 Hybrid, ;I20 Irons, I20 Fairway Woods; 
2014I25 Driver, I25 Hybrid,;  I25 Irons, I25 Fairway Woods; Karsten Hybrid Irons; G30 Driver, G30 Hybrids; G30 SF Tec Driver, G30 LS Tec Driver; G30 Irons, G30 Fairway Woods; Rapture 3 Wood; 
2015G30 LS Tec Driver; Glide Wedges; I Irons; G Max Irons;

2016 To The Present: Power and Perfection

After that, they began focusing on power performance and distance on the Irons, and they were successful. Ping is still making high-quality products and improving its models today. 

2016G Driver, G Hybrid, G Crossover; G Irons, G Fairway Wood; G SF Tec Driver, G LS Tec Driver, G;  SF Tec Fairway Wood; G Stretch Fairway Wood; I Blade Irons; 
2017i200 Irons; G400 (STF & LST) Drivers; G400 Irons, G400 Hybrid, G400 Crossover; Glide 2.0 Wedges; 
2018I210; I500; G700; 
2019 G410; Blueprint Irons; 
2021G425; i59

Evolution and Improvement: Ping Iron Timeline

Ping has been in the golf industry for a long time, but very few people are aware of the history of this prosperous family-run company. Let’s explore this golf industry giant’s fascinating history!

The Beginning

Ping Golf Clubs has been innovating and revolutionizing the golf game since 1959. Karsten Solheim, the company’s founder, designed his first putter in his garage in Redwood City, California, and named it Ping after the “ping” sound it made when it struck the ball. 

For the first time on the PGA Tour, a golfer used a Ping putter to win a tournament in 1962.

The Anser putter, designed by Solheim with an offset hosel to give golfers a clear view of the putter’s face, has improved the game of golf. 


Ping was the innovator of perimeter-weighted golf clubs and the first company to come out with a color-code fitting system.

Their iconic Anser putter has been used in over 500 professional golf wins, and the Ping Eye 2 irons have been the best-selling irons in its history. 

Recent Success

Ping released nine new designs for more forgiving irons, including the G710s and i500s.

They have become favorites throughout the golf world, and their clubs continue to push the boundaries of golf technology, producing clubs that both professionals and trainees enjoy. 

Game-Changing Ping Iron Sets 

Ping Golf Clubs have continuously revolutionized the game, beginning with the K1 Irons in 1969, the S59 in 2003, which was used by Bubba Watson for over a decade, to the Blueprint, G710, i210, and i500 irons in 2018. 

The ping Eye 2 from 1982, the ping Rapture from 2006, the Ping ISL from 1998, the Ping S59, and the ping i3s are among the most excellent ping irons ever made.

Ping Golf Iron Comparison: Old Vs. New

Ping irons have evolved significantly since their inception. So a difference in performance lies between clubs manufactured in the 1980s and those manufactured in the 2020s.

In short, the newer models have a higher ball speed, related to the gradual decrease in the loft. You can watch this video from 2nd Swing Golf for a detailed comparison! 


You already know the entire Ping history and its models from the previous section. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help clear up any confusion!

What is Ping’s most forgiving iron?

The most forgiving iron in the current Ping lineup is the G710, followed by the Ping G430. The G430 has comparable forgiveness but a slightly smaller head compared to the G710.

How long do Ping irons last?

It is recommended that low handicap and regular golfers replace their Ping irons after 300 rounds or 4-5 years. This is to prevent the clubs from wearing out and keep up with the latest technologies.

How can you tell fake Ping irons?

The fake club’s Ping badge is noticeably thinner than the genuine one, and the cavity’s edges are thicker. Furthermore, the black dot on the hosel of the counterfeit club is smaller than that of the genuine one.

Which Ping irons were banned?

The mighty Ping Eye-2 Iron was prohibited by the U.S. Golf Association. The reason for this was that the Ping Iron Eye-2 was too convenient for golfers and provided too much assistance to golfers using it!

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