Golfing with Baby: A Guide to Safety on the Course

Does your golf time end as soon as you become a parent? Absolutely not. But it’s surely more difficult now than ever. That’s why many new parents wonder whether playing golf with their baby on the course is possible. 

Golfing with baby depends on the baby’s age and temper. If your baby is still a newborn, it’s probably not the best idea. Wait till he reaches the infant stage.

Even within the infant stage, you must take several safety precautions to avoid danger. But what are those safety guidelines? Keep reading till the end to find out.

Golfing with Baby

Golfing with Newborns baby

From 0 to 1 month or six months (as some say) is the newborn period. Most pediatricians warn about Shaken Baby Syndrome during this stage. To put it simply, SBS is neurological damage caused by excessive shaking of the head. 

Golf carts must run across rough terrains, and the ride is not always smooth. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Unless you decide to put the baby stroller inside the clubhouse, we don’t recommend taking your baby with you. Wait until the infant is at least six months old.

Golfing With Infants baby

Golfing With Baby

After the newborn stage (which lasts around 28 to 30 days), your child enters the infant stage. They remain an infant until they turn one year old. Major risks are still involved if you stay on a prolonged period on the field.

But it’s still manageable. You don’t even need a babysitter. Just use a baby carrier and tow your baby to yourself. Sounds easy, right? But it’s not the end. Here are the safety precautions you still have to consider.

  • Pick Your Tee Time Carefully

You want to avoid entering a crowded or busy course. The waiting period tends to be long during the prime slot.

And that’s the last thing you want to deal with. That’s why try to pick a tee time suitable for your baby.

For example, early morning (around 8 a.m.) during holidays is a pretty good option. Most players don’t enter the course until after 10 a.m.

 So you have lots of time to take care of the baby and play. Plus, even if your baby fusses or cries, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.

Credit| Kid Caddie 

  • Consider The Weather

The temperature shouldn’t be too hot or cold if you bring an infant on the course. Babies tend to get sunburned pretty soon. That’s why make sure the temperature is not going to be extreme before leaving the house.

Moreover, prepare your baby for sun exposure with a good amount of baby-friendly sunscreen. Clothe them in comfy and long-sleeve shirts to prevent sun rays. Try to put a hat on if your baby is okay with it.

  • Use A Car Seat Inside The Cart

Just because your baby has left the newborn stage doesn’t mean the risk of SBS is over. It’s still harmful to a one-year-old baby to be shaken too much.

That’s why adjusting a car seat into the cart is more helpful for your baby. The key is to find a car seat that fits the golf-cart seas perfectly. Strap your baby and make sure the head, neck, or back is completely stable.

  • Protect Them With A Canopy

You are lucky if the baby falls asleep during your turn. You don’t have to carry them with the help of a baby sling or baby backpack.

Get them snuggled up in a stroller and keep them near the cart. But the field is not safe at all.

You never know when a flying ball might hit your baby. Try to cover the stroller with a canopy to prevent such mishaps.

Golfing with Toddlers

Thankfully, with toddlers, you don’t have to worry about shaken baby syndrome that much. Toddlers are also a bit easier to handle on a golf course.

However, there are still risks you need to be aware of. Check out our safety guidelines for infants.

Avoid Sunburn At All Costs

Babies above the age of 1 or 2 years old like to be carried. You might have to carry them on your back all day long. Hence, the baby is going to get sunburned for sure.

As usual, apply a thick layer of sunscreen. Keep reapplying after one or two hours. Don’t just go for the face only. Keep checking on the baby to see if its face is too red or not.

Keep Them Well Hydrated

A dehydrated baby will become irritable, grumpy, and tired. Apart from the sunburn issue, please ensure your baby is also drinking enough water.

Especially if it’s hot outside, your baby will be dehydrated sooner than usual. Keep offering water whenever the baby makes a fuss.

Moreover, bring soft fruits as a snack for your baby, like strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, oranges, etc. 

Keep Them Occupied And Away From Danger

Of course, you love the game. But what about your kid? It would be unfair to keep him in the cart and expect him to stay calm.

It’s even more important if your toddler shows public tantrums when they are frustrated.

You don’t want other golfers to get disturbed by our child’s screaming, right? So, check out the ways you can keep them safely occupied on the field.

  • Bring His Favorite Snacks

Who doesn’t love a yummy snack? Load your bag with lots of treats like pretzels, chips, chocolate cookies, etc.

Most of the time, toddlers don’t behave well because they are hungry. Try to make them eat their favorite snacks as your score on the field.

  • Create A Fun Sport

Kids love playing. If you don’t give them a sport, they will invent something of their own.

And you don’t want your child to run around or play with the golf cart unsupervised. Plus, there is a chance of them getting hit by a random ball. 

Try to keep them at a safe distance. If you have a helper on the field, ask them to play with your child for a while. Games like “I spy” are a fun way to spend boring time for most toddlers. 

  • Involve Him In The Game

Your kid doesn’t have to stay away from you to be safe. He will be calmer by your side. Try to involve him in the game.

For example, tell him to clean up the clubs, hold the flag, keep track of your score, etc. Kids love it when you ask for their help. 

Credit | Josh Kelley Golf

  • Let Them Watch A Show

Finally, if your kid doesn’t show interest in any of the methods we described, you can give him an iPad temporarily. We don’t support relying on devices to soothe your kid.

However, sometimes, your child chooses to be extremely fussy. Having them watch a show might distract them while you are away on the field.


You don’t have to leave your passion for golf just because you are expecting or already have a baby. There’s always a way if you try hard. For now, check out some more interesting questions about golfing with a baby.

Can You Play Golf While Pregnant?

Of course, you can play golf as long as you are not putting yourself or the baby in danger. For the first three months, it’s hard for mothers to perform activities like golfing. Once the first trimester ends, your hormones should be more stable allowing you to enjoy some golf time.

Is It Too Early For A Three-Year-Old To Start Golfing?

Your child can start golfing as soon as he shows interest in the sport. For many kids, it takes at least three years to show passion for golfing. You can buy them mini-golf tools to practice with you.

Does Anyone Bring Their Infants To The Golf Course?

When both parents decide to show up for a game, most of the time, they bring the babies as well. It helps a lot since you have a partner who can take care of the baby as you tee it up. 

Final Words

No matter how cool golfing with your baby sounds, you should keep their safety first. Please remember that every baby is different. Some of them tend to be fussy in a crowded space, especially away from their parents. 

So, if your kid isn’t adjusting well in the golf arena, you are not doing anything wrong. Wait until they are a little older. Get a babysitter to watch them for a while at home.

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