Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls? You’ll Be Surprised!

Golfers have always been searching for the perfect shot, and the Noodle Golf Ball is the answer they’ve been looking for. Professional golfers sing its praises for its exceptional performance, soaring farther and straighter than traditional golf balls. 

TaylorMade, a reputable brand in the golf industry, is the mastermind behind these highly-regarded balls. In this blog, we delve into the technology and materials that make the Noodle a popular choice among golfers. 

From its soft, low-compression core to its exclusive blend of Surlyn and other materials, we uncover what sets the Noodle apart from the rest of the pack. Take a closer look and see how the Noodle can elevate your game.

Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls?

A brief overview of Noodle Golf Ball

The Noodle Golf Ball is a new golf ball that is designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy to players of all skill levels.  This Noodle Golf Ball is specifically designed to fly farther and straighter than other golf balls. 

TaylorMade offers several models of the Noodle Golf Ball, each designed to cater to different golfer’s needs.

  • The TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte is a new addition to the Noodle family; it is designed for high visibility and easy tracking in low-light conditions, with a bright neon matte finish.
  • The Noodle Easy Distance is designed for golfers who prioritize distance in their game. It has a larger and firmer core, allowing a faster ball speed and increased distance.
  • The old favorite, TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls, combines distance and control. It has a low compression core which allows for a softer feel and a larger and firmer core which allows for a faster ball speed and increased distance.

Golfers must evaluate their playing style and preferences before choosing one of the models as their go-to ball.

Here are five major advantages of Taylormade noodle Golf ball:

Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls
  • Offers excellent value for money at an affordable price. 
  • The Iothane cover ensures durability. 
  • Easy to handle and has a soft feel. 
  • Guarantees a consistent long game.
  • Options for Long and short distances, as well as rough weather
  • Low compression core for a long and gentle feel and maximum speed.

With these features, it can fly farther and straighter than traditional golf balls. This makes it ideal for players of all skill levels, as it helps to reduce the amount of slicing and hooking.

here are two drawbacks you might need to consider:

  • Not preferable for players with  fast swing speeds
  • Not as effective as premium golf balls on and around the green

History of Noodle golf balls Manufacturer

The history of Noodle golf balls has been quite an interesting journey. Throughout the years, the Maxfli brand has been a part of various companies.

The Beginning

The Beginning

It began with the British Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd., which acquired Dunlop Holdings in 1985 and consolidated their sports brands – Dunlop Sport, Slazenger, Maxfli, and Carlton Sports – into the Dunlop Slazenger group. 

Management Buyout

Management Buyout

In 1996, a management buyout of the Dunlop Slazenger group was attempted. However, it ultimately failed and was taken over by a consortium of banks led by The Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Maxfils Ownership Change

TaylorMade Adidas Golf acquired the Maxfli brand in 2004, allowing them to purchase it due to a licensing agreement.

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Source: Wikipedia

Dick’s Sporting Goods then purchased the Maxfli brand from TaylorMade adidas in 2008. 

Noodle trademark and patents

TaylorMade Adidas Golf retained the Noodle trademark and associated golf ball patents. Slazenger Golf Products Company acquired the rights to Slazenger Golf in North America. 

Current Condition

TaylorMade Adidas Golf continues to manufacture Noodle golf balls in Korea. Under their ownership, Maxfli shifted its focus from premium balls to distance balls, while TaylorMade Adidas Golf expanded its brand into the premium market.

Maxfli also produces other golf accessories, such as golf bags, gloves, training aids, and umbrellas. The golf balls under the Noodle brand are similar in construction, only differing in color.

Where Is Noodle Golf Ball Made?

Given these frequent ownership changes, one might wonder Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls.

Golf balls for the Noodle brand are still produced by TaylorMade Adidas Golf in their Korean facility, despite the company’s ownership of the Maxfli brand. 

TaylorMade Adidas Golf’s manufacturing facility in Korea ensures that their noodle golf balls meet the legal standards set by governing bodies of golf, as they are subject to rigorous manufacturing and quality controls.

Choosing these locations for production could be due to the cost-effectiveness and availability of skilled labor.

Korea has skilled labor in sports equipment production, making it cost-effective for TaylorMade to produce the Noodle Golf Ball while maintaining high quality.

Additionally, South Korea has a high demand for golf equipment, which makes it easier for the company to distribute the Noodle Golf Ball to different parts of the world.

Materials And Technology Used To Make Noodle Golf Balls

The TaylorMade Noodle golf balls are made with a combination of advanced materials and technologies designed to optimize performance. 

Core Material

Core Material

The core of the Noodle golf ball is made with a soft, low-compression material designed to maximize distance and promote a straighter ball flight.

It also uses a cross-linked material construction and an anti-sheer cover to increase durability.

Unique Cover Material

Iothane is an exceptionally soft and thin yet durable and shear-resistant cover material. Iothane helps produce speed for greater distance and a soft feel for touch around the greens.

Unique Cover Material.

Aerodynamic Dimple Technology

To enhance performance, the Noodle golf ball also features a unique dimple pattern that promotes a more penetrating ball flight and reduces drag for increased distance. 

Additionally, The combination of materials and technologies used to make the Noodle golf ball makes it a high-performance ball suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

Is Noodle A Reputable Brand For Golf Balls?

Although owned by Maxfli, noodle golf balls are now produced under the TaylorMade brand.

Brand value and customer feedback, or the other way around, influence reputation. The Taylormade Noodle golf ball is fully equipped in both cases!

Taylormade Reputation

Taylormade Reputation
Taylormade Head Quarter

TaylorMade is a reputable golf industry brand known for producing high-quality golf clubs, balls, and other equipment. The Noodle brand is a line of golf balls produced by TaylorMade.

Popular Among Golfers

Popular Among Golfers

These balls are designed to be long and straight, with a soft feel and low compression.

They are popular among golfers of all skill levels and have received positive reviews from golf enthusiasts.

TaylorMade Noodle is a trusted name in golf balls based on its standing in the industry and the popularity of the Noodle line of golf balls.

Some Professional Golfer Review About Noodle Golf Balls

Professional golfers have highly praised the Noodle Golf Ball for its exceptional performance. They have noticed that it outperforms conventional golf balls in terms of distance traveled and flight path straightness. They have also praised its robustness and its suitability for players of all skill levels.

The Noodle Golf Ball is one of the best golf balls I have ever used. Compared to other golf balls I’ve used, it flies farther and straighter. I can control my shots better and have more confidence in my game. –Matt Kuchar
The Noodle Golf Ball is one of the best golf balls I have ever used. It is comparable to other golf balls and is made to fly farther and straighter. Thanks to my improved shot control, I can hit the ball with greater accuracy and force. –James Dean


From the preceding, you can see what an incredible journey this noodle golf ball has had. In case you have other questions, here are some FAQs to satisfy your curiosity!

How long does a noodle golf ball last?

The Noodle Golf Ball is designed to last up to two golf rounds. This is due to the high-quality materials and advanced technology used in its construction. 

What is the spin rate of the Noodle Golf Ball?

The Noodle Golf Ball has a higher spin rate than traditional golf balls, which helps to reduce slicing and hooking. The higher spin rate also helps maximize the ball’s trajectory and distance. 

Is the Noodle Golf Ball designed for all skill levels?

Yes, the Noodle Golf Ball is designed for all skill levels. It is designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy to golfers of all skill levels. Also very affordable for beginners to sharpen their skills.

Is the Noodle Golf Ball durable?

Yes, the Noodle Golf Ball is designed to be extremely durable. It is made with a durable and soft urethane material designed to withstand the rigors of the game. 

What is the core of the Noodle Golf Ball made of?

The core of the Noodle Golf Ball is made of a soft rubber material that is designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy.
The ball’s cover is durable, soft urethane material designed to provide maximum spin and control.

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