Who Makes Maxfli Golf Balls: Things to Know About Maxfli!

Maxfli golf balls make it to the top of the list for best golf balls by most golfers of any experience level. But do you know who has made Maxfli golf balls in recent times?

Currently, Dicks Sporting Good possesses the ownership to develop, produce and distribute Maxfli golf balls. However, the brand Maxfli had an interesting background history before handing its ownership over to the Dicks Sporting Goods.

As a golf enthusiast, you should know about Maxfli golf balls proprietorship to track your favorite ball later if needed. Go through this article to know the ins and outs of Maxfli golf balls.

Who Makes Maxfli Golf Balls: Things to Know About Maxfli!

A brief overview of Maxfli Golf Ball

Maxfli golf ball is a popular brand known for its high-quality and affordable price point.

They offer a variety of golf balls to suit different skill levels and playing styles. For different types of golfers, Maxfli has brought some specialized categories of golf balls. 

You will get all the important features required for long-time effective golfing embedded in the Maxfli golf balls.

This includes high-end durability, variable compression rate, and distance, with a decent feel and a pocket-friendly price range.

All these features have helped Maxfli golf balls build up a reputation among golfers for a long time. However, like every materialistic thing, Maxfli golf balls have some drawbacks needing improvements.

History of Maxfli Golf Balls Manufacturer

History of Maxfli Golf Balls Manufacturer

Maxfli golf balls started its journey in the early 1900s. Originally, the proprietorship of the golf balls was in the hands of Maxfli itself. The commercial production of different variants of golf balls commenced in 1920.

Back then, golf balls from the renowned Titleist used to stay on top in the marketplace.

Maxfli introduced its “Revolution” golf ball as the direct competitor of “Pro V1” from Titleist and earned enormous fame overnight. 

The Revolution, a three-piece design, produced identical features and performance to the Pro V1 on the golf court.

Beginner and intermediate golfers immediately shifted towards the Maxfli golf balls due to their affordability.

Since the Revolution delivered immense softness, its impact was seen in the ball’s performance while rolling. Since then, the Maxfli Revolution has produced one of the best golf balls.

Debut Of The Noodle

After the groundbreaking success of Revolution, Maxfli debuted the Noodle to its lineup in the early 2000s.

Similar to the Revolution, “Noodle” also became popular in less time. Its target golfers were those who wished for longer distances with a soft touch on the ball. 

Since the Noodle could satisfy these requirements, the position of Maxfli gradually became stronger in terms of sales and popularity in the market.

However, TaylorMade bought the franchise of Maxfli back in 2002. Soon after the deal, the official name of the Noodle changed to “TaylorMade Noodle” from “Maxfli Noodle.” 

However, the branding remained the same for other variants of the golf balls. From 2002-2008, the Maxfli golf balls were made under the ownership of TaylorMade.

Current Proprietorship of Maxfli Golf Balls

In 2008, the ownership of the famous brand Maxfli golf balls was handed over to the popular USA company “Dick’s Sporting Goods.”

One thing Dicks Sporting Goods couldn’t put their hands on is the branding of Noodle golf balls.

Till today, the brand name of Noodle remains with TaylorMade. That’s why you will see the official name of Noodle written as “TaylorMade Noodle” rather than “Maxfli Noodle.”

Currently, Dick’s Sporting Goods is the only official retailer and sole distributor of the Maxfli golf balls. But the production of the balls takes place in the “Foremost” industry of Taiwan.

Hence, if you are looking for who makes Maxfli golf balls nowadays, the answer would be the “Foremost” industry under Dicks Sporting Goods.

Where Is the Maxfli Golf Ball Made?

Although the franchise of Maxfli golf balls is owned by Dicks Sporting Goods, it is not manufactured in the USA.

The contract to produce the Maxfli golf ball has been given to the Foremost industry in Taiwan. The Foremost is renowned for making golf balls for many popular brands.

This industry in Taiwan also makes golf balls for famous brands such as OnCore, Vice, and Wilson. Its production facility is one of the best in the Asian region for making golf balls.

The availability of cheap and available labor, lesser mass production cost, lots of automated machines, and a certified quality control department make the Foremost Industry well-suited for making Maxfli golf balls.

Moreover, the geographical location of Taiwan makes it easier and cheaper for global distribution and shipment of the produced golf balls.

The Foremost industry has used the Maxfli patent for production since TaylorMade purchased the original franchise.

Materials And Technology Used To Make Maxfli Golf Balls

The Maxfli golf balls are made from straight-of-art materials to provide premium features in an affordable price range.

Inner Core Design

Inner Core Design

Most Maxfli golf balls are made of high-quality polymer known as Ionomer. The Ionomer is designed as multiple layering inside the core for a softer feel, balanced rebounds, and higher ball speed.

In some variants, metal-infused speed cores are used for higher velocity. Titanium or Tungsten are used as the core metals for better aerodynamics.

Outer Cover Material

The Maxfli golf balls are made with premium cast Urethane, one of the most durable and stiffer polymers.

It results in a stable and strong covering, making the ball withstand heavy impacts without causing wear.

Mantle layers are also used as the outer cover for some variants to avoid spin and erratic behavior.

Dimple Pattern

Dimple Pattern

Advanced technology provides dimple patterns starting from 313 to 378 range. The dimple patterns are made to associate with and improve the ball’s aerodynamics to maintain speed and stability.

CG Balance Technology

All variants of the Maxfli lineup are composed of Center of Gravity balancing technology. It stabilizes the inner core and controls the weight distribution of a golf ball for a desired center of gravity.

Is Maxfli a reputable brand for golf balls?

Starting from 1920, Maxfli has been able to withstand its reputation as a premium quality golf ball, especially for low to mid-handicapped golfers.

Since all variants of the Maxfli golf balls follow the stated standards, it can be said as a reputable brand for golf balls.

Maintains USGA and R&A Rules

Maxfli golf balls follow the international size, weight, and symmetry standards. These regulations ensure that the ball is fair for all players and does not give an unfair advantage to any particular player.

Quality Performance

Maxfli golf balls ensure reliable and predictable performance in terms of distance, spin, and control.

Since Maxfli golf balls spin at a constant rate and can cover a specific distance when struck with a particular club, it can be said to be a reputable golf ball brand.

Durability And Longevity

Durability And Longevity

Resistance to wear and tear and durability are prime features of Maxfli golf balls. Maxfli golf balls are built of materials that can endure the demands of the game, such as being repeatedly struck with a club.

Some Professional Golfer Reviews About Maxfli Golf Balls

Following expert opinions is the best way to judge a golf ball’s capability. Maxfli golf balls have been used by many renowned and regular golfers globally. Here are the reviews from the users.

Lyddie D, USA

These balls fly similarly to my Pro V1X golf balls. The balls are easy to find on the fairway due to their eye-catching colors. I prefer the bright pink color of the Softli golf ball.

Carl Nobel, USA

There may be better ones, but for me, Maxfli Straightfli performs fantastically. These balls do what they claim, going straighter and farther than your standard ball at a terrific price.

Don McMurray, USA

As long as you don’t hit it too close to the toe or hosel, this ball will fly straight. I shot off the tee once during my two rounds of play with it. It was a toe-punch. Even when dragged to the left, iron shots stayed straight.


The following FAQs might be helpful and satisfy your want to know about Maxfli golf balls by providing more in-depth information.

Is Maxfli a good brand?

Maxfli is a well-known company in the golf market and is regarded as a reliable source of golf balls.
They are renowned for making durable, high-quality golf balls with remarkable distance, control, and feel. Besides, Maxfli offers a variety of alternatives to fit different playing styles and skill levels.

Does TaylorMade own Maxfli?

TaylorMade is a subsidiary of the German company Adidas AG. In 2002, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Company bought the Maxfli franchise and its original patent portfolio.
However, in 2008, a USA company named Dick’s Sporting Goods took over the franchise of Maxfli from TaylorMade.

Does Maxfli still make golf balls?

Maxfli sold its franchise to many different companies. Dunlop Slazenger, TaylorMade had its ownership until 2008.
Later on, Dicks Sporting Goods bought the franchise of Maxfli brand, and it is continuing till today. Thus Maxfli does not make golf balls nowadays.

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