Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls? Details About the Brand!

Golfing has always been associated with sports for the rich. You see expansive courses, expensive clubs, and equipment whenever you think of golf. But there’s one company trying to change that. 

Enter Nitro Golf. A golf manufacturing company based in Stuart, Florida, USA. In addition to making clubs, bags, and carts, the company also makes golf balls. And the best thing? They cost a fraction of the traditional brands of golf balls. 

So who makes Nitro golf balls, and are these any good? In this article, we deep dive into Nitro golf as a brand. We also look at their different line of golf balls and how they stack against the competitors. So read along to find out more. 

Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls?

Brief Overview of Nitro Golf Balls

Nitro Golf balls are designed for high-handicapped and amateur players. The main selling point of Nitro balls is that they are cheap and cover a long distance.

So for players just getting started with the game and tend to lose balls, these golf balls are a perfect choice. 

Nitro golf balls can be the perfect choice for a recreational game for the pros or a normal game for the amateurs. The high speed right off the tee makes it ideal for amateurs to perfect their long-shot games. 

Overall, the two-piece design of the Nitro balls allows Nitro to keep the price low. While it compromises preciseness and control, they are still a great choice for recreational use.

History of Nitro Golf Ball Manufacturer

The story of Nitro Golf started way back in 1973. Initially, the company was under Reliable Knitting Works.

Though there is no apparent connection between knitting and golfing, the company still did a fairly decent job. 

The Later Story

After the initial stint by Reliable Knitting Works, the company came to be known as Nitro Leisure Products. The company went through some further modifications and finally settled as Nitro Golf. 

Since then, the company hasn’t looked back. What followed is a legacy of over 25 years.

Nitro Golf was one of the prime initiators of inclusive golfing. Back then, the entire gaming structure of golf was centered on being for the elites. 

Nitro Golf made sure that they provided quality products at an affordable price to make the game more accessible and inclusive.

This has been the business motto of the company and one of the key points behind its success. 

Products offered by Nitro Golf

Nitro Golf didn’t limit itself to the balls as you might think. The company first ventured into golfing through its clubs.

The company produced a series of clubs for different playing types and later ventured into other golf products after their massive success. Let’s look at their product line. 

Nitro Golf: Product Line

Nitro Golf: Product Line

As we mentioned, the first line of products from the company was its clubs. In addition to clubs, Nitro Golf has lines of – 

  • Bags 
  • Carts 
  • Equipment 
  • Normal balls 
  • Novelty balls 
  • Recycled balls 

Nitro Golf has a special emphasis on its golf ball line. There are currently three lines available, each offering a unique product catalog.

Additionally, Nitro Golf also has a partnership with Spalding. You can find Spalding club on their official website.

Where Is Nitro Golf Ball Made?

Nitro Golf is a proud American company. The company was founded in Stuart, Florida, and has since maintained it as its base of operation. Nitro also has a manufacturing and recycling facility in Florida. 

All of their products are homemade, which is also one of the reasons for their popularity. The company produces value-for-money golf equipment and generates jobs for the local community. 

Materials And Technology Used To Make Nitro Golf Balls

Nitro Golf makes a range of balls. Each of them has its unique selling point with distinct specifications. Let’s look at them individually. 

Core Material

Core Material

Nitro golf balls are usually made of solid or multi layered core using high density synthetic rubber. Sometimes Nitro also uses polyurethane foam which accounts for better durability and performance. 

Cover Material

Nitro golf uses several materials like ionomer, urethane or surlyn to make the cover. These are all thermoplastic materials which are used to increase the longevity of the balls. Additionally these materials also provide better feel, spin and durability in play. 

Aerodynamic Dimple Design

Aerodynamic Dimple Design

The dimples on the Nitro golf are designed to be as minimally air resistive as possible. It does an impeccable job at reducing the drag and increasing the distance. 

Filler Material

Filler Material

Nitro almost always exclusively uses titanium or tungsten powder as the filler material for each of their balls. These two materials have been tested for best weight distribution and controlling tee-spin. 

Multicomponent Technology

The multicomponent technology is a mix of several drag and design choices in order to maximize the speed of the Nitro balls.

Nitro claims it to be one of their breakthrough findings without compromising on the fixed aspects of the ball.

Types of Nitro Golf Balls

Now let us look at the different types of balls offered by Nitro. Each of them has their own unique appeal catered towards a specific type of player. 

Types of Nitro Golf Balls

Nitro Tour Distance

The Tour Distance has been designed to achieve travel off the tee. The main construction material here is a two-piece design.

There is a titanium core inside for flow generation from the swing. It also has a low spin rate to preserve the trajectory. 

Nitro Maximum Distance

The Maximum Distance is just an iteration of the Tour Distance. It has been designed as a two-piece ball with medium compression and a titanium core.

The outer layer has been designed with a dimple design that allows for lower resistance and higher travel. 

Nitro Crossfire

The Nitro crossfire is between travel and soft landing on the green. It’s a balanced ball designed for travel and smooth stoppage. The stoppage has been developed using a combination of rubber and surly for the outer layer. 

Nitro Whiteout

The Whiteout is another ball designed for travel. This ball is especially perfect for tricky golf courses with more uneven slopes. The ball uses a proprietary white-hot core technology that brings maximum distance and trajectory. 

Nitro Eclipse

The Nitro Eclipse is an average ball designed for visibility thanks to the two-tone technology. This ball uses a semi-compressed core with a polybutadiene cover for maximum visibility. 

Nitro Pulsar

The Pulsar is their latest iteration. It also features the most innovative ball design from Nitro yet.

The Pulsar is made from a three-piece design with a speedcore center. There are 352 dimples in each ball, allowing for a perfect line even in windy conditions.

Is Nitro a Reputable Brand for Golf Balls?

In a word, yes, Nitro is a reputable brand for golf balls. Here’s why. 

Decades of Excellence

Nitro has been in the golf ball business for over 25 years. During all this time, the company didn’t deviate from the core principle of providing a quality product.

In fact, Nitro even expanded its line to include balls with different features for different play scenarios. 

Value for Money

Nitro Golf balls provide incredible value for money. Their balls cost a fraction of what higher branded pro balls cost.

Well, Nitro balls aren’t meant for professional play by any means. But if you are a beginner or an amateur, then Nitro balls are a perfect starting point. 

Commitment to Customers

Nitro Golf has been an ardent listener to its users. Over the years, Nitro has collaborated and listened to its user base to create balls that will best cater to their needs.

Their mentality to treat criticism and feedback equally makes them a trustable brand to their customers. 

Some Professional golfer review Nitro Golf Balls

Well, it’s not just us raving about the Nitro Golf balls. See what the actual users are talking about it. 

“If you’re a beginner, there’s no need to spend a ton of money on fancy balls because chances are you’ll lose a few 🙂 these are great because you can spot them on the course or…bushes” 

___ Melissa A. USA

“I just started playing golf this past year and am still learning my swing. After taking many lessons, I have definitely improved my swing. It made me want to play with nicer golf balls that weren’t practice range balls. I didn’t want to drop a lot on Pro V1s either. Until I start shooting in the 80s, I’ll be buying these balls over and over.” 

___ Aaron, USA 

“With the rising price of everything, I was so pleased to find this offer. I’m a mediocre golfer who frequently loses golf balls and this great price for an acceptable product makes losing them much more tolerable while performing as well as any ball I have played!” 

___ Bailey Hagar, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know everything about Nitro Golf brand and their golf balls, let’s look at some of the commonly asked questions by the user.

Are Nitro Golf Balls hard or soft?

Nitro has a range of golf balls. They have both hard and soft options depending on the user’s preference.

Are Nitro Golf Balls good for intermediate players?

Nitro Golf balls are not designed for pro usage. In fact, it is not even used at the intermediate level. Nitro golf is best suited for beginners and recreational players. 

Are Nitro Golf balls legal?

Currently, not all of the Nitro balls range has been approved by the USGA. Their latest Nitro Pulsar is still awaiting approval. 

How long does a Nitro Golf ball last?

A Nitro Golf ball will typically last as long as any standard golf ball. The typical lifecycle of a golf ball is around 10 years.

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