Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls? [The Manufacturer Unveiled]

When it comes to the value and performance combined, Kirkland golf balls are the best. They have always been the top choice for players.

Out of curiosity, many want to know more about Kirkland ball besides its benefits and features. Who manufactured the Kirkland golf ball is one of the queries.

Kirkland golf balls are manufactured by Qingdao SM Parker. Its a Chania Company and have been in the business for a long time and have been producing Kirkland golf balls since 2016.

In this article, we will reveal more about Kirkland golf ball manufacturers. Therefore, stay tuned with us right to the end of this blog.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls

Brief Overview of Kirkland Golf Ball

Kirkland golf balls are a new name in the golf ball market. Yet these balls are much hyped and have a considerable demand given the offerings.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls

It made a superb impression through the outputs; since then, these balls have had a loyal customer base.

The prime reason behind the demand for this ball is its affordability. Compared to the most premium brands, you will find them relatively cheaper. 

It came in the market with a 3-piece design, which had few shortcomings, but with the pricing, it felt alright.

The urethane cover in it gives a good feeling of the club face. Also, the ball covers a fair distance compared to the other balls of a similar type.

Good Sides

  • Soft urethane covering gives a good feel
  • Reasonable pricing
  • It covers a great distance
  • Outshines most of the competitors in terms of offerings

Bad Sides

  • Low Backspin
  • Won’t be soft for a few golfers on the green

History of Kirkland golf balls manufacturer

Kirkland golf ball

The first ever Kirkland 3-piece golf ball came into the market in 2016, creating a lot of hype.

These balls were sold into the market by Costco, and they claimed these balls were of similar quality as the market leaders back then.

As a result, most players thought them to be the actual manufacturers that they weren’t.

These balls were manufactured by independent contractors in China named Qingdao SM Parker. Let us know a bit more about them in the sections below.


Qingdao SM Parker, the manufacturer of Kirkland golf balls, has been operating since 1994.

They are a sports manufacturing company and have been primarily focused on producing golf equipment since its inception.

Since then, they have been operating in 35 different factories and making golf equipment of high quality.


As third-party contractors, they have been making golf balls for multiple brands. With Costco planning to tap into the golf ball market in 2016, they partnered up with SM Parker Co Ltd. Besides; they had previously made golf balls for renowned brands like Snell and Cut.

Where is the Kirkland golf ball made?

Since you already know that Qingdao SM Parker Co Ltd. manufactures Kirkland golf balls, it’s pretty much that the location of production is in China. There are some reasons behind Costco outsourcing golf ball production in China.

First, they must compete with the golf ball market giants with an affordable pricing strategy. It is only possible when their production costs are much lower than the competitors.

Second, golf balls of the most premium and renowned brands are still made in America.

These brands still rely on local manufacturing facilities, which increases production costs due to higher labor and material costs.

In this regard, using a Chinese manufacturer was always a reasonable option for Costco.

The abundant labor in China, along with low labor and production costs, eventually helped their way to compete with market leaders.

Moreover, with almost similar manufacturing facilities, they outsourced high-quality golf balls from China.

Materials and Technology used to make Kirkland golf balls

Costco sells Kirkland golf balls at a much lower price, so they need to ensure the quality similar to their competitors as promised.

In this regard, they adopt similar technology and materials for making regular urethane golf balls. Let’s have a brief look at those aspects.


Urethane golf balls are usually made of very versatile polymer urethane. This material allows good control over the type of durability and firmness a manufacturer can give the ball.

That said, the material used in the construction is suitable for heating and molding. Lastly, the covering will ensure more spin and control on the green. 


A top-class iteration is seen in the Kirkland golf balls. With the urethane covering, it gives a nice feel from the tee.

When it comes to compression, it is usually high, but on the core, it’s rather soft. Besides, the ball comes with 338 dimples, which ensures that it will have a good flight.

Moreover, the ball is designed in such a way that it will cater best to mid to high-swing players.

Is Kirkland a reputable brand for golf balls?

When you compare Kirkland to the brands like Titleist or Callaway, there will always be some things that could be improved. But that doesn’t make the Kirkland golf balls ordinary. 

With the affordable price tag, these are the best golf balls for the value you can get in the market.

These golf balls offer versatile output for the high handicapper, which is way better than most similarly priced options. 

Regarding its reputation, this brand is quite underrated when its performance is solely considered. 

Some professional golfer review about Kirkland golf balls

With its introduction in the market, the Kirkland golf ball has been much hyped because of the price-to-performance ratio.

Despite the ongoing confusion about who makes Kirkland golf balls, these balls are used by many. We include some user reviews below to tell you what most golfers feel.

In general, great ball, soft feeling, superb flight and response on the greens. –JuanPablo Rodriguez, USA

These golf balls are great for practicing putting games in the backyard. They’re cheap but still offer great value. Jonathan, USA

The balls are highly durable; it goes wherever I want it to go after hitting. –Peggie Shelton, USA


Since you already know the actual manufacturers of Kirkland golf balls, many questions may be stirring up in your mind. We have answered some of the major ones to help you out.

Is Titleist comparable to Kirkland?

Titleist is a big name in the golf ball market, and their Pro V1 model has similar characteristics to the Kirkland Golf balls.
The design of this model is identical to some extent to the Kirkland golf ball. Apart from this, the scope for comparison is pretty low.

Are Kirkland golf balls good for high-handicappers?

Yes, the Kirkland golf balls are very good for high-handicappers. It enables them to extract the versatile performance of the green.

Are Kirkland golf balls suitable for beginners? 

Yes, the durability and weight of the Kirkland golf balls are very suitable for beginners. Using this ball will result in great gameplay output if you are a mid-handicapper or a beginner.

Final Thoughts

Buying an affordable golf ball and expecting a premium-level performance doesn’t fall in place all the time. But with the Kirkland golf ball, you can expect top-notch output like the high-end options.

Unlike most other golf ball brands, the manufacturing of Kirkland golf balls takes place in China.

But that doesn’t take away anything from the brand. Many professional and new golfers have lauded their offerings over the years.

Moreover, we have gathered all the relevant information here so that you can be assured about the quality before buying.

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