Ping Eye 2 Vs. Modern Irons | Which One Should You Go For?

The Ping Eye 2 irons are still very popular for their extraordinary features. However, problems arise when you have to choose between these two. They are similar in many aspects, while they are not parallel in some aspects. It’s crucial to know about the differences before choosing one.

The key difference between Ping 2 irons and modern irons is that modern irons are equipped with modern technologies and offer user-friendly designs. On the other hand, the ping eye 2 irons didn’t have as much variety in technology as ping 2. 

This is the shortest possible answer. Today, in this article, we will discuss ping eye 2 vs modern irons in detail, including their differences and their specifications. So, let’s head over to the entire article. 

Overview of Ping Eye 2 Irons

Ping Eye 2 drivers featured the dot lie system that is used to indicate different launch angles. These irons were made of stainless steel. Therefore, the stainless steel construction made them super durable and gave them an extra soft feel. 

The best features of a ping eye 2 iron are its perfect forgiveness and accuracy. Moreover, the perimeter weighting design and offset hosel in the clubhead make them ideal for getting increased accuracy and higher ball flight.

They also come with a cavity-back design. It produces a higher ball speed and more forgiveness. After all, these irons have been around for amateur golf players as a blessing.

Overview of Modern Irons

Modern irons are equipped with different modern technologies. The multi-material construction is one of them.

It produces the highest ball speed and flight. Modern irons are also available for all levels of golf players. 

They are incredibly, very forgiving. Moreover, modern golf irons like the Ping G425 feature cascading soles and offer stronger lofts. It makes them  lighter but stronger also.

Modern golf clubs are also designed with golf gloves to protect the hands of the player from blisters.

The best thing about a modern golf iron is that it lets you determine your current swing speed and help you to choose the right clubs. 

Ping Eye 2 vs Modern Irons: Comparison Chart 

A comparison chart can help better when comparing two different things. In this case, look at the below comparison chart between Ping Eye 2 irons and modern irons. 

Criteria Ping Eye 2Modern Irons  
Ball SpeedLower Higher 
Material Stainless steel Multi-materials 
Lie/Loft Less strong Stronger 
Distance Lower Higher 
Shaft Options Only oneMore than one 
Price Less expensive More expensive 

What are the Differences Between Ping Eye 2 and Modern Irons?

Naturally, there are some specific differences between the specs of a Ping eye 2 and modern irons such as Ping G425 irons. Here are some major differences between Ping Eye 2 and modern irons: 

Lie and Lofts 

The difference between a ping eye 2 and a modern iron-like ping g425 is their lie and lofts. The lofts of a modern iron are stronger than a ping-eye 2 iron.

Lie differences

Club Lie (Ping Eye 2)Lie (Ping G425)

Loft differences

Club Loft (Ping Eye 2)Loft (Ping G425)
PW 50.544.5°

Ball Speed

Another major difference between Ping Eye 2 irons and modern irons is their ball speed.

Today’s manufacturers use different types of modern technologies such as VFT, multi-material construction, artificial intelligence, etc. to increase the ball speed. 

So, technically, modern golf irons offer a higher ball speed than the ping eye 2 irons. At the same time, they also produce higher launch and distance than the modern irons.


Ping Eye 2 irons are stainless steel. So, they feel heavier but durable enough. They will work for a longer period and give you a very soft feel and excellent forgiveness. 

On the contrary, the modern golf irons are made of different kinds of materials such as graphite, titanium, tungsten, carbon, and nickel. This construction technique makes the irons lighter and simpler to hit.

Difference in terms of specifications

As we discussed earlier, the modern golf irons have some more unique and strong specifications than the ping eye 2 irons.

The modern irons have a very low Center of Gravity and produce higher ball speed and distance. But the Ping Eye 2 irons were very user-friendly and beginner friendly as well.

They were also very affordable compared with today’s modern golf irons. But the old irons like ping eye 2 were less durable than the modern irons.


As the modern irons are becoming advanced and stronger by using different modern technology and strong materials, they are fairly more expensive.

The distance of a ping eye 2 iron may disappoint you, but overall it will be significantly worth your money. 

Ping Eye 2 vs Modern Irons: Which Iron to Choose?

If you want to enjoy your game with less money, you must go with the Ping Eye 2 irons. But if you have a good budget and are looking for a game improvement iron, you should choose one from the modern irons. Modern irons are also great for high-handicap players. 

In other way, if you want to try something easy and user-friendly, you must go with the ping eye 2 irons. On the other hand, if you’re looking for game improvement irons or something like forged, modern irons will be the best for you. 

In the end, you can definitely use a ping-eye 2 iron when you’re a newcomer in the field of golf. It will give you amazing forgiveness and ball flight. Its height and weight are also very nicely combined.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you want to explore more about Ping Eye 2 vs modern irons? Here are some more common questions and their answers to help you out.

Can I still get a Ping Eye 2 iron?

Unfortunately, Ping has stopped producing Eye2s irons forever. But the second hand ping eye 21 irons are still very available at very little cost. So, you can still enjoy your golf with the Eye 2 irons.

Ping Eye 2 vs modern irons: which one is good for beginners?

Modern golf iron manufacturers tend to produce various types of golf irons to suit the different levels of golf players. So, there are a lot of beginner-friendly modern irons available on the market.
But if you don’t want to cost much money as a beginner, it’s better to go with the Ping Eye 2 irons. 

Do modern golf irons make a difference?

Yes, modern golf irons make a significant difference. They come with reduced spic but increased ball speed. Modern irons are also more durable and consistent than old golf irons.

Ping Eye 2 vs modern irons: which one hits further?

Modern irons will definitely hit further than the Ping Eye 2 irons. As mentioned above, they have stronger lofts and a low Center of Gravity. These characteristics help the iron to increase the ball’s speed and hit the ball further.

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