PXG 0211 vs 0311 Irons: A Precise Way to See the Difference

Have PXG irons piqued your interest? Are you wondering about the PXG 0211 and 0311 irons? Do you want to know the differences between these two that separate them? Let’s find out!

The core difference between the PXG 0211 and PXG 0311 irons lies in their forgiveness and target audience. The PXG 0211 irons are designed for golfers with mid-to-high handicaps. Whereas PXG 0311 irons are for skilled golfers.

This is not all. There are more differences that lie between PXG 0211 and PXG 0311. In this article, we will look into them and compare which suits you better.

PXG 0211 vs 0311 Irons: A Precise Way to See the Difference

Overview Of PXG 0211 Irons

Using the casting procedure, the PXG golf company produces the 0211 Iron series. 

The 0211 irons use steel and forged alloy to reduce the weight in the club head face and create an outstanding experience while squaring.

The iron sets are sold at a retail price of 120 dollars and use a hollow body design for the iron club body. 

The most eye-catching part of their body is their face, which is said to be the world’s thinnest face.

Overview of PXG 0311 Irons

PXG brought a new line of forged irons with their 0311 series. Their construction uses the help of forging and fine laser cutting. 

Their irons are made with soft carbon steel, which increases the lifespan of the 0311 irons.

Being sold at a relatively high price of 350 dollars, their design does compete with the price. 

PXG provides three club head designs to accommodate the golfer’s needs. During their testing, a boost in both speed and distance was observed by a slight amount.

PXG 0211 vs 0311 Irons: Quick Comparison Table

Now that we have shown you an overview of both the PXG irons, it is time we give you a quick comparison. 

This will be illustrated with the help of a table. This table lets you understand which PXG iron is better for you.

CriteriaPXG 0211 IronsPXG 0311 Irons
Ball speed116 mph113mph
Carry Distance167164
Price190 dollars350 dollars
Club head models1 type3 types
Technology usedPower ChannelImpact Reactor
Reviews (Amazon)4.5 stars4.6 stars

What are the Differences Between PXG 0211 and 0311 Irons?

Now, we will analyze the factors between PXG 0211 and 0311 irons. After that, we will show you which iron set is better. Let us begin with the comparisons.

Distance carried

Distance carried

In terms of carry distance, PXG 0211 irons defeat the PXG 0311 irons by approximately 3 yards. 

PXG 0211 irons have an average carry distance of 167.7 yards, while PXG 0311 irons have an average carry distance of 164.8 yards. There are a couple of reasons for this increased carry distance. 

The most notable one is the more prominent sweat spot and cavity back design, which helps generate more ball speed and distance.

Ball Speed

Ball Speed

PXG 0211 irons reign over the PXG 0311 irons in this criterion too. The average speed reached by the 0211 irons is around 116 mph. At the same time, the 0311 irons tend to hover around 113 mph.

The difference between the speed isn’t massive. If you are looking for an iron that would help you boost your ball speed, PXG 0211 irons might be the best option for you.



PXG 0211 irons are renowned for their forgiveness. They are always claimed to be extremely forgiving. 

On the other hand, PXG 0311 does provide forgiving irons. But they are short in front of the 0211 iron series. The 0211 irons have a larger sweet spot with a hollow design. 

This creates a reduced impact and provides the golfers with more ease with every shot. Hence, they become a handy tool for golfers trying to learn the game of golfing.

Technology implemented in irons

Different technologies have been implemented in both the PXG irons. The PXG 0211 iron series uses Power Channel Technology. It helps to increase the ball’s speed, launch angle, and trajectory.

On the other hand, PXG 0311 irons use the Impact Reactor Technology. This technology utilizes efficiency by transferring most energy into the ball, generating more speed. 

It also helps to maintain the premium feel while squaring impact. Both technologies are equally good. 

If you want to benefit from the feel of the iron with some buff to your shot, the Impact Reactor Technology might be more suited for you.

Club head options

The PXG 0311 irons provide more club head options to the golfers than the 0211 PXG irons. 0311 irons have 3 club head models: Tour performance, players, and Xtreme performance. 

Each club head model is catered to provide a different experience to the user. 

Hence, golfers like you will have more options in choosing your preferred irons than the PXG 0211 irons.

Performance VS Price

PXG 0211 provides good performance given its price range. Within 120 dollars, you will be able to hit large distances with very forgiving irons. 

Hence, we can easily conclude that in the performance vs price ratio, 0211 irons perform better.

The 0311 ones do perform well enough. It can hit similar ranges at similar speeds compared to the 0211 irons. However, the exceedingly high price makes it a disadvantage.

PXG 0211 or 0311: Which Golf Irons To Choose?

Both PXG progressive irons, the 0211 series, and the 0311 series, are equally good. 

They utilize the materials through which they are made and provide the maximum output through ball speed launch, trajectory, etc.

If you are a professional in the golfing scene and want to shift to a newer iron, PXG 0311 irons might be the best option for you. 

It is curated for handicappers with low to mid-scores. Plus, it does help to provide a great feeling and good forgiveness.

If you are new to the scene, we would recommend the PXG 0211 iron series. They have been specially made for golfers with high handicaps.


We believe this article has provided you with all the knowledge you need. However, we have added an FAQ section for your help to fulfill your curiosity.

Which one is more beginner-friendly: PXG 0211 or 0311 irons?

The PXG 0211 irons are more suited for beginners. This is because of their low spin and forgiving nature. 

The angled top rail helps to produce more accurate shots that help to boost the beginner’s confidence as well.

Which one is more expensive: PXG 0211 or 0311 irons?

The 0311 iron series of the PXG franchise are more costly than the PXG 0211 irons. Generally, the 0311 costs around 350 dollars. 

On the other hand, the 0211 irons cost only 190 dollars. However, the prices can significantly vary if PXG decides to provide a sale.

Where can you buy the PXG 0211 and 0311 irons from?

The PXG irons are available on their official website. You can quickly enter the website and purchase your favorite golf irons from that website. You can also buy them from websites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Are the PXG 0211 and 0311 golf irons forged or not?

The PXG 0311 has been forged to complete its making process. On the other hand, PXG 0211 golf irons do not use the forging technique. 

One special note, the 0311 irons are forged at least 5 times to strengthen their irons.

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