Who Makes Vice Golf Balls? Meet The Masterminds!

Golf has a vibrant history and many misconceptions associated with it. It’s not supposedly right to warrant “new and cheap” things as better than something older. However, when a new brand like Vice golf comes on the scene, it may be best to take a minute to pause and take a closer look.

Well, then, who makes Vice golf balls? Vice golf was made by German law students Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl in 2012. The German company boasts lofty ambitions to be the best in the world, particularly in appealing to the golfing communities.

When the word “cheap” is most highlighted for attributing Vice golf balls, it can raise questions about whether they perform well or they’re just something craps. To get your answer, you should stick with us till the end. 

Who Makes Vice Golf Balls

A brief overview of VICE Golf Ball

Vice is one of those brands that has shown its dedication and capability to the world of golf despite being a newer brand. So, we aren’t surprised to see novice golfers frequently turn to them when seeking affordable balls. 

As a D2C company, Vice Golf endeavors to generate premier golf balls at affordable prices for all members of the golf fraternity.

With so many fantastic, well-branded balls manufactured, they are intent on making them accessible to golfers of all skill levels.

They have been unshackled from contracts with pros and now have a direct customer structure that permits them to spend less on branding and can entirely pass on savings to the golf players and clients in general. 

This makes for a mutually rewarding whole and helps them maintain low costs, focus on their name, and have new, cool balls in their bags. Let’s have a look at both the positive and negative sides of Vice golf balls.

History of VICE golf balls Manufacturer

The picture of Vice Golf you’re seeing today is backed by 10 years of history. An idea and evolution later expressed themselves as one of the demanding brands isn’t a two-line story. Let’s see the interesting history of Vice golf balls. 

The Story Behind Vice Golf Establishment

Maybe only a few people know that Vice Golf was originally named “Flake Golf.”  The idea for this company was created by two young boys, Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl, who were law students.

However, they later changed the name and stabilized it as Vice Golf. Thus, two young law students introduced themselves as entrepreneurs, and an ordinary surfing day in the Eisbach River in Munich became historical. 

Globalization of Vice Golf Balls

Beginning with its diffusion in Germany in 2012, Vice golf balls gradually became globalized and were eventually introduced in the United States market in 2015. Vice Golf balls’ prices are extremely cheap, and the balls are fairly substandard. 

Vice updated the majority of its golf balls for 2018, releasing several updated versions of which are doing well, particularly the Pro Plus, Pro Soft, and Pro models. They have recently released tees that echo Vice golf balls. 

In the initial years before gaining name recognition, Vice was challenged to persuade golfers to buy products from an unpopular brand.

So, they offered the Interested Participants option, giving each person access to every one of the options in the Particular Sports range that inspired their game.

Where Is VICE Golf Ball Made?

Where Is VICE Golf Ball Made

We have already informed you that Vice Golf balls were manufactured in Germany. Vice’s first 5 unique golf balls were engineered and designed here. 

However, the company needed to multiply the manufacturing plant with Vice Golf balls’ growing demand and globalization. At present, Vice Golf balls are manufactured in Taiwan by Foremost. 

Materials And Technology Used To Make VICE Golf Balls

As far as you have come up, you might have learned that Vice golf balls are praised worldwide due to their exceptional pricing.

But what contributes to this? Does the cheap price signify poor materials and less durability? 

Obviously not. Let’s see what technology and materials are used in making Vice golf balls to get a more clarified idea. 



Inside the Vice golf balls, this is what essentially makes up the batter. They add other substances to invent a hot mixture.

The stretched half-abundant rolls of a thick tacky material are pressed through an elongated extruder, which results in the rubber going into the shape. 

Surlyn and Urethane Cover

Surlyn and Urethane Cover

Depending on the model, vice golf balls feature a Urethane or Surlyn cover.  However, the cover of the Pro Plus balls from Vice has a distinctive design from the other balls they sell. 

The outer layer is slick and rough to provide a good Velcro-like gripping phosphorescence that is loved by players. Urethane is put on the Pro Plus ball’s surface to create a sticky surface area. 

This excites the beginner and intermediate golfer because of its forgiving proximity when the putter is near the pin. 

Stick To The Green (S2TG) Technology

Stick To The Green (S2TG) Technology

Golf ball companies have their range of technologies to show off their product’s technical and performance superiority over their competitors’ products. 

The S2TG technology from Vice Golf helps golf enthusiasts to have better control over the spin and ensure the correct aim at the green.

This is the technology that underpins Vice’s brand name and enables them to create cheaper yet performance balls like Pro Plus.

Technically, Vice golf balls with S2TG have an apparent center layer made of urethane that provides a soft, sticky experience.

There is an exceptionally low center of gravity and two afterward layered cores designed specifically for a smooth, effortless shot.

This means your ball will roll through a wide swath of grass on your approach shots as you walk toward it.

For golfers willing to leave their ball to stop at its target, the S2TTG Technology is a great option. 

Keep in Line (KIL)

Keep in Line (KIL)

Vice allegorizes having “Keep In Line” (KIL) technology on many of its models to help you putt without having to mark the trajectory with anything anymore. 

These balls come pre-marked with an extra-long line that helps bring more accuracy to your putt alignment. This way, you can mark up the ball and consistently be assured of a clean hit.

Is VICE a reputable brand for golf balls?

It’s true that Vice golf balls may appear ordinary and be overlooked in the field of big-name golf ball brands.

But in terms of performance, it’s prudent to believe they’re on par with the premium-caliber golf balls with hefty price tags.

We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t take our word for it, but we’re serious, however. Let’s see some interesting facts about this brand and how they keep their balls cheaper without compromising quality. 

Praised by Popular Magazine

Golf Digest, one of the most popular monthly golfing magazines published by Warner Bros, acknowledges Vice’s Pro Plus model as a Gold Ball Award recipient for 2019 upon its Hot List. 

Among the critiques by Golf Digest, the Vice Pro Plus was awarded a five-star performance rating and featured in five categories for innovative product design.

Golf Digest also gave the model four and a half stars for its appeal and the green Velcro feel.

Superior Performance

Vice is a newcomer to the market of golfing equipment, but it already dominates a sweet spot in the merchandise.

One of the company’s greatest treasures has been successfully devised is producing affordable and high-quality golf balls. 

These balls have shown roughly the same or even better performance of high-end brands. The credit mostly goes to Vice’s proprietary S2G technology we have discussed above.

D2C Marketing and Small Investment in Advertise

Direct-to-consumer (D2G) marketing of Vice golf balls is something that should be highlighted. 

Vice gets rid of most of its expenses through its plethora of online shops, allowing it to pass some of these savings onto the consumer. 

Additionally, Vice does not spend much money to advertise its products.  Elite brands spend millions of dollars on sponsorships, whereas Vice sticks to developing products rather than spending on extraneous programs.

Some Professional golfer review on VICE golf balls

Enough of our discussion; now let’s see what professional golfers are saying about Vice golf balls.

“For the last 3 months, I’ve been using Vice Pro Plus. It seems to be proficient in touring as the new 2018 Pro V1x. Above all, it goes about the same or a little further than Pro V1x with a swing speed of 98 and the price of a brand-new Pro V1” –Jimmy

I think Vice Pro is a softball but with added control. If you are an excellent low kicker and need to get optimum control, you should play the Pro. I enjoy the ball having a pre-cut line on it as that allows me to position and align properly. The sphere did wear out a bit after a while, but this does not detract from its performance.

I was gifted with a Vice Pro Plus a few days ago and fell in love, so I told the person who gave it to me that I had to book a Medal Italy game at a good time, and he provided me with three more balls. He was overjoyed and wished me the best. I outplayed the entire competition. Following this experience, I ordered Vice Pro Plus, Vice Soft, and Vice Pro balls in a bulk. 



We hope that we were able to help you find the information that you were looking for. If there’s any other information you’re seeking, check this FAQ section.

Where Do Vice Golf Balls Ship From?

In contrast to large companies, Vice Golf Balls continue to be made in Germany. Despite its recent success in the international market, Vice Golf Ball continues to refine its balls and ship them directly from its manufacturing facility.

Do any pros use vice golf balls?

The majority of professional golfers who use Vice golf balls mainly take part in Korn Ferry tours. Pros on the PGA Tour mainly use Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, and Bridgestone golf balls due to the sales contracts. 

Is vice a legal golf ball?

Yes, all 5 models from Vice are permissible, as confirmed by the United States Golf Association, the RAC, and the British and Irish Golfing Association. These balls have become authorized to be used in competitions all over the globe.

Are vice golf balls good for seniors?

The updated Vice Tour balls are the best for senior golfers due to the large Energy Inside Core that ensures lower driver spin and higher ball speed.

Final Words

Now you know who makes Vice golf balls, as well as some other crucial information. However, this might not be enough when you’re hesitating about whether you should choose them. 

Big brands have traditionally dominated the golf industry, but things have skewed the other way lately.

Now, with smaller brands, you can get a golf ball that performs just as well for less money. Of course, Vice will be on top of the list of such brands. 

Typically, they’re a far more flexible option than industry-leading names like Titleist. In addition, for their reasonable pricing and broad customization alternatives, they offer an appealing alternative for a golfer testing out new clubs.

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