Where are Snell Golf Balls Made? Unveiling the Truth

Snell Golf is a name that has gained popularity in a very short period of time for making top-notch golf balls. They even appeared in several reputable magazines, such as Forbes. So it stands to reason that people want to know who owns the business and where Snell golf balls are made.

Dean Snell is the company’s founder, a former golfer, and an engineer specializing in plastics engineering. The company manufactures all of its golf balls from Nassau, a ball manufacturing factory in Seoul, South Korea.  

To learn more about the Snell golf balls, you might want to stick around to the end of this article.

Where are Snell Golf Balls Made

A brief overview of Snell golf ball

Snell golf comes out with their signature MTB or My Tour Ball. The ball has a 3-layer construction. Due to its aerodynamics, it can easily travel a considerable distance.

Most balls are well suited for playing on both the tee and the green. Also, the balls have low compression, which contributes to their faster speeds.

Spin on the ball also has impressive control, which works out perfectly for short-game performances.

What’s more exciting about Snell golf balls is that they come in different variants. The variants include MTB, MTB X, MTB Black, MTB Red, and Get Sum. Surprisingly, each of them provides a unique experience for the golfers.

History of Snell golf balls Manufacturer

Now, let’s learn a bit about the history of Snell golf balls. We must learn about the man who founded the company and his mission before delving into the specifics of the business. The name of the founder is Dean Snell.

Where are Snell Golf Balls Made
Where are Snell Golf Balls Made

About Dean Snell

Aside from being the founder of Snell Balls, Dean Snell is a plastics engineer. He is an expert in making golf balls and has worked for over 30 years in the industry. He has over 40 patents to his name for golf ball designs.

Before founding Snell Golf Balls, Dean Snell worked with many reputed golf ball manufacturers.

He worked with TaylorMade for about 18 years and was part of the team that produced some iconic golf balls.

The Pro V1 by Titleist is another notable advancement in the golf ball market. It is one of the best golf balls of all time.

Starting a golf ball company

After having a successful career making golf balls for others, Dean wanted to do something of his own. So, in 2015, he launched Snell Golf Balls. At first, it was just him and a few of his staff at home.

Dean’s commitment was to develop premium quality golf balls at affordable prices. He had a mission to serve the amateur golfers who don’t want to pay that extra money for premium, high-end golf balls.

Just within two-year, Snell Golf Ball Company saw amazing growth in its sales. Many user and media reviews led to plenty of success for the company.

Where Is Snell Golf Ball Made?

An interesting fact about the Snell Golf ball is that it comes from the same factory as the TaylorMade golf balls. The manufacturing plant is called Nassau, located in Seoul, South Korea.

Nassau is a ball manufacturer that makes balls for other companies based on their designs and custom logos.

Previously, they used to manufacture balls for many companies, but after TaylorMade bought the rights, they cut ties with many of them.

However, they are still manufacturing balls for Snell golf balls due to their connection with the founder, Dean Snell.

The reason for choosing Nassau is simply because they make the best golf balls according to the demands of the companies.

The Nassau golf ball factory strives to use cutting-edge technology and produce the highest caliber balls possible.

Since TaylorMade, a leading golf ball manufacturer, produces its balls in Nassau, consumers can never question the quality.

Materials And Technology Used to Make Snell Golf Balls

The reason for Snell Golf Balls’ success is the performance they can provide within a limited price range.

To achieve that kind of performance, they have to use quality components in making their balls, and the technology has to be on point.

Here, we will check out the materials and technologies used in making the Snell golf balls to see why they are so good, even with lower pricing.

The core of the ball (polybutadiene rubber)

The core of the ball (polybutadiene rubber)

As part of their core technology, Snell golf balls try to keep them soft and have low compression.

While keeping the compression low, they also try to maintain a fast speed on the ball, so it can cover a good distance.

To make their core, they use polybutadiene rubber. They add some chemicals to it for better weight control, speed, and compression of the balls.

Mantle layer – Surlyn ionomers

Snell Golf focuses on keeping a faster speed on the ball for the ball’s mantle layer or mid-layer. They design it in such a way that the ball comes out with good compression and a soft feel on it.

The materials they use in the mantle layer are usually Surlyn ionomers with different hardnesses. They also include polybutadiene rubber, similar to the core, and other thermoplastic materials.


The cover of the Snell balls is no different from the cover of any regular golf ball when it comes to looks.

They will have a typical thickness of around 0.030” to 0.070”. The definitive thickness mostly depends on the materials used in the production.

In terms of materials, they use different options. They have choices in ionomer blends as well as thermoplastic urethane. A choice of cast urethane is also available for the cover material.

Ball dimples

Ball dimples

The last portion of making the golf balls is making the dimples on the balls. In this part, Snell golf balls balance the lift and drag of the balls. 

Their goal with the dimples is to create perfect aerodynamics and achieve the best possible roll and carry on the ball.

Even though there is no definite number for how many dimples they put on the balls. But typically, the number stays within the range of 300 to 400. 

Is Snell a reputable brand for golf balls?

Yes, Snell is surely a reputable brand for golf balls. Even though they haven’t been in the business for a long time, they have gained much popularity. The core reason for being a reputable brand is the company’s founder, Dean Snell.

Dean Snell has been in the industry for a long time, and his name is already associated with premium professional golf balls.

So, as a golf ball brand, Snell didn’t need much time to gain that reputation for providing quality balls. As an expert in making golf balls, Dean Snell didn’t need to do too much convincing.

Some Professional golfers review Snell golf balls

There are plenty of convincing testimonials regarding the quality of Snell Golf balls. Let’s check some of the reviews below –

“It’s been years that I have been buying Snell golf balls. I don’t need to spend too much money buying a ProV1 when I get equal performance from the Snell balls. The balls have great control and cover a good distance. “That has improved my game a lot.” ~ Larry S.

“The Snell balls I got for myself are great, and they cover a lot of distance.” These balls are perfect on the green. I can feel the game coming on to me with these balls.” ~ Henry T.

“I truly enjoy playing with the Snell golf balls. They always give me the excellent drive and distance I look for while playing golf. “It’s amazing all the way.” ~ Manjit Singh D


Still have some questions on your mind? Then, we advise looking over several frequently asked questions about Snell golf balls. You might find answers to your queries right here.

Do any pro golfers use Snell golf balls?

Professional golfers don’t use Snell golf balls in their professional games. That is because of their endorsement deals with significant golf ball-making companies. So, there is no official record of professional golfers using Snell golf balls yet.  

Which Snell golf ball is the best one?

All the Snell golf balls are of high quality. However, the MTB black golf balls are the best. The ball has everything, whether it’s low spin, low lift, drag, or compression.

Are Snail golf balls used in tours?

No, Snell golf balls are not used in tours currently. The company is trying to keep the balls affordable and within a budget for the general public. They would have to increase the price if they were to enter into a contract with professional players.

Is Snail golf ball better than Pro V1?

Considering the performance and quality, both the balls are quite similar. However, when the pricing comes into play, the Snail MTB Black seems better than the Pro V1. It has a lower price with pretty much the same performance.


All in all, Snell golf balls deserve to be where they are right now. Dean Snell has put all of his experience into making a ball for the mass consumer. His vision for the company is surely worthy of appreciation.

Because of that, he has gained a lot of loyal consumers who can rely on the quality of the balls. They also rely on the owner’s expertise, who didn’t disappoint them with his promises.

Overall, Snell golf balls are making their mark on the golf industry. Especially among consumers who love to play golf in their free time.

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