Titleist Trufeel vs Tour Soft Golf Ball: Choose Wisely

When it comes to choosing the perfect golf ball, golfers are often faced with a plethora of options. Today, we’re diving into the world of Titleist golf balls, specifically comparing the Titleist TruFeel and the Titleist Tour Soft.

The main difference between Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft golf balls lies in their respective feel and spin characteristics. TruFeel emphasizes a softer touch with lower spin, while Tour Soft offers a slightly firmer feel and increased distance with mid-level spin.

Other than that, they share little of a difference. In this comparison, explore the characteristics of each ball, compare their unique features, construction, and the advantages they offer to help you determine which might best suit your game.

Titleist Trufeel vs. Tour Soft Golf Ball

Overview Of Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball

The Titleist TruFeel golf ball is one of the softest golf balls to play. Softness is essential in the field, and the technology used in this product increases that feeling.

Unlike any other golf ball in this series, the core and cover design make it much softer. TrueFeel describes itself by its name.

The design of this ball ensures the player’s sensations. A player needs to be comfortable playing with it. It can bestow you remarkable speed too.

On the other hand, the tetrahedral dimple design allows you to get improved performance.

This dimple design helps a lot to be much more efficient in shots. Overall, it is a great soft golf ball considering its performance. 

Overview Of Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball
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Overview Of Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball

Softness and notable performance are the type of design that aims for Tour Soft. Significantly better technological and constructive performance compared to the previous version characterizes it.

Tour Soft utilizes technology to generate increased velocity and an improved reaction in terms of distance.

The thinner grafted cover makes the ball spin more generated. However, it also performs well in greenside control too.

For a softball experience, the new larger and faster core helps abundantly for the player. It can give you a consistent ball flight with aerodynamic performance and increased hit response.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball
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Titleist TruFeel Vs Tour Soft Golf Ball: Quick Comparison Table

Golf balls are always competitive in one way or the other. To ensure a clear perspective, here is a quick comparison table to help you get quick features about Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft. 

Criteria Titleist TruFeel Golf BallTitleist Tour Soft Golf Ball
Cover2.0 TruFlex CoverThin 4CE Grafted Cover
Color White, Yellow, Matte RedWhite, Yellow
Dimple 376 Tetrahedral Dimple Design346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid Dimple Design
Feel Very Soft Very Soft
Long Game SpinLow Low 
Short Game SpinLow Mid
Flight LowMid
Core TruTouch CoreLarge Fast Core
Dimensions 4.3 cm4.3 cm

What Are The Differences Between Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft Golf Ball?

A golf ball must consist of some factors which make it stand out in performance on the field.

Factors like build quality, design, the technology used in it, performance, and many more. Let’s compare them two and see what the differences are. 


Titleist TruFeel design is a good-feeling Golf ball. The soft core and cover design give the player a nice good feel alongside a greenside control. And Tour Soft design considers both convenience and action.

Titleist TruFeel design

The thin, grafted cover design promises a pleasant, smooth feel, which also makes it for a player looking for distance. A player can play without any distractions, thanks to the blank on the other side. 

Both can maintain a short game control with the help of Titleist TruFeel’s tetrahedral dimple design and Tour Soft’s quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design frame. Also, this design provides an increase in speed in both of them. 


In Tour Soft, the new larger and faster core technology enhances greater distance and a responsive soft feel.

The thin 4CE grafted cover causes more spin than ever before. In TrueFeel, TruTouch core and 2.0 TruFlex cover engineers it to be unique in technology. 

With a soft feel on all shots, the TruTouch core allows the ball to achieve a longer distance. The 2.0 TruFlex cover makes it very quiet. Through this, it can cover an excellent greenside control just like the TruFeel. 

Ensuring short-game spin, the 376 tetrahedral Dimple design in TruFeel provides maximum distance.

It is known as the TruFit aerodynamic dimple pattern. This pattern also allows the ball to be consistent in piercing and low ball flight.

346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design technology used in Tour Soft maximizes penetrating ball flight and increases speed compared to the previous one. 


Titleist Tour Soft tends to roll out more than TruFeel. The stopping power of TruFeel around the greenside is less than the premium versions have to offer. However, it performs well in terms of soft swings. 

TruFeel Performance
TruFeel Performance

Offering a decent short-game control can build up to a satisfactory increase in greenside power. But overall, the Titleist trusted quality golf ball doesn’t dissatisfy any player.

Both of them are brilliant in terms of performance. Their new design and advanced technology can give you a better performance than the previous versions.

Build Quality

In terms of quality, they both offer a lot. They are well structured with their new technology, and their core and cover make them solid and sturdy during the play.

Although they both are made to feel soft, you can be comfortable by swinging the ball not too heavily. But if you are someone who swings it at a seriously high speed, then these types of balls are not for you.

Game Spin

In the context of long-game spin and short-game spin, TruFeel always performs low. The ball’s soft feel structure affects the low-game spin.

On the other hand, Tour Soft performs a low long-game spin and a mid in short. That is why it is considered one of the best in short-game control. Also, the consistency and the dimples make it more distinctive. 

Titleist TruFeel Or Tour Soft: Which Golf Ball To Choose?

Despite their qualities, you might wonder which one you should choose between these golf balls. Don’t worry; these two balls don’t share an enormous difference. Nevertheless, they are similar.

If you like to play golf lightly, TruFeel is the one for you, but in the case of Tour Soft, it will give you a nice soft feel with rectified player playability.

These two golf balls are made to feel weak, but both don’t provide a tactical performance in flight. So when you choose, you must consider what kind of play you select.


A golf ball can be skeptical about choosing sometimes. Every possible detail and the above-provided information should help you determine your adequate one. Let’s jump on to some frequently asked questions that might clarify this topic.

Did Titleist TruFeel replace Tour Soft?

TruFeel replaces Tour Soft in terms of players’ comfort. TruFeel is a soft golf ball easily replaced with Tour Soft.
But Tour Soft can provide a smooth, gentle playing experience, including a good field performance. However, TruFeel doesn’t replace Tour Soft concerning overall performance.

Is Titleist TruFeel faster than Tour Soft? 

It depends on how you are treating the ball. As we already know, it made TruFeel feel very soft, and Tour Soft is also a smooth golf ball that is good for performance.
Hence, arguably, Tour Soft is faster than TruFeel. Remember that you cannot forcefully swing these balls because they are not built that way.

Which one allows you to cover more distance? 

Titleist Tour Soft is an excellent short-game control golf ball. Between TruFeel and Titleist Tour Soft, Tour Soft can get you covered with more length because of its mid-flight.
This mid-flight helps a slight increase in speed compared to TruFeel. Therefore, Tour Soft is the ball for more distance but less.

Are TruFeel and Tour Soft good performers in the field? 

Apart from being made as soft golf balls, they are outstanding performers in the area.
They can cover maximum distance with consistent ball flight and an increase in short-game spin. Being full of that does not make them competitive.

Are Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft considered to be beginner golf balls? 

Yes, Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft can be considered beginner golf balls; you should be more relaxed as a beginner. The design of these balls goes perfectly with a beginner.

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