Lamkin vs. Golf Pride: The Ultimate Golf Grip Comparison!

A great golf grip is absolutely essential to your overall performance. One simple grip can distinguish between a perfect shot and a colossal blunder. Golf Pride and Lamkin are equally excellent and deserving grips for any golfer. 

When it comes to choosing one of the two, you must know the difference between Lamkin and Golf Pride. Lamkin offers great traction and all-weather performance but can be pricey. On the other hand, Golf pride offers better comfort and a decent price, but has a few color choices! 

But, there are other key differences as well between Lamkin and Golf pride grips. Read till the end of this blog to have a clear understanding of which grip brand you should prefer to take your game to the next level!

Lamkin vs. Golf Pride

An Overview Of Lamkin   

Lamkin is a name of trust in the golf grip community as it is the first brand to manufacture golf grips in the US. Starting in 1925, they have spent almost a century on the market. 

They have numerous production facilities and clients worldwide thanks to their reputation for producing high-quality leather grips.

They have multiple grip models to choose from and are guaranteed to provide consistent performance and feel.

Lamkin tries to connect with its consumers and makes products for different segments to reach every golfer.

Their comprehensive collection, performance, and supreme quality have satisfied golfers for ages!

lakmin grip

What People Love About Lamkin Grips: 

  • Firm Feel and good traction on the hand
  • Outstanding stability it provides
  • The product that offers good value for money
  • Longevity and durability with consistent performance

What People Dislike About Lamkin:

  • There are a few color options to choose from.

An Overview Of Golf Pride  

Motivated by the concept that rubber can be a great alternative to leather grips, Golf Pride entered the golf grip market in 1949.

Finally, in the mid-1950, their confidence paid off as the “Slip-on” technology proved to be a huge success. 

Now they are well respected in the golf grip industry. They have everything a true golfer needs, from slip-on shoes to hybrid golf grips.

Brushed cotton technology has always been a golfer favorite for its firmer grip and consistency.

Today, Golf Pride is the number one grip in golf, with a market share of 80% in major, professional, and amateur competitions. It is also the most popular grip on newly sold clubs.

Golf Pride

What People Love About Golf Pride Grips

  • Great traction they feel on the hand after holding the grip
  • No performance drop regardless of the weather
  • A large selection of color and size options
  • Good feel on hand every time

What people dislike about Golf Pride Grips

  • The price is relatively high when compared to other brands.

Lamkin Vs Golf Pride: Quick Comparison Table  

When talking about golf grips, both Golf Pride and Lamkin are top names. However, there are some dissimilarities you should be aware of to analogize them.

Let’s look at a brief comparison of Lamkin and Golf Pride on various criteria in the table below: 

CriteriaLamkinGolf Pride
Product Model Offerings35 Available Grip Model45 Available Grip Models
Product Price RangePriced Between 6$ to 31$Priced Between 10$ to 50$
Important Factor For SellingLamkin golf grips are well known for maximum versatility.Golf Pride grips are known for their high quality. 
Manufacturing Technology UsedThe Lamkin golf grip features fingerprint technology for traction and comfort.The traditional brushed cotton technology is used in the Golf Pride golf grip.
Target GolfersLamkin has grips for both professional and recreational golfers.Golf pride is aimed at all tour enthusiasts. However, their grips are beginner friendly as well.
Construction TypeLamkin offers both rounded and calibrated upper-hand construction.Most Golf Pride grips offer rounded construction.
Alignment OptionMost Lamkin golf grips require manual alignment.Golf Pride includes an important grip alignment feature.
Popular Lineup ModelsZ-Grip, Calibrate models, Z-Grip align Crossline,Lamkin UTX grip, and Round Grip modelsTour velvet or Velvet Plus4, VDR, CP2 Pro, Tour Wrap Microsuede Grip, CP2 Wrap, MCC, and Tour Wrap 2G 

What Are The Differences Between Lamkin and Golf Pride? 

Lamkin and Golf Pride both focus on different factors while making a golf grip, so they have differences in their production technology, materials used, and some other essential things. Here are some noticeable differences between them:

Target Audience

The primary distinction is their intended golfer. While Golf Pride caters to more expert and tour-level golfers, Lamkin has products for all skill levels. 

Lamkin has a good selection of models for professionals and tour players, while any level of golfer can use Golf Pride grips. Both brands simply prioritize different consumer bases.

Production Technology 

Lamkin mainly focuses on comfort and traction, so they opt for fingerprint technology. The feel and consistency of the Lamkins microtexture construction are hard to beat.

On the other hand, Golf Pride has remained committed to conventional brushed cotton technology.

However, the Golf Pride brand has two distinct technologies called Align Tech and Plus 4 Tech, both of which are used in many models.



The Lamkin and Golf Pride both follow two different construction types. Lamkin follows a calibrated and rounded upper-hand construction. Depending on the model, Golf Pride takes a different construction approach. 

One drawback of Lamkin grips is that they don’t have an automatic grip alignment feature; you must manually adjust and align the grip.

Inside: Materials

Both Lamkin and Golf Pride use rubber as the core material for grip production. Golf Pride revolutionized the grip industry by introducing rubber instead of leather grips.

However, Lamkin uses rubber and other materials to make some grip models to improve performance, stability, and durability.


Golf grips from Lamkin and Golf Pride are extremely dependable and long-lasting. In a head-to-head comparison, Lamkin grips provide more consistent performance and last longer than Golf Pride grips.

However, Golf Pride has a good reputation for performing well in every weather. Lamkin grips typically last longer than Golf Pride grips and provide more consistent performance and comfort.

Both are made of rubber, but Lamkin has multi-material models that use other materials and rubber to increase durability and sustainability.

So, for durability, there is no clear winner. In some cases, Lamkin performed better, and in others, Golf pride performed better. 


In comparison to Golf Pride grips, Lamkin grips are less expensive. Lamkin offers grips for beginners to tour players, whereas Golf Pride grips are primarily aimed at tour players.

It’s not that Lamkin is a cheap brand; it’s just that Lamkin has more beginner-friendly models than Golf Pride.

Lamkin or Golf Pride: Which Golf brands instruments To choose from? 

Choosing the best golf grip between two premium brands can be difficult. Lamkin and Golf Pride are two top giants in the golf grip market, and both equally deserve the title “best.” 

So, before purchasing new grips for your golf club, prioritize your preferences and consider factors such as grip alignment, hand size, weather variability, and materials.

The standard club grip is the default, but the proper one must be chosen when changing grips to ensure optimal performance. Both brands have their own unique standout features and models. 

Golf Pride is the most widely used and recommended golf grip among professional golfers, though Lamkin grips are also suitable for tours.

You can also opt for Lamkin’s high-end tour-focused models, which can give you an equally good result as Golf Pride’s tour models.

Another critical thing to consider is their features. Golf Pride grips offer a textured and firm grip.

If that is how you want your grips, feel free to go for golf pride. However, if you want more comfort and a soft grip, Lamkin should suit you well. 

So, we recommend you choose the one that matches your requirements and demands correctly and suits your style!


You can see from the preceding discussion how closely both brands compete. If you have other questions, here are some FAQs to satisfy your curiosity!

Which brand is best, Golf Pride Or Lamkin?

When it comes to determining which is best, it comes down to personal preferences. Both brands are highly competent and provide outstanding products.

The only thing that makes a difference is the features they provide. As a result, people may prefer one brand over another based on the features they require. 

Are Golf Pride and Lamkin USGA Legal?

The USGA has some fixed rules about golf equipment; if the rules are not maintained, the equipment is considered illegal.

According to the USGA, Lamkin, and Golf Pride are legal brands for golf grips. So, there is no prohibition against using these grips in professional golf.

Where are Lamkin and Golf Pride grips manufactured?

Lamkin now owns two primary manufacturing facilities: one in Tijuana, Mexico, and another in China. Their grips are mainly manufactured in one of these facilities. 

On the other hand, according to their official website, Golf Pride grips are made in Thailand and Taiwan.

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