Who Makes Costco Golf Balls? Everything You Need To Know!

Costco is renowned for providing high-quality items at low prices, and its golf balls aren’t any exception. And Costco’s private label brand is Kirkland. As a retailer, Costco provides its customers with the Kirkland golf ball as a high-quality, reasonably priced substitute for other high-end golf ball brands.

“Qingdao SM Parker,” a prominent Chinese corporation, produces Costco Kirkland Golf balls. Although the initial design was created in Japan, however, since the Titleist lawsuit, a new manufacturer has been chosen. Even if they aren’t as well-known as the original model, they are still a fantastic option for the average golfer. 

We will go into further detail about this golf ball in this article, including its reputation, manufacturing process, etc. Continue reading to find out more.

Who Makes Costco Golf Balls

Brief Overview Of Costco Golf Ball

The Kirkland golf ball is a proprietary brand of golf balls sold by Costco. When Costco first debuted its Kirkland ball, with its multi-piece construction and urethane top, it drew the attention of players worldwide.

The golf ball from Costco is a high-performance ball ideal for casual and competitive play. The Kirkland golf ball had the most fantastic spinning rate when we tested it against the Wilson Triad and Srixon Q Star Tour.

This performance aspect particularly impressed us, and we ranked it right among some of the greatest golf balls we have ever tested.

History Of Costco Golf Balls Manufacturer

Costco Wholesale Firm, often known simply as “Costco”, is a worldwide corporation based in the United States that offers a wide range of goods, including golf balls.

They were launched in San Diego, California, in 1983. The global headquarters of Costco is now located in Issaquah, Washington.

The history of Costco’s golf ball manufacturer is intricately linked to the industry’s history. As a golf ball brand, Costco first marketed Kirkland in 1995. 

However, Costco does not produce golf balls on its own. Here you might ask, who makes Costco golf balls?

In reality, they sourced their golf balls from various producers and sold them under the “Kirkland” brand name.”

Costco Kirkland golf balls manufacturer

At this time, a well-known Chinese company named “Qingdao SM Parker” is Costco’s Kirkland golf balls manufacturer.

About Qingdao SM Parker

Qingdao is a significant company among the sports goods sector. They specialize in producing golf equipment, and their top-selling item is Kirkland golf balls.

They have a solid reputation in the market for producing dependable and practical items and offering top-notch customer service.

Where Is Costco Golf Ball Made?

Costco does not produce golf balls on its own. To successfully produce a perfect golf ball, it requires extensive research and development.

Because of this, Costco imports golf balls from numerous global producers and sells them under the “Kirkland” brand. 

That’s why it’s quite challenging to say the exact location of the manufacturer because a manufacturing company may differ based on the individual item and golf ball batch.

However, we learned from several websites that Costco primarily purchased its Kirkland Signature golf balls from a Chinese business called “Qingdao SM Parker.” As a well-known company, Costco is committed to producing quality goods.

They collaborate with several manufacturers to guarantee that their golf balls match their high performance and quality criteria. This also helps them sell golf balls to their consumers at fair prices.

Materials And Technology Used To Make Costco Golf Balls

The manufacturing of Costco golf balls uses extremely precise machinery and follows a high-quality standard.

They employ various advanced technologies during the manufacturing process to enhance the efficiency of their golf balls, including sophisticated molding and casting techniques, computer-aided design, and simulation. 

Golf balls from Costco Kirkland are created using a wide range of materials and processes, such as:

Core material

Core material

The core of Costco Kirkland golf balls is frequently constructed of rubber. To create its ideal 1.5-inch core, pressure and heat are both used.

Additionally, the golf ball core compression rating is 90 because, for casual golfers, this is the recommended rate.

Multi-layer construction

Multi-Layer Construction

Costco Kirkland golf balls consist of multi-layered technology. They basically have three or four layers. This multi-layer design can enhance performance in terms of control, distance, and feel.

Cover Material

Cover Material

Every Costco golf ball has a smooth Urethane cover which gives it a snappy striking feel, outstanding greenside accuracy, and longer-lasting stability. Costco golf ball’s outer layer is created using an injection molding method.

During the injection molding process, melted thermoplastic is pumped into the cavity around the core to create the ball’s dimpled shape and size.

Dimple pattern

Costco golf balls have a dimple pattern that is intended to improve lift while decreasing drag, which affects the ball’s velocity and accuracy. On a Kirkland golf ball, there are nearly 338 dimples.

Following years of research and development, Costco Kirkland golf balls have revealed a revolutionary innovation that provides all the performance improvements that golfers want.

Is Costco A Reputable Brand For Golf Balls?

Yes. Costco’s Kirkland is a reputable and well-known brand for golf balls. A few years ago, when it came to golf ball brands, everyone used to be familiar with Titleist, Callaway, and Srixon.

However, Kirkland Signature golf balls started a new era in the golf ball industry. For golfers searching for a cheap but premium golf ball, they choose Kirkland as their best option. 

Costco’s Kirkland golf balls are renowned for their design, build quality, low cost, durability, and the advanced technology used to create them.

Though many alternative options are available, most casual and professional golfers prefer Costco’s golf balls. 

Some Professional Golfer Review About Costco Golf Balls

Along with product details, user reviews play a crucial role in selecting a product. It helps buyers decide whether it will meet their needs or not.

Here are several experienced golfers’ reviews about Costco golf balls

Rodney Z

Golf balls under the Kirkland Signature brand are assured to be at least 10% better. Costco takes tremendous care to guarantee that the KS brand is the best.  

Rick Shiels

This golf ball felt identical to a Pro V1 wedge shot. I didn’t see any difference, which is a good thing.  


This is apparently a premium ball like the Titleist Pro v1. because it is made with a three-piece construction like other premium golf balls.  


It easily passed in chip shots and full iron shots. And its shot distance is easily comparable with top-rated balls that cost three to four times as much as these. 

Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

This is the highest spinning golf ball we have ever tasted. It is really a good-performing ball.


After reading this article, you might still have some queries. We have attempted to address the most frequent inquiries in this area. Look through this FAQ to find the answers you require.

Who should use Costco Golf Balls?

Costco golf balls are the ideal choice for professional or casual golfers on a tight budget. They also work well for golfers with mid-to-high swing speeds who want a combination of distance and spin performance.

Are Costco Golf Balls Good For High Handicappers?

Yes, these golf balls are suitable for players with high handicaps. They give them a variety of performances from the tee to the green.
Here, a higher handicapper’s preferred golf ball ultimately depends on their unique swing and preferences.

Can I use Costco golf balls in competitive events?

Of course, you can. The USGA and R&A Rules are both followed by these golf balls. So there is no need to be concerned about using them in competitive situations.

Are Costco golf balls comparable in terms of performance to Titleist Pro V1 or Callaway Chrome Soft?

Kirkland Signature golf balls from Costco are frequently compared with expensive and premium manufacturers like Callaway Chrome Soft or Titleist Pro V1.
While they may not perform exactly like the premium ones, they still provide exceptional value for the money.


We were extremely delighted by Costco’s Kirkland golf ball short-game performance. For a brand that is not as well known as others, Costco’s Kirkland golf balls offer an outstanding performance equal to that of more costly, high-end balls. 

Additionally, compared to other golf balls in the same price range, Kirkland golf balls are not only soft but also incredibly durable. It was still in excellent working order even after being used roughly, striking trees and bunkers.

Finally, it will be worthwhile for you to try out a dozen or two golf balls to determine which is the best one for your swing and feel.

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