Who Makes Lazrus Golf Clubs? [Behind The Brand]

Have you been curious to learn more about golf club manufacturers, particularly Lazrus? Where do they make their golf clubs? What is the history of the Lazrus Golf clubs?

Lazrus Golf company makes the Lazrus Golf clubs. It is a family-owned business based in Idaho, USA. They manufacture it directly in their factories and sell it directly to consumers. Moreover, Lazrus Golf caters to the needs of golfers.

Many questions might be lingering in your head about Lazrus Golf Clubs. Do not worry! We will answer all your questions in detail. So, we advise you to read the full article about Lazrus Golf clubs.

Who Makes Lazrus Golf Clubs?

A brief overview of Lazrus Golf Clubs

Being founded in 2017 by some golf enthusiasts, Lazrus Golf has stirred quite a name in the golf scene.

They are well known for the marketing strategies that they have applied to garner a good amount of audience towards them.

Lazrus Golf brought the idea of selling golf irons/clubs directly coming from their manufacturing. Most of their clubs are very reasonable and inexpensive, alongside being fairly forgiving.

History of Lazrus Golf Club Manufacturers


It is time to answer the question you might have been waiting for: who makes Lazrus Golf Club? According to the sources, Lazrus Golf makes their product themselves and sells it to their customers.

How did Lazrus Golf get started?

In 2017, a group of golf enthusiasts noticed an imbalance in the golf market. At that time, when a company produced a golf club, it had to pass through multiple retailers before it reached the company. This increased the prices of golf clubs exponentially.

With the increased price of golf clubs/ wedges/ putters, it became difficult for golfers to splurge their money on better gear. It is at that time when Lazrus Golf decides to enter the scene.

They introduced the first direct “manufacturer-to-consumer” system. This means that Lazrus would manufacture the golf clubs and then directly sell them to their consumers.

In this process, no retailers or middle man would be available, allowing them to reduce costs.

Who is the supplier and manufacturer of Lazrus Golf?

For now, there is no information about third-party companies producing golf clubs for Lazrus Golf Clubs.

So, we can assume that Lazrus Golf is their supplier and manufacturer. They make their iron clubs themselves.

Where are Lazrus Golf Clubs Made?

Lazrus Golf has not disclosed any information regarding its manufacturers, suppliers, and factory locations. Hence, we have little idea where these Lazrus clubs are being made.

According to their trademark, it is said that Lazrus Golf is based in Idaho, United States. So, we are assuming that they also manufacture it around Idaho.

Materials and Technology Used To Make Lazrus Golf Clubs?

Lazrus Golf Club might not seem like the other golf company giants, but they do have their hands on the best materials. Here is a list of the materials and technologies used to make the Lazrus Golf clubs.

Premium Forged Golf Irons

Premium Forged Golf Irons

Lazrus Golf irons are premium forged. One of their notable irons which feature this technology is Lazrus Premium Forged Wedges.

The premium forged technology allows the golfer more control over the ball’s projectile shape. Golfers can easily control their trajectory and direct their shots accordingly.

Graphite Shafts

Graphite Shafts

The material used in the shafts of Lazrus Golf clubs is graphite. Graphite helps the Lazrus clubs increase their head speed due to its lightweight. Moreover, graphite is a good shock absorber.

Hence, you will feel less force on your hand after squaring the ball at impact. The Lazrus shafts absorb the impact energy and dissipate a very small amount, reducing the strain on the golfer’s hands.

Stainless Steel irons

Stainless Steel irons

The irons in the Lazrus Golf clubs are made of stainless steel. Now you might ask, what is the benefit of making irons with stainless steel? There are multiple of them. One, it makes the Lazrus irons very forgiving. 

Therefore, you are more likely to have consistent shots with the Lazrus clubs. Secondly, steel acts as an indicator for the golfer. It notifies the golfer whether the shot they are hitting is a good one or not.

Is Lazrus a reputable brand for golf clubs?

Yes. It has gained quite a name for itself within a short period. The inexpensive yet quality maintained golf clubs are fascinating to many.

Plus, the user experience has also satisfied a lot of reviewers, allowing Lazrus Golf to attain a high review across their socials.

However, Lazrus Golf is a relatively new company in the golf market scene. Like the big powerhouses like Callaway, and Taylormade, it has still yet to be known in the golfing scene.


We believe that this article has provided you with all the necessary information. However, there might be some questions lingering in your head. So, we have presented some FAQs for you.

Is Lazrus Golf Club beginner friendly?

Yes! Lazrus Golf clubs are quite beginner friendly. Their forgiveness and graphite/ steel shafts make the clubs easy to use. Also, they provide great speed and distance with every impact.

Are Lazrus Golf clubs expensive or not?

Lazrus Golf clubs are quite an inexpensive bunch. You can easily afford them if you spend about $200. Their lowered cost arrives from their manufacturer-to-consumer system, significantly reducing the cost margin.

Where can you buy the Lazrus Golf Club from?

You can easily order them online from their official website “lazrusgolf.com.” Plus, you can also order them from other online sites like Amazon and eBay if you are looking for some discounts. Still, we believe it is better to buy from the official website.

What is the warranty period for Lazrus Golf Clubs?

The warranty period for Lazrus Golf clubs is 1 year. It is a good period for you to get the clubs changed if anything happens. However, the duration is still less than powerhouses like Callaway, Taylormade, etc.

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