Bettinardi Vs Scotty Cameron: Which Putter to Choose?

Have you been lately missing your puts due to your putter? Have you been wanting to invest in a new putter such as a Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron Putters. However, you don’t know the differences between them.

The main difference between Bettinardi and Scotty Cameron Putters lies within their forgiveness and feelings. In terms of forgiveness, Bettinardi Putters are much better than Scotty Camerons. For feel, Bettinardi ones provide a softer touch while the Cameron ones provide a firmer and straighter feel.

If you are interested to know more about these putters, we advise you to read this article. This article shall cover everything you will require to know about them.

Overview of Bettinardi Putters

Founded in 1998, the company “Bettinardi” has placed itself within the names of the highly valued. Their premium putter lines have been noticed and used by many professional golfers to win tours.

In terms of their design, most of their putters mainly focus on blade putters designs. Even though they can be a bit pricey, their feelings and forgiveness makes up for it. The weight distribution throughout the putters makes them easy to use as well.

Overview of Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron was introduced to the market in 1991 and since then, their name rose into popularity.

A majority of their popularity can be due to Tiger Woods, who used their putter to win 14 out of his 15 majors.

They produce a variety of putter designs, from blade to mallet, to suit the golfer’s experience.

All of their putters have intricate touches to their build which makes them great tools for precision and consistency.

Bettinardi VS Scotty Cameron: Comparison Chart

Now that you know much about both the companies, Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi, it is time to compare them.

Here we have made a comparison chart for you to have a quick glance at their differences.

FactorsBettinardi putters Scotty Cameron putters 
Club head typeBlade, MalletBlade, Mallet 
Forgiveness VeryLess

What are the differences between Bettinardi and Scotty Cameron Putters?

In this section, we will explore the differences between these putters in-depth. This will allow you to have a vast knowledge about these putters and will also help you to choose your putter.

We will be discussing six topics to elaborate the differences between them. All of them cover much about the putters’ experience, costs, reviews and so on. Without further ado, we will start the in-depth comparison.


Both companies, Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi, have well engineered their putters to lessen swing effect and turning.

If we were to directly compare their forgiveness, we could say that the forgiveness of Bettinardi putters is much more.

The major reason for this is due to their weight distribution throughout their putters and target audience. The COG of the putters are placed at a point that allows the putters to generate high MOI. 

When this happens, Bettinardi putters are able to turn less while swinging and channel more power during impact.


Bettinardi makes the majority of its putter heads with the blade design. While on the other hand, Scotty Cameron diversifies and makes a good range of putter heads and intricates them into their design.

Therefore, we would allow Scotty Cameron to take the debate home for this part. Golfers can choose whether they want a mallet type putter head or a blade type head. Also, their designs and premiumness really makes their putter stand out.


This part dwells right into the golfer’s experience after using the putter. Both putters from both companies are solid ones. However, there are some subtle differences that we keep on noticing every time.

The Scotty Cameron putters have a hard feel during impact, while the Bettinardi putters provide a softer feel. If we were to decide which one is better based on the audience, we would go with Bettinardi Putters.

A firmer feel during impact is much harder to control. Since most golfers would be fairly new or might not have gained experience in golf, trying out Bettinardi putters would be a better decision.

Price Range

Due to the widespread popularity of Scotty Cameron, their premiumness in their putters also calls for a higher price.

If you are trying to afford a putter for a bit less than $350, we would suggest you try out Bettinardi Putters.

However, the current lineups of Bettinardi Putters are also quite costly to begin with, which almost matches the price of Scotty Camerons’.

Therefore, if you are willing to go a bit cheap, try out the previous putters of Bettinardi.


No doubt! Scotty Cameron will take this section. It isn’t because Bettinardi is not famous. It has been a part of many Champion Tours that were won by pro.

It is just Tiger Woods used a Scotty Camerons putter to win 14 out of 15 majors. Tiger Woods is a big name in the golf industry and his choice of putters used in Tours/Majors will always peak the interest of people.

Other than that, many other professionals have won Tours and Majors using their products, keeping their popularity at a peak.

Moreover, the time and dedication that is put into making the putters are also highlighted by the golf community. No wonder, they have been so popular.


It is an important segment that we believe needs to be mentioned in the differences. Bettinardi Putters do seem to have a higher positive review across forums. Scotty Camerons lack the upper edge due to its population.

The brand name, alongside the high price of Scotty Cameron putters, do seem to tick off many people.

On the other hand, Bettinardi putters are a bit less popular and attract less people’s attention in forums, resulting in higher positive reviews.

Bettinardi or Scotty Cameron: Which Putter Should You Choose?

We have reached the section where we provide your final verdicts about the putters. Both companies produce quality products and have satisfied customers for the past two decades.

Our answer is going to be in two parts. The first part is in terms of convenience and the second part is about performance-wise. If you are looking for more comfort in putting, choosing Bettinardi will be best for you.

Performance-wise, Scotty Cameron will be a better choice as it has helped the pros and the testers produce more consistent shots.

The shots also come with great precision. If you are looking to sacrifice some feel for performance, Scotty Cameron will do your job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We firmly believe that this article would be enough to provide you with your desired knowledge. However, there might be some questions lingering in your mind. Therefore, we have prepared some FAQs to help you with those questions.

Which putter is more beginner-friendly: Scotty Cameron or Bettinardi?

Judging from the price range, these putters are on the premium spectrum and we would not advise newcomers to purchase it.
Even if you desire to purchase them, Bettinardi Putters will be better since they are more forgiving and will be much easier to handle.

Which putter is trusted more by the professionals: Bettinardi or Scotty Cameron?

It will be Scotty Cameron for this case. Both putters are used by professionals and were used to win tournaments.
However, having a legend like Tiger Woods use a specific company’s putter shifts the dynamic.  

Where should you buy the putters for Bettinardi and Scotty Cameron?

You can easily order the putters from their official websites. It is much safer to order from there.
However, if you are looking for some discounts, we advise you to look into sites like Amazon, Ebay or your local golf stores. They can help you to reduce the prices slightly.

Can you customize the putters of Bettinardi and Scotty Cameron?

Yes, you can! But there is a subtle difference. You can customize the Scotty Cameron putters after you own one while Bettinardi allows you to customize beforehand.
However, the price of customization for Bettinardi is extreme, as it starts from $2500!

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