TaylorMade Stealth Plus vs Tsi3: Which One Suits Your Playstyle?

TaylorMade and Titleist are both behemoths when it comes to Golf clubs. And when you compare the new carbon fiber Tsi3 from Titleist with the titanium build Stealth+ from TaylorMade, each one stands the ground in their own category.

When it comes to the core difference, TSi3 provides a higher launch & sharper descent, whereas the Stealth+ offers more forgiveness with versatile lie options.

Read out this article to know an in-depth comparison between these two drivers and choose the suitable one according to your playstyle.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus vs Tsi3: Which One Suits Your Playstyle?

Overview Of TaylorMade Stealth Plus Golf Driver 

I must say, the Stealth Plus driver is one of the coolest and most unique clubs I’ve ever tasted in my golf life! It has a special carbon fiber face covered with polyurethane. 

This Taylormade club features an asymmetric inertia generator, which puts weight far back in the head, helping me hit the ball better!

There’s also twist face technology that makes it more forgiving when we hit the ball too low or too high. 

Also, most of my golf buddies, including high-handicap players, could easily keep the spin rates below 500 RPM than the stealth driver, which is great news!

However, the coolest part of the Stealth+ is, you can change its weight position. I can set it in different ways to make the ball go straight, curve left, or curve right.


  • Carbon face giving me better performance.
  • Inertia generator increases my stability and distance.
  • Extreme rear weighting helped me improve my shots.
  • Adjustable hosel to let me customize my game.


  • The low-spin performance isn’t suitable for some of my slower-swinging golfer buddies.

Overview Of Titleist Tsi3 Golf Driver 

The Titleist TSi3 driver is the best one for players with low to medium skill levels or if you’re excellent at hitting the ball consistently off the tee. 

During the test, I could easily hit the ball really fast because of its special ATI face technology, and I’ve also noticed the ball goes even farther than the normal distance!

For the time being, I really wanted a new driver that would make my shots go faster, reduce spinning, let me adjust how it performs off the tee, look awesome, and give me more control over the ball.

Justin Thomas is one of my favorite pro golfers, and I follow his play style from top to bottom.  So when I saw Justin using this driver, I knew it could easily fulfill my need.

The TSi3 driver does all these things for me and doesn’t lose power when I hit it off-center. That makes it super powerful when I hit the ball on the sweet spot!


  • The sliding weight helps me to adjust the ball flight bias.
  • Gave me slightly more penetrating ball flights during my test compared to other drivers.
  • When I hit the ball on the center of the club face, I get incredible distance.
  • The driver has a more attractive and compact looks
  • I can adjust the loft and lie with the adjustable hosel.


  •  The TSi3 isn’t very forgiving.
  • Personally, I find the design a bit boring.

Stealth Plus Vs Tsi3: Tabular Comparison 

Here I will show you a side-by-side comparison table between TaylorMade Stealth Plus and the Titleist Tsi3. It will help you understand both drivers’ distinct characteristics and choose the best one for yourself.

ParticlesTaylorMade Stealth+Titleist Tsi3
LaunchMid to highMid to low
ForgivenessHighLower than Stealth+
AdjustabilityHuge optionsRelatively low options
SoundLoud and aggressiveSolid and muted
Loft10°8° (played at 6.5°)
Shaft TypesMitsubishi Tensei 1K 50TXMitsubishi Tensei Raw White,
MaterialCarbon FiberTitanium
Face TechnologyTwist Face, Speed Bridge, Thru-Slot Speed PocketRadial Weighting, SureFit CG Track, Active Recoil Channel

Now read the following section for more in-depth comparisons 

What Are The Differences Between TaylorMade Stealth Plus And Titleist Tsi3?

The TaylorMade Stealth Plus And Titleist Tsi3 are both excellent clubs for different player bases. Here are the core differences between these two:



The TSi3 club has a low spinning and workable off-driver face, which makes it less forgiving during my playtime. On the other hand, The Stealth Plus was more forgiving on off-center hits.



The TaylorMade Stealth Plus has a more compact and traditional pear-shaped head, making it a great choice for all golfers. But the Titleist Tsi3 comes with a simplistic look with ATI Face. It may be a bit boring for some users.

Stability & Distance

The carbon fiber build and inertia generator of stealth plus increase your stability with shots where the TSi3 driver uses the ATI face technology, giving you the maximum speed and distance on off-center hits.



You get an adjustable weight track with Taylormade Stealth+ Driver, which gives you better control over your game. The TSi3 club also includes a compact 460cc head shape designed to deliver increased workability.

Player Base

The Stealth Plus is made for players like me who have a mid to low handicap and want better control with lower spin and launch.

Meanwhile, the Titleist TSi3 is perfect for low-mid or 0-10 handicap players who are really good at hitting the ball consistently off the tee.

Overall, if we want more help with our shots, the Stealth Plus driver is great. But better players might like the Titleist TSR3 more to get even better at their game. Both drivers are awesome!

Tsi3 Or Stealth Plus: Which Golf Club Should You Choose?

Well, both Tsi3 and Stealth+ drivers showcase outstanding performance, so your decision should hinge on your personal preferences and skill level.

As for me, I own both Tsi3 and Stealth+, and I really love all of them. The Stealth Plus is still new to me, so it feels like I’m in the honeymoon phase with it. It seems to perform better on shots that aren’t perfect, which is a great feature to have. 

The Stealth+ is also more forgiving, thanks to the Twist Face technology. 

I used the TSi3 driver all last season, but I switched to the Stealth Plus during winter. The Stealth driver almost feels like a mix between the TSi3 and TSi2 with its red face.

So if you are a mid to low-handicap player like me who wants more control over our shots, Stealth+ would be a great choice.

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For a person who is comparing the stealth plus and tsi3, you should know some frequently asked questions and their answers. It will help you to choose the suitable club according to your playstyle.

Do Pros Use Stealth Or Stealth Plus?

Well, the Pros, including DJ, Rory, Collin, and Tiger, use the TaylorMade Stealth Plus more in their game.

Do Any Pros Use The TSi3?

The top PGA Tour Players like Matt Fitzpatrick, Wyndham Clark, and Cameron Young use the Titleist Tsi3 driver.

Is TaylorMade Stealth Hard To Hit?

No, The Taylor made Stealth drivers are quite easy to hit, and they have lots of forgiveness and distance.

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