Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Vs. Black Golf Shaft (In-Depth Comparison)

We all know how important it is to choose the perfect wood shaft for your golf playing. Now when it comes to wooden shafts. Project X Hzrdus is a good choice. Two of their most popular options include smoke green and black. So, what is the difference between Hzrdus smoke green Vs black?

The main difference between these two wood shafts from Project X Hzrdus is their color, as you can already guess from the name. One comes in a bright and shiny green tint, whereas the other has a matte black color.

So, if you are confused between these two shafts and thinking about which one to buy, you are in the correct place. Today we will compare everything between them you need to know.

Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Vs. Black Golf Shaft

Overview Of Hzrdus smoke green golf shaft

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green shaft features the same level of efficiency and durability that this series is known for, but it feels softer than earlier versions.

The stiffest HZRDUS Smoke shaft to date, this shaft has a somewhat robust construction. 

Although the launch is less powerful, the ball still flies nicely and has enough spin to stay in the air

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Overview Of Hzrdus black golf shaft

Smoke Black is built for today’s aggressive swinging players and has a low-spin, low-launch profile that upholds the Project X HZRDUS legacy.

It also has a newly refined component composition for a better feel and gameplay. 

The load and release of the Smoke Black are pretty audible. Additionally, the entire shaft experiences a constant, clean kick.

Hzrdus smoke green vs black: Comparison Table

Our comparison table below will discuss the common differences between Hzrdus Smoke Green and Black shafts. This table will give you a better idea about these shafts.

Hzrdus smoke green vs black: Comparison Table

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What Are The Differences Between Hzrdus smoke green and black?

You have already seen the primary differences between these two shafts from Hzrdus, but it is essential to know these in detail before making your final decision. Hence, down below, we will break these differences in full detail.


Hzrdus smoke green vs black: Looks

The first and most obvious difference between these two shafts from Hzrdus is their color and looks.

The HZRDUS Black shaft has a matte black surface, and the shaft carries a dark gray hue. So, this color combination provides the shaft with an almost “stealthy” look. 

On the other hand, the smoky green shaft has a green Gamma PVD coating that is definitely eye-catching. Now which color you like the most depends on your preferences.

Smoke green is the correct choice if you want a shiny and aggressive-looking shaft. However, if you like a more subtle finish, black is the right choice for you.



Another common difference between the Smoke green and black shaft is the choice of flex options.

The black shaft offers only extra stiff options, whereas the smoke green shaft offers regular, stiff, and extra stiff flex options.

The capability of a golf club shaft to twist at the time of golf swing is measured by its flex.

Regardless of how rigid they are, all shafts bend when the pressures of the golf swing are applied. Therefore, you will need to select the type of flex based on the type of swinging player.

In case you need a regular or stiff option, then the Smoke Green shaft is a better choice, but if you want extra stiff, then you can either have the Smoke Green or the black one. 

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Clubhead Speed

Clubhead Speed

The shaft’s clubhead speed is the speed at which it is moving when it hits the ball. Ball speeds are often quicker when clubhead speeds are faster.

Smoke green and black shafts have approximately identical clubhead speeds. 

However, a detailed comparison revealed that the Black Shaft’s average clubhead speed is 106 mph, while Smoke green is closer to 104 mph. Therefore, the black shaft has a high overall speed.


Hzrdus smoke green vs black: Distance

Another important consideration while selecting a golf shaft is the distance of the ball.

There are two different distances we will need to think about; one is the carry distance another is the total distance.

As the spin and launch are closer between the Smoke Green and Black shaft, you might think the distance is similar.

However, there is very little difference in distance between these shafts under close observation. 

The Smoke Green shaft has a carry distance of 250 m and a total distance of 270 m, but the Black Shaft has a carry distance of 251 m with a total distance of 277 m. 

Technically, any shaft with a longer length will provide a longer distance, and the black shaft has a length of 46 inches, adding to a longer distance.

But, the Smoke green shaft has a shorter length of 42-45 inches, resulting in a slightly lower distance. 

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Launching Angle

Launching Angle

The ball strikes the ground more quickly, the lower the launch angle. In general, shafts with a lower loft create a lower launch angle and go farther.

Whereas shafts with a greater loft are intended to have a higher launch and go closer.

So, there is a slight difference in launch angle between these two shafts; the smoke green has a higher launch angle of 11.3 degrees compared to the lower launch angle of 9.5 degrees of the black shaft.

As a result, the black shaft produces a longer carry distance than the Smoke Green shaft.

Hzrdus smoke green or black: Which Golf shaft To choose?

Hzrdus Smoke Green and Black shafts both have many similarities and are made from premium quality materials.

So, it is not easy to declare a clear winner between them. However, which is the better shaft for you will depend on your style of playing.

The Hzrdus Smoke Green is the shaft to use if you want a low launch, yet it carries with low spin and allows you to take a huge rip.

But the Black shaft is the right option if you want a shaft that will eliminate spin, give you complete control, and deliver excellent precision accuracy.

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Down below, we will talk about all the faqs which might be wandering around your head after reading our guide so far.

Is Smoke Green shaft Faster Than Black shaft?

Both the Smoke Green and Black shafts have a kind of similar clubhead speed. However, under close observation and during gameplay, we have seen that the Smoke Green option has a lower speed than the Black shaft.
But despite the difference in the speed, you will see somewhat of a similar performance.

Are Smoke Green and Black beginner-friendly shafts?

Hzrdus Smoke Green and Black shafts have a very good performance and excellent stability.
However, the black and smoke green shaft might seem too harsh and demanding for beginners.
So, for beginners, the best option would be to look for other available options other than these two shafts.

Smoke Green and Black shaft: Which has a better distance?

The black shaft has a lower launch angle than the smoke green shaft, which helps it to achieve a bit more carry and total distance than the other one.
Hence, if you want a shaft that has a better carry and total distance, then the Black shaft is a good choice.

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