Titleist U500 vs U510 Iron: Which is Better for Your Game?

If you’re looking for a new set of irons, consider the Titleist u500 and u510 irons. But with so many different clubs on the market, it cannot be easy to know which one is right for your game.

The U500 has a 90-gram HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft, while the U510 has an 80-gram version of the same shaft. The U500 is available in three loft angles (17, 20, and 23 degrees), whereas the U510 is available in four loft angles (16, 18, 20, and 22 degrees).

Titleists’ U-Series irons have been popular among serious golfers for decades. Because of their performance, the U500 and U510 irons are popular U-Series models. So let’s compare their uniqueness.

Titleist U500 vs U510 Iron

Overview of Titleist u500 Irons

Titleist u500 irons are high-performance clubs that maximize distance, precision, and control.

The u500 irons are more forgiving than blades because of their oversized sole and deeper cavity-back head design.

These irons have tungsten weighting in the bottom club head to increase launch angle and ball speed at impact.

Furthermore, the progressive set design of the u500 guarantees that each iron is tailored to enhance performance at its appropriate loft.

Golfers can expect enhanced accuracy, distance, and feel at impact while using the u500 irons.

Overview of Titleist u500 Irons

Overview of Titleist u510 Irons

The Titleist u510 irons have been designed to provide players with a tour-proven design and performance, making Titleist one of the most popular golf club brands.

The u510 irons have a new appearance and construction that will help you hit the ball further and straighter than ever.

The clubs have a more extensive, stable blade profile, a better muscular back cavity design, and an updated sole design for optimal versatility.

Overview of Titleist u510 Irons

u500 vs u510: Quick Comparison Table

Regarding Titleist irons, golfers can choose between the u500 and u510 models. Let’s look at the differences between the two to see which is best for your game.

Loft19 to 24 degrees21 to 26 degrees.
Weight272 grams294 grams
Material17-4 stainless steel.17-4 stainless steel.
ShaftsTrue Temper XP95 or Dynamic Gold 105 shaftsTrue Temper XP105 or Dynamic Gold 110 shafts.
Center of Gravity (COG)HigherLower
Bounce5 to 10 degrees8 to 12 degrees
Length37.25 inches for men’s and 36 inches for women’s38.25 inches for men’s and 37 inches for women’s
FinishMatte black finishMirror chrome finish
GroovesUSGA-conforming groovesUSGA-conforming grooves
PriceAround $800Around $1000.

What Are The Differences Between Titleist u500 and u510 irons?

Titleist’s u500 and u510 irons are top-of-the-line clubs, but their differences can help you choose. We’ll compare the Titleist u500 and u510 irons and help you decide which is best.


Titleist U500 vs U510

The compact u500 irons have a thicker topline for more control and stability. They also have a lower center of gravity for more forgiveness and ball-flight consistency.

The u510 irons’ larger head design increases forgiveness and distance. Their thinner topline allows for higher launch angles, increasing distance. The larger head size increases MOI, which reduces twisting on off-center shots.


Regarding performance, the main difference between the Titleist u500 and u510 irons is their construction.

The u500 irons look more tour-ready due to their smaller clubhead, thinner top line, less offset, and more camber.

The u510 irons’ larger heads have more offset, less camber, and a thicker top line. They’re more forgiving this way.

Due to their compact size, the u500 irons offer better feel and control for players with higher swing speeds.

Due to their larger head design and more forgiving profile, the u510 irons are ideal for players with moderate to low swing speeds.


Due to its cavity-back design, the u500 iron hits softer than the u510 iron. Players who prefer a quiet, forgiving feel will like the u500 iron, while those who prefer a firmer, more controlled feel will appreciate the u510.

The u510’s adjustable weight system lets players customize the clubhead’s swing weight and feel.


Max Impact technology in the u500 irons helps maintain ball speeds across the clubface.

The U500 irons’ deep undercut design maximizes the sweet spot size, giving players more room to hit the ball.

SpeedFoam Technology
SpeedFoam Technology

SpeedFoam Technology improves ball speed and feels in the U510 irons. For a better playing experience, SpeedFoam Technology dampens vibrations.


A lower center of gravity and thinner sole give the u500 irons more consistent turf contact. This will also help to improve ball speed and launch trajectory.

However, the u510 irons’ thicker sole and wider sole radius produces a more consistent ball flight and higher launch trajectory at the expense of forgiveness. If you want more shot forgiveness, the u500 irons are best.

Lie and Loft

u500 and u510 irons

Understanding the lie and loft of your irons is essential for improving your game. The U500 and U510 irons from Titleist both boast high lofts and distinctive design elements that give players a distinct advantage on the course.

Titleist u500

ModelLoft (RH/LH)Lie

Titleist u510

ModelLoft (RH/LH)Lie

Compared to the U510 iron, the U500 iron features a slightly flatter lie angle and a higher loft.

The lie angle of the U500 iron is 60 degrees, whereas the lie angle of the U510 is 59.875 degrees.

The U500 also has a higher average loft of 20 degrees than the U510, which is 19 degrees.

Titleist u500 or u510: Which Golf irons To choose?

When selecting the best pair of golf irons, golfers must consider numerous criteria, such as technology, design, performance, forgiveness, and feel.

Titleist’s u500 and u510 irons are among their most popular. Each set has unique qualities that can help players decide.

To summarize, the choice between Titleist u500 and u510 irons is based on the particular golfer’s needs.

Golfers who like a more classic look and feel may consider the u500 irons, while those searching for a modern club with game-improvement features should consider the u510.

Titleist’s u500 and u510 irons are suitable for all skill levels. Players should choose a set based on their abilities and needs. Both sets perform well and provide you with a competitive edge.


Many golfers wonder which of the Titleist u500 and u510 irons is best for them. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about u500 vs. u510 irons:

How do the U500 vs. U510 irons perform on off-center hits?

Both the Titleist U500 and U510 irons perform well on off-center hits. The U500 irons’ larger head size and higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) help forgive mishits, while the U510 irons’ lower center of gravity helps straighten off-center hits.

Can the U500 and U510 irons be used together in a single set?

Absolutely! Many players combine the U500 and U510 irons to take advantage of the strengths of both sets.
This allows them to achieve more forgiveness from their long irons and greater control from their shorter irons.

Are the Titleist U500 and U510 irons suitable for beginners?

Yes, both the Titleist U500 and U510 irons are excellent selections for beginner players.
While they are intended for more skilled players, they also have plenty of forgiveness and easy-to-hit features that make them accessible to beginners.

Are the U500 and U510 irons available in different shaft flexes?

Yes, the U500 and U510 irons are available in various shaft flexes. Regarding shaft flex, the U500 offers a wide range of possibilities. It comes in Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff, and XX-Stiff stiffnesses.
The U510 features the same Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff, and XX-Stiff options as the U510, but it also has two extra options: Lite and Senior.
This gives you more alternatives when picking a set of clubs that exactly fits your swing speed and feel preferences.

What are the launch and spin characteristics of the U500 and U510 irons?

You may customize your shot shape and distance using the Titleist U500 and U510 irons’ launch and spin characteristics.
The U500 iron launches mid-to-high with moderate spin, whereas the U510 iron launches higher with more spin.

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