Titleist T200 vs. T300 | Which Golf Iron Is Better For You?

Titleist T100 has won the heart of every pro golfer. But not every golfer is a pro, right? Luckily, Titleist introduced T200 & T300 irons for average players. But which one is better between the Titleist T200 VS T300 Irons?

The main difference between T200 and T300 is why they are made for. While the T200 provides better launch and distance control for mid-level players. The T300 is strictly made for mid-high handicapped players who need some extra backup during each shot. 

Now, if you want to know more about their differences, you are at the right place. Here we will provide a detailed comparison between both of them back with the expert’s opinion.

So, let’s start.

Overview Of Titleist T200 Irons

T200 is designed with the max impact technology. And the clubface comes with a special polymer core.

This revolutionary technology helps the player to add some more distance to his shots. At the same time, the irons provide the same aesthetics as its predecessor T100.

Other than the Titleist logo and model (T200) specification, no other label is specified on it. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Let’s check out some of its major features down below.

Overview Of Titleist T300 Irons

As the name suggests, T300 is a modified version of its predecessor T100 & T200. It’s made for players with a high level of handicap.

That means you are getting all the awesomeness of T200 along with some extra forgiveness. It’s a dream come true for new players, right?

Not just that, we have found pro players carrying it with them in the studio. You see, sometimes the professionals might need to warm up a little. And the T300 has proved to be an excellent warm-up buddy.

So, let’s check out what this iron is all about.

Titleist T200 VS T300: Quick Comparison Table

Apart from all their similarities, there are a lot of differences to shed light on.  A little short on time? Then, check out our quick comparison chart below.

CriteriaTitleist T200 IronTitleist T300 Iron
Launch AngleHigher Lower
Additional Distance3 yards more than T10010 yards more than T100
Max Impact TechnologyHidden behind a casingThe engineering is on display
Ball Speed1.5 mph4 mph
SoundQuieterCrispy & Loud

What are the Differences Between Titleist T200 and T300 Irons?

You have seen a small preview of the main differences between T200 & T300. But knowing the differences is not enough to reach a verdict. That’s why we have explained how these differences can impact your golf experience. 


Both T200 & T300 come with a polymer core to manipulate the clubface’s center of gravity. With the right amount of weight on each part, the shaft can cover more yards than usual. 

But, the T300 focuses more on the “improvement” term than T200.  For example, at the speed of 82 mph (ball speed), T300 iron can send the ball 117 yards away. It is approximately 5 yards more than what you can achieve with the T200. 

Sound & Feel

T200 is quieter than T300. It also feels softer. Nonetheless, the Titleist T100 is the quietest of them all. So, T200 stays right in the middle.

However, this is a very controversial feature. Because some players like their irons to be as mute as possible.

While some love to hear a loud sound every time they hit the ball. We have noticed that beginners tend to like the “sound” feature more than anyone else. 

Because they have yet to understand the ball striking tricks. So, they rely on sound to distinguish between a successful and a wrong shot. If you also feel the same, you would love the T300 series for sure.


Of course, the T300 irons are more forgiving. That is the whole point of designing a “game improvement” iron.

Even though both T200 & T300 are manufactured with the same technology, the latter is bulkier. That enables the clubface to be reliable and stable most of the time. 

Even if you mishit some of your shots, you will end up covering a decent number of yards. But, when the debate is about “workability,” the T200 irons win for sure. That’s why you have to be mid to lower handicapped to handle it properly. 

Because a seasoned golfer already knows how to strike a ball from various angles and send it to fly. They are trying to work on their precision. Sadly, the T300 is not ideal for that.

Loft Angle

Loft angle is not just another product specification. It has the power to control how far and high you can send the ball. Theoretically, a lower loft angle results in more distance. 

T200 Loft angle Chart

IronLoft Angle (degrees)Length (inches)

As you can see, a 7-iron in the T200 series has a 31 degrees loft angle. Traditional 7 irons have up to 38 degrees loft angle.

Since T200 claims to be a player’s distance iron, it lowers the number for some added yard coverage.

Likewise, typical 9-irons come with a 41 to 42 degrees loft angle. You can see that it has been significantly lowered to 39 degrees for the T200 iron. 

Did you know that a 1-degree reduction in the loft angle can lead to 2 yards of distance? Crazy, isn’t it? 

T300 T200 Loft angle Chart

IronLoft Angle (degrees)Length (inches)

Moving next, the T300 is designed as a game improvement iron. That means the sole purpose of this iron is to increase the distance. 

That’s why the manufacturers decided to keep the loft angles even lower than the T200. As you can see, the 7-iron has 29 degrees which were 31 degrees for the T200. The difference is visible for 8 & 9 irons too. 

That means the T300 iron covers more distance with each shot which is perfect for beginners. But at the same time, your launch angle will be lower, and it will affect your shot’s precision.

Titleist T200 Or T300: Which Golf Iron Should You Choose?

It’s very hard to decide a winner between Titleist T200 VS T300 Irons. But there’s a way to distinguish their purposes.

As a beginner,  having a forgiving iron would be your top-most priority. And T300 irons rank first in that category. As for the loft angle, do some trials to find your comfort zone.

However, if you are not a beginner, you might feel self-conscious about showing off your “game improvement” shafts. Then, we recommend you choose the T200. 

It looks very similar to T100 and can be easily mistaken for one. So, you are getting the trajectory, launch, and distance of a “player’s distance” iron without missing the professional feel. We think it’s a good deal. What do you say?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have already finished the most critical part of our analysis. But it’s still possible to have more queries. That’s why we have answered some frequent questions people ask about the T200 & T300 irons. 

Can Tour Players Use T300 Irons?

Tour players are seen warming up with a T300 iron several times. But when it comes to actual playing, they prefer T100 over T300 iron.
Because covering distance or getting the shot right is not a pro player’s concern. T300 somewhat fails to launch the ball steeper in the air.

Do T300 Irons Send Balls Further Than T200?

Yes, T300 irons send balls further. The loft and lie angle has a lot to do with this. The 7-iron in the T300 offers 29 degrees, while on the T200 series, it would be 31 degrees. The difference in loft angle adds some extra yards for the T300 series.

Are The Titleist T300 Irons Easy To Strike?

Among the T-series irons, the T300 appears to be the easiest to hit. That’s because it was intended for beginners to level up their game.
Even if you mishit, the polymer core will balance out the mistake. The ball will travel an impressive distance without much effort.

Can High Handicappers Play A T200 Iron?

We won’t suggest you buy a T200 unless you have some experience. Most people mistake the T200 for being “too forgiving.”
In reality, it is more workable than forgiving. So, if you are still within a handicap range of 20, try the T300 iron instead.

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