Ping Anser 2 Vs 4: Find the Perfect Golf Putter for You

In the golf market regarding putters, Ping Anser came with a revolution and changed putters forever. Ping Anser 2 and 4 are now the new addition to Ping’s improving putters every day. 

The core differences between Ping Anser 2 and 4 are that 2 is more modern and 4 is more traditional. Also, Anser 4 has more toe hang than 2. And lastly, Anser 4 has a flow neck to support players with more arc to their strokes.

Beginners very often get confused regarding choosing Ping Anser 2 and 4. But certain important differences make them mainly designed for different playing techniques. 

Ping Anser 2 Vs 4

What is a Ping Anser 2? 

The Ping Anser 2, a blade-style putter, differs from the Anser with a little more narrowness, length, and sharpness of its corners.

It is also very particularly designed, like the Anser, to support aiming. It has a heel-toe weighted head that adds a shot’s accuracy, forgiveness, and firmness.

One interesting fact is that Tiger Woods used it before becoming a professional golfer.

What is a Ping Anser 4?

The Ping Anser 4 is a classic-looking putter with a very orthodox feeling. But it is unique because it is made for strong arc players.

It is a traditional blade-style putter with a dual-durometer insert feature. And thus, the putter provides firmer control to both the short and long putts.

And it is also made with multiple materials, ensuring the putter’s accuracy and forgiveness.

ping anser 2 vs 4: Quick Comparison Table

Both the Ping Anser 2 and 4, being the offshoot of the original Ping Anser, have their fair share of similarities and uniqueness.

Criteria Ping Anser 2Ping Anser 4
Putter Type Blade Blade 
Head Weight 350g  350g  
Stroke Type Slight Arc  Strong Arc 
Standard Length 35″ 35″  
Lie Angle20° ±4° 20° ±4°  
Loft3° +3°/-2°  3° +3°/-2°  
Standard Tip±0.370″ ±0.370″  
HoselPlumber’s Neck  Short Slant  
Toe HangModerate Full 

What are The Differences between a Ping Anser 2 and 4?

It becomes very evident that there are some differences between the Ping Anser 2 and Ping Anser 4. And especially they both are designed for different profiles of players.

Look and Design

Anser 2
Ping Anser 2

Both the Ping Anser 2 and 4 look very different. For example, the Ping Anser 2 has a more modern look, but the Ping Anser 4 tries to return to its roots and brings back the classic look.


As mentioned before, the true deviation between Ping Anser 2 and Ping Anser 4 is more in use, and this means that both of them are designed for very different types of players.

And this difference is very evident in the case of the balance. Thus the Ping Anser 4 has more toe hang than the Ping Anser 2.

This is why if a player tends to fan the club open while backstroking and closed coming through the ball, then the Anser 4 is more suitable for that player.

Anser 4
Ping Anser 4

But if someone holds the blade square to the target line longer, then the Anser 2 is more suitable for that person.

Slight Arc or Strong Arc

Strong Arc

Between the players, the arc style varies, and this variation especially decides the perfect putter for them.

In this case, the Ping Anser 2 and 4 also vary in their specifications for different playing styles.

For example, if a player has a forward stroke rotation of 3.5° to 7.5°, then that player will be identified as a golfer of the slight arc camp, and Ping Anser 2 is particularly designed for slight arc players.

Now, if a player has a forward stroke rotation of 7.5° or more, that player has a strong arc. And Ping Anser 4 has a feature called flow neck which gives more advantage to the players with strong arcs.

Ping Anser 2 or 4: Which One to Choose?

The title might suggest that there might be a clear winner. But this is not possible because their differences are not qualitative but somewhat subjective.

This is why the choice depends on the player’s preferences and playing style.

Thus if the player has a playing style that is more suited for toe hang, then the player can choose Ping Anser 4 because it has more toe hang than Ping Anser 2.

Then the stroke style also influences the choice. Thus, if the player has a stronger arc, then Anser 4 gets the vote because it is a flow neck that provides extra support to the strong arc.

But if the player has a slight arc, then the Anser 2 is the answer.


People usually have many curious questions regarding the Ping Anser 2 and Anser 4. This part is to give more clarity to such curiosity.

Ping Anser 2 Or Anser 4; Which Is More Forgiving? 

Ping Putters became very popular among the golfing community for their feature of extra forgiveness.
And both Ping Anser 2 and Anser 4 share forgiveness which is very remarkable. Yet when it comes to a comparison between the two, Ping Anser 2 has more forgiveness than Ping Anser 4. 

Do Both Anser 2 And Anser 4 Have Similar Arc Types?  

No, they do not share similar arc styles. This is because they are specially built for different types of players.
Ping Anser 2 is mainly for players with slight arcs, meaning players with forward stroke rotation of 3.5° to 7.5° but Anser 4 suits players with strong Arcs or who share a forward rotation of more than 7.5°.

Between Ping Anser 2 And 4, Which One Is Beginner Friendly? 

As both Ping Anser 2 and 4 are blade-style putters, they both tend to be beginner friendly. Yet some point out that it is Anser 2 that is more beginner friendly than Anser 4.
But the difference between them is rather in arc types. If the beginner has a slight arc type, then the choice should be Anser 2, and if not, then 4.

Do Both Ping Anser 2 And Ping Anser 4 Have Heel-Toe Tungsten Weighting?  

Ping came with Anser, especially with its Hoe-Toe, and revolutionized the golf market. This feature changed the putter forever. 
And the Ping Anser 2 and the Ping Anser 4 follow in the footsteps of the original Anser. And Thus providing extra accuracy, firmness, forgiveness, and stability.

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