How to Choose the Right Driving Iron Headcover for Your Game

Driving iron headcovers protect your Irons from any damage when carrying them. When choosing these headcovers, you will need to take a few considerations like ease of use, number of covers, material, design, and more.

Choosing the right iron headcover is important since this is not just for design or style. Instead, it has some really important functions, like differentiating different types of irons, protecting them, and more.

So, to know more about finding the right driving headcover for your irons, keep reading.

How to Choose the Right Driving Iron Headcover

Why Do You Need A Driving Iron Headcover?

You might have seen professional players using Iron headcovers on the course, and you might be wondering why you even need them; well, these covers do have some really good uses, which can come in handy for any golfer.

Protect your irons

Protect your irons

This is probably the most important function of a driving iron headcover to protect your irons. These covers will act as a barrier between all the irons you are carrying in your bag. 

As a result, your irons will be protected from any damage which can normally occur when they touch each other while carrying them. 

It doesn’t make any noise

Since you will be carrying quite a number of irons in your golf bag, and when you will go around your round, these irons can bang with each other causing the noise. 

These clanging sounds can be quite annoying, so when you put on headcovers, it prevents the irons from making clunking noises.

It helps to differentiate between different irons

Professional golfers can easily differentiate between different clubs and pick the correct one for the required shot.

But, for an amateur golfer, this can be quite tricky, and putting on an iron headcover can help you with this.

Usually, iron headcovers come in different colors or numbers, so you can put different colored or numbered covers on different clubs.

Thus, when you need a specific club for your shot, you can easily pick the specific one by just looking at the color. 

Looks professional

How you can imitate your opponents plays a huge role in every game you play, and the same goes for golf.

This is all about mind games, and even if you have excellent skills, having everything organized really will boost your confidence so you will be able to perform better. 

Additionally, if you are up against someone very professional, your properly set-up gear, even something as simple as a driving iron headcover, will convey the idea that you are not simply here to have fun.

Keeps everything looking new

We all know how expensive professional golf kits can be, and hence you need to take good care of them.

Usually, iron headcovers require very less maintenance, but still, dirt and dust particles can get into them. 

Also, your clubs can get bruises and abrasions from falling down or from banging with other gears on your golf bag.

So, headcovers will protect your clubs from these things and keep them looking like new. Additionally, you will need less maintenance to take care of your golf clubs. 

How to Choose the Right Driving Iron Headcover for Your Game?

Choosing the right iron headcover can be quite a complicated procedure, as there are over 100’s options available. You surely do not want to end up with a cover that is of low quality.


Durability is a must to look at when you are buying iron headcovers. Some covers will last longer than others; hence it is important to find the right one for your clubs.

You need headcovers that are sturdy and long-lasting. Additionally, protecting your clubs is the entire purpose of an iron cover. If they are not sturdy, they cannot provide the level of protection you require. 

They must also be sturdy enough to withstand daily use, particularly when it comes to often taking off and putting on irons.

Number of covers in the set

Number of covers in the set

Iron headcovers come in a set; some might contain 4, whereas some might contain 5 or more.

It is extremely important that the set you are going for has sufficient covers to cover all your irons. 

If you carry 6/7 irons but you cover only five irons, then there is a point in buying that set.

So you should be careful about the total number of irons you will carry and choose the set according to that. 

Cover Materials

Another important consideration to take into mind while choosing covers is the cover materials.

When searching for iron covers, you will notice there are many materials available for the covers, like leather, fabric, denim, and more.

Different materials have different benefits and drawbacks, so it highly depends on you which material you prefer according to your needs.

Ease of use

Some iron headcovers are easy to get on and off on your irons, whereas some are quite tough to open and put on.

Thus, always go for covers that are easy to put on and off, as this little extra time can be quite annoying in the middle of your round.



Budget is also quite crucial when buying almost anything. Golf iron headcovers come in different prices, going as low as $17 to as high as a few hundred dollars. 

Do keep in mind high prices always don’t mean high quality; thus, find a cover that is worth the price you will be paying for it. 


Design is all about your choices and preferences; it doesn’t play much role in the overall performance or functions. It’s more for the aesthetics, so go for the ones you like the most.

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This section is all about FAQs related to our discussion today’s discussion. Reading this section will help you clear all your confusion and understand the topic more easily.

Should I really get iron headcovers?

Getting or not getting iron headcovers depends on your preferences. But they do come with some great benefits, like protecting your irons, keeping them looking like new, and more. Additionally, they will give your irons a more professional look.

How many headcovers should I get?

You will need headcovers for all of your irons; just getting cover for one won’t be much of a help. Additionally, you should also get headcovers for all your woods, drivers, and hybrids. 

Can iron headcovers lead to rust?

Irons head covers can lead to rust on your irons unless you are very careful about them. To prevent them from rusting, you will need to clean the iron heads after every round of playing before putting on the covers back again.


Buying or not buying an iron headcover depends heavily on your personal preferences.

But they do come with some great benefits and can give your irons extra protection from dust, bruises, and more. 

While choosing the right driving iron headcover, make sure they are of good quality and can provide the protection you are looking for.


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