Precision Pro NX7 Vs. NX9: Find The Best Rangefinder!

It looks like you are trying to develop and level up your golf game with a perfect piece of range finder which is a trustworthy friend for a golf player. We understand your confusion between the Precision Pro NX7 and NX9. 

The core difference between these two rangefinders is the HD optics with enhanced magnification and the magnetic grip. All these features are available in NX9 which is an updated version of NX7. These features make the difference in them.

In this blog, we will cover the differences and every feature of these range finders. By the end of it, you will be able to choose the right one for you. So, stay with us till the end.

Precision Pro NX7 Vs. NX9

Overview of Precision Pro NX7 Golf Range Finder

Precision Pro NX7 has a small and glossy design and it’s pretty easy to operate. The weight is light and it’s weather resistant and can resist water and shock. One can easily use it in different rough weather.

You can easily cover and measure a distance of 600 yards. It can also give you an accurate distance measurement of +/- 1 yard with its three scanning modes. 

Among those three scanning modes, the standard mode gets the measurement of a single straightforward line. The other two get multiple measurements with Pin Acquisition Technology. 

This also has pulse vibration technology and tilt function which help you to lock your target with vibration and choose the best club according to that.

Overview of Precision Pro NX9 Golf Range Finder

NX9 is quite similar to NX7 but it’s an updated version and an advanced model. It also has a sleek finish with lightweight and weather resistance. It can withstand harsh weather conditions with water and shock resistance.

With a 7x magnification power, NX9 has an LCD screen that is clear and bright. It can cover distances over 600 yards with an almost accurate measurement. 

Just like the NX7, NX9 also has a slope function with three modes. This device can make the calculation and show the measurements a lot quicker and more accurately. It also features a switch to shuffle the slope and non-slope modes.

Precision Pro NX7 vs. NX9 Golf Rangefinder: Quick Comparison Table

A direct or contrast between the features of NX7 and NX9 will help you understand and decide which rangefinder you should go after. Let’s take a look at the comparison table between these two rangefinders below:

CriteriaPrecision Pro NX7Precision Pro NX9
Weight0.8 Pounds0.8 Pounds
Product dimension6.7 * 3.1 * 5.1 inches6.7 * 3.1 * 5.1 inches
Water resistanceYesYes
Shock resistanceYesYes
Maximum distance600 yards600+ yards
Built-in magnetNoYes
Viewfinder width21 mm24 mm
Maximum range to flags400 yards400 yards
Scanning modes33
Single modeYesYes
Multiple measurementsYesYes
Pin acquisition technology modeYesYes
Battery replacementLifetimeLifetime

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What Are The Differences Between Precision Pro NX7 and NX9 Golf Rangefinder?

Precision Pro NX7 and NX9 both are almost identical twins. They have a lot of features in common such as the scanning modes, maximum range to flags, and accuracy. Even their weight, dimension, and materials are also similar.

Despite having a lot of similarities, both of them have some differences as well. Golfers admit the NX9 as an updated version of the NX7.

We have tried to cover the core differences between these two rangefinders. Let’s see what they are:

LCD Display and Magnification

LCD Display and Magnification

All the available rangefinders in the market have a standard magnification of 6x. The NX7 also has a 6x magnification like others.

On the other hand, the Precision Pro NX9 comes with an updated 7x magnification. That means, when you see through the viewfinder, you will see a more magnified image.

The NX9 also has an improved crystal-clear LCD display. So, you can have a more clear and more magnified picture in the newer version. 

Though the difference in image quality is not that huge it’s still significant and obviously a certain difference between these two. And only a golfer knows the importance of clear and precise vision while finding the range.



The updated Precision Pro NX9 comes with a built-in magnetic feature. With this magnetic feature, golfers can stick the rangefinder with the metal clubs when they are not using the device.

On the other hand, the older NX7 doesn’t have this magnetic feature. So, you might have to carry that in a case or in a bag. We must admit that’s a significant difference between these two models. 

This feature is for your convenience. You would not love to put the rangefinder inside a bag and take it out every time before taking a shot. It’s easy to attach it with a metal club and take it from there before taking the shot. 

Image stabilization

The NX9 has better image stabilization than the NX7. Don’t worry if you have a shaky hand or the wind is too strong; the rangefinder will focus on the distance and ensure you a better and more stable view. 


Well, these two rangefinders have different price tags and it is obviously the biggest difference that you need to know before choosing your option.

With some more attractive and updated features, the NX9 will cost some extra bucks than its previous version NX7. NX7 will cost you around 199.99$ and NX9 will cost you around 229.99$. 

Prices may vary with time and it is also possible that you can buy them at a cheaper price if there is a sale going on.

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Precision Pro NX7 or NX9: Which Golf Rangefinder To Choose?

No doubt these two rangefinders are excellent and many golfers admire them very much for their accuracy and three scanning modes. 

If you look closely, NX9 has all those features of NX7 and additionally, it has a few updated features as well. It has all those features that an ideal rangefinder should have.

NX7 is also pretty good with standard features but surely it is lagging behind a little with the updated NX9 for sure. 

But if you look at the price, the NX7 is quite cheaper than the NX9 but that has some certain reason as the NX9 has some additional features. But you must think for yourself are those features worth spending more or not.

If you ask our suggestion, we would suggest you go for the Precision Pro NX9. It’s sleek and surely has some extra added features. 

The magnetic grip features have added convenience and versatility to this rangefinder. So, this is what we suggest to you but the final call is yours as always.


Is there any difference in accuracy between NX7 and NX9? 

No, both NX7 and NX9 have the same level of accuracy. In both cases, the accuracy is +/-1 yard. Though the NX9 has a more clear view through the viewfinder, in the end, the output is similar for both of them. 

Which rangefinder is the better option for shaky hands, NX7 or NX9? 

NX9 is obviously a better option for shaky hands. It has an image stabilizer facility that keeps the focus intact in shaky hands or in winds.
On the other hand, NX7 is comparatively less stable than NX9 and in shaky condition, your focus may lose.

Are NX7 and NX9 waterproof?

Both NX7 and NX9 are water resistant. But they are not completely waterproof. That means they can hold on to water splashes perfectly but if you dip them in water, they may stop working and have battery damage.

Is NX9 faster than NX7?

Yes, the NX9 is a little faster than the NX7. The updated NX9 can calculate the distance and other facts and show that to you in a quick time. Though the time difference is not much, NX9 is still the fastest one to calculate.

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