TaylorMade P770 vs. Titleist T100S | Which Iron Better Fits Your Needs?

What do you think is the game changer to become a pro golfer from a low handicapper? Nothing but your iron. So, if you are looking for a suitable golf iron to take your game to the next level, we have two names for you- Taylormade P770 and Titleist T100S.

The key difference between these two premium golf iron sets lies in their heads. The T100S irons are finely made with fully-forged heads whereas the P770 ones consist of hollow heads. Apart from that, the Taylormade P770 is more forgiving compared to the Titleist T100S. 

However, there are a few more aspects to consider. Once you finish reading this article on Taylormade P770 vs Titleist T100S, you will understand which one suits your golfing style the best. 

Overview Of Taylormade P770 Iron

First, let’s talk about one of the most wonderful irons by Taylormade that facilitates great golfers to become greater. The P770 is designed with a lot of forgiveness and a superior feel while maintaining a decent distance. 

Resultantly, it’s perfectly compatible with hard hitters. And thanks to the updated craftsmanship, it delivers a premium performance, indeed. 

So, if you are a serious golfer and prefer ultimate ball control on the pitch, you should definitely give it a try. 

Overview Of Titleist T100S Iron

Titleist is undoubtedly one of the most popular golf club makers in the world. And the golf irons from their T-series need no introduction if you expect a great impact to improve your game. 

The T100S is a compact golf iron set with a thin topline. As it’s engineered for golfers with low handicaps, don’t expect as much forgiveness as the Taylormade P770. Therefore, they are meant to be used by pro-level advanced golfers only. 

Taylormade P770 Vs Titleist T100S: Comparison Table

There is an ongoing debate between Taylormade P770 vs Titleist T100s among the low handicappers. Without extensive knowledge, it’s hard to decide on the winner between these two industry giants. 

With that in mind, here we present a forthright comparison chart for your better understanding. 

Area of ComparisonTaylorMade P770Titleist T100S
ForgivenessMore forgivingLess forgiving
FeelSoft and pleasant feelSolid forged feel
CompactnessLess compactMore compact
CostMore expensiveLess expensive
Designed forMid to low handicappersMore advanced golfers

What Are The Differences Between Taylormade P770 And Titleist T100S?

To be honest, both manufacturers smartly designed their irons with loads of advanced technologies. But you should be aware of their amenities and drawbacks in detail to select the most suitable golf iron set. 

That being said, let’s have a head-to-head confrontation of TaylorMade P770 and Titleist T100S based on their prime specifications.


What differentiates the P770 and the T100S is their construction. The first iron has a hollow body construction and the latter is famous for its fully forged engineering. 

Due to this distinction, the P770 is more forgiving with its wrap-around face by creating an extensive sweet spot.

On the other hand, the fully-forged architecture makes the T100S a perfect player’s iron that can consistently control your performance by delivering greater distance.

The P770 is better known for its amazing slim outlook. Moreover, the soft carbon steel body and the wrap-around 4140 steel forged face contribute a lot in delivering plenty of stopping power. 

And the T100S has a very thin topline to score lower. It consists of an overall compact shape as a Tour-level iron. 

Among all the Titleist products, the T100S features the thinnest clubface and therefore, produces more ball speed. And being made from heavy-duty SUO10 material, they are pretty reliable as well.


In terms of technology, TaylorMade focused more on providing a premium soft feel whereas the Titleist maintained supremacy in precision and shot shaping.

The hollow head of the P770 is injected with TaylorMade’s signature SpeedFoam technology. As the ultra-light urethane foam fills the club heads, it lets you enjoy an improved feel in every shot. 

Moreover, the Progressive Inverted Cone Technology is there to enhance accuracy. No wonder they provide better ball control on the pitch.

Talking about the Titleist T100S, if you compare it with its T100 ancestor, it has 2-degree stronger lofts compared to its predecessors. 

As a fully-forged cavity back golf iron, it offers optimum control and scoring power. All irons of this set feature 66 grams of tungsten individually. So, you get greater stability, thanks to the denser tungsten weight.


As already mentioned, Titleist is not as forgiving as Taylormade. Of course, they are not quite devoid of this favor, but certainly, they are far behind Taylormade P770 in this regard.

In terms of face flex and workability, the P770 is pretty commendable too, thanks to the whopping 46 grams of tungsten. 

Naturally, you should go for the P770 if you are a mid-to-low handicapper. But the Titleist is the iron for more advanced golfers who play at the professional level. In fact, they are for better golfers aiming at a greater distance.

Loft Comparison

Titleist T100S has a stronger loft than the Taylormade P770. The following chart demonstrates their lofts in detail.

Club HeadTaylorMade P770Titleist T100S
3 Iron19.5°19°
4 Iron22.5°22°
5 Iron25.5°25°
6 Iron29°28°
7 Iron33°32°
8 Iron37°36°
9 Iron41.5°40°

Length and Lie Comparison

For length and lie of both the sets, go through the table below.

Club HeadP770 Length/LieT100S Length/Lie
3 Iron39″/ 60.5°39″/ 61°
4 Iron38.5″/ 61°38.5″/ 61.5°
5 Iron38″/ 61.5°38″/ 62°
6 Iron37.5″/ 62°37.5″/ 62.5°
7 Iron37″/ 62.5°37″/ 63°
8 Iron36.5″/ 63°36.5″/ 63.5°
9 Iron36″/ 63.5°36″/ 64°

Feel and Sound

As a tour-grade iron, the T100S offers a deep and resonating sound at impact. Living true to the reputation of the T-series iron from Titleist, you get to enjoy a solid feel while striking the golf ball. 

Similarly, the Taylormade P770 also offers a solid feel for making solid contact with the ball. Additionally, you can feel a softness because of the carbon steel material incorporated in the iron.

This congenial feel puts the latter slightly ahead in the race.

TaylorMade P770 Or Titleist T100S: Which Golf Iron Set To Choose?

As a low-handicap golfer, you wouldn’t be disappointed with either T100S or P770. But some notable distinctions make one iron better than the other for a specific purpose. 

For example, the P770 is an ideal choice if your handicap range is mid to low. With more forgiveness, it also has some game-improvement effects. Best of all, it offers a nicer feel.

But the T100S is not for mid-handicappers. It’s only for those who can handle it properly. Resultantly, only more skillful individuals should try this ultra-premium iron with better accuracy and workability. 

However, between the Taylormade P770 VS Titleist T100S, the P770 iron is a bit more expensive. So, if budget is your concern, you need to sacrifice forgiveness a bit and try the T100S irons.


Couldn’t decide on your pick yet?  Hopefully, the following queries will be beneficial to make you a wise selection between the two leading golf iron sets.

Are Titleist T100S forgiving?

Honestly speaking, Titleist 100S iron offers optimum distance, accuracy, feel, and workability. Yes, they are forgiving too. But they are definitely not as forgiving as to support mid-handicappers. Rather, they suit more advanced golfers the best. 

Are P770 good for mid-handicappers?

Yes, they are. In fact, Taylormade specifically designed this iron to support mid to low-handicap golfers so that they could upgrade their game. 

Who are the T100S aimed at?

Golfers with a professional level of skill could be more benefited from the Titleist T100S. To put it differently, if you prefer more distance with stronger lofts, just go for it.

Are Taylormade P770 and Titleist T100S beginner-friendly golf irons?

Not exactly. Both are architecture with advanced features for better golfers to become the best. We are afraid that beginners could not access them properly.

Are P770s players iron?

Yes, they are and these more compact players’ irons go really well with hard hitters. To be more specific, the forged hollow-body engineering and ultra-thin face of these golf irons make them superior in terms of feel and forgiveness.

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