Srixon Q-Star vs. Q-Star Tour: Which Golf Ball is Better?

Golf balls are just as crucial as your golf drivers are. Now when it comes to golf balls, there are many variants available; out of them, Srixon is a popular name. Their two most popular balls are Q star, and Q start tour. So you might wonder what is the difference between Srixon q star vs q star tour

Even though there are many differences between these two balls, the main difference is their design. The Srixon Q star has a two-piece layer design, whereas the Q star tour has a three piece layer design. 

Thus, if you are confused about which ball you need to buy, our guide is here to help you. Today we will discuss everything you need to know about these balls. 

Overview Of Srixon Q Star golf ball

The Q-Star is a mid-range golf ball designed with mid-handicappers in mind. It provides some advantages of the Z-Star and the Soft Feel ball.

Additionally, it has a softer outer cover, similar to all Srixon balls, and a FastLayer Core that provides excellent feel and speed.

Overview Of Srixon Q star Tour golf ball

The Q Star Tour is probably one of the best balls by Srixon; it’s an upgrade from the regular Q Start model.

It has many of the same features as Q Start but provides a much higher swing speed for mid handicappers.

This golf ball gives you the distance and greenside spin you have to beat the competition due to its low compression that is precisely adjusted for moderate swing speeds.

Srixon Q Star Vs Q star tour: Comparison Table

Now we will compare and list down all the basic differences between Q star and Star tour ball in our comparison table below. So, please read carefully to understand all the differences between them.

CriteriaSrixon Q StarSrixon Q Star Tour
Construction Layer23
Swing Speed75+ mph90-105 mph

What Are The Differences Between Srixon Q star vs. Q star tour?

There are many different criteria you need to think about before selecting a golf ball, and the differences below will help you select the perfect ball. 

Construction layer

The first difference we will talk about is the construction design of these two balls. In general, a manufacturer may produce higher spin separation by adding more layers to a ball.

In comparison to iron or wedge, this results in a driver’s performance being more tailored. 

The golf ball with a two-piece Spin Skin structure is the Srixon Q Star. It features an outside covering and an inside core.

Whereas, the Q Star tour gets the upper hand here as it is composed of a 3-piece urethane structure.

Therefore, the Q Star Tour will give you more spin, and these high spin rates offer superb greenside control.


When we compare the feel of each of these balls, you will notice the Q Star has a soft feel, but on the other hand, the Q Star Tour has a softer feel to it.

For golfers who need a great feel and flexible reaction around the green, Srixon created the Q Star golf ball.

The Q Star Tour, however, offers a softer feel that makes it excellent for putting and striking greens.

Soft golf balls can create more spin than hard golf balls, which allows good golfers to modify strokes more easily.

As a result, the Q Star Tour will give you more spin, and if you have a sluggish swing speed, the launch will also be somewhat higher.


The Spin of a golf ball is one of the most important criteria while selecting your ball. There are different criteria of spin; the Q Star tour has a higher wedge spin than the Q Star with a low driver spin and a higher greenside spin.

However, the Q star falls behind here as it has a high wedge spin but is lower than Q Star Tour. It also has a lower greenside spin than Q Star Tour. 

Both balls have identical driver spin characteristics. Both of them cause minimal driver spin; however, there are variances closer to the green. The normal Q-Star doesn’t spin off the wedge as much.

So, the overall spin rate is a bit higher for Q Star Tour. It is primarily due to the three-layer construction of this ball which plays a role in this high spin rate.

Swing Speed

Balls play a massive role in the overall swing speed. The Q Star Tour has a higher swing speed between 90-105 mph compared to the 75+ mph swing speed of the Q Star ball. 

Therefore, Q Star Tour gives you the range and greenside spin you need to gain a sustainable competitive advantage thanks to its low compression that is precisely optimized for moderate swing speeds.

On the other hand, the Q Star provides golfers with a swing speed of about 75 mph with considerable distance and trajectory accuracy for complete shot control.

However, because of its length, which offers greater distance than the Q-Star, the Q-Star Tour would function best at quicker swing rates.


The last difference we will discuss is the flight of these golf balls. Both Q Star and Q Star Tour have relatively low ball flights.

However, in comparison, because of the low spin of the Q star, the flight will be higher than the Q Star Tour and will be in the mid-high range.

While still being lower than the Q Star, the Q Star Tour’s flight is in the middle of the range.

This ball will have a slightly lower ball flight, but you wouldn’t immediately notice it as it will be of minimal difference.

Srixon Q Star Vs. Q star tour: Which Golf ball To choose?

Srixon Q Star and Srixon Q Star Tour have somewhat similar performances in many criteria. Thus, finding one direct winner can be somewhat difficult, and it mostly depends on your style of play.

The Srixon Q Star Tour golf ball is meant for advanced mid handicapped players with a higher swing speed who have no problem spending a few extra bucks.

This improves the ball’s ability to hold the greens and provides you with improved stroke control. 

On the other hand, the Srixon Q Star is meant for beginner to mid level or mid handicapped players who have a lower swing speed. This is also an excellent choice for players who have a lower budget.


By now you already know the differences between Q Star and Q Star Tour. However, you might have some questions wandering around your head after reading so far. To clear all these confusions make sure to read our Faqs section below.

Do Srixon Q Star and Q Star both have the same swing speed?

No, the swing speed of the Q Star tour is higher, which is between 95-105 mph, compared to the lower swing speed of Q Star, which is around 75+ mph. So, players who have a high swing speed will have a better result playing with the Q Star Tour ball.

Which is softer between Q Star and Q Star Tour?

Both Q Star and Q Star Tour balls are soft; however, the Q Star Tour is softer compared to the Q Star.
Because they can generate more spin than harder golf balls, the Q Star Tour allows expert players to modify their strokes more easily.

Is Q Star and Q Star Tour both beginner friendly golf balls?

Yes, for beginner golfers, both Q Star and Q Star Tour are perfect for playing. However, as Q Star Tour is more expensive and has higher swing speeds, beginners should feel more comfortable while playing with the regular Q Star because of its low price and lower swing speed.

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