Titleist T100 vs T100s Golf Irons: Head to Head Comparison

It’s pretty common for tour pros to be meticulous while choosing different versions of the club. No surprise, beginners alike do the same in order to improve their performance. 

When comparing t100 vs t100s irons, we have found both the drivers have enough reasons to keep your performance consistent and better. They are almost identical in specs, carrying the same weight in terms of  finish, looks, feel, and forgiveness. The only difference between the two is the changes in the loft, which is 2 degrees stronger in T100s compared to T100.

In the rest of this article, we will compare these two drivers in more detail and discuss how the changes in the loft may affect your next tour performance. 

Titleist T100 Vs Titleist T100s

Overview of the Titleist T100 Irons

The T100 is one of four T-series irons available on the site and in the golf shop starting August 26th. Titleist’s T100, along with others, unquestionably advances Tetliest’s mission to be the world’s best golf iron manufacturer. 

When it comes to how T100 can help you stay one step ahead, the D18 version of density tungsten comes out on top. It ensures incredible strength, consistent durability, and a long-lasting user experience.  

The incredible Tour-contoured sole aids in better turf interaction. Moving forward, you’ll get the right amount of offset, a brushed chrome finish, more precise CG placement, and more. 

After hours of research and development, experimented through the hands of specific tour pros, the T100 is ready to deliver tour-preferred looks, improved feel, and exceptional forgiveness in a tour iron.

An Overview of the Titleist T100s

As previously stated, the T100 and T100s are almost identical in specs and dimensions. What holds for T100s also holds for T100s. To mention a few, both are made of D18 density tungsten, have a striking look, and are finished in brushed chrome for long life and durability.

The only difference between the two is the changes in the loft, which is 2 degrees stronger in T100s compared to T100.

In addition, the back of T100s, compared to T100, has extra muscles that Titleist called ” innovative muscle channel that, along with  2-degree stronger loft, aids in increasing ball speed.”

Titleist T100 Vs Titleist T100s: Comparison Chart

The specifications of the two irons, The Titleist T100 vs Titleist T100s, are compared in the chart below.

CriteriaTitleist T100Titleist T100s
Materialcarbon-steel with internal tungstencarbon-steel with internal tungsten
Hitting DistanceLowerHigher
WeightUp to 130g(depending on the club)Up to 130g(depending on the club)
Shaft Type Steel and graphiteSteel and graphite
Ball SpeedLower Higher
Right/Left HandBothBoth
SoundSoft and crisp.Soft and crisp.
Turf InteractionImproved Turf InteractionImproved Turf Interaction
CGHigher CGNew muscle channels free up weight, allowing lower CG.
Ball SpeedLower Higher
ForgivingLowerA little more forgiving

What Are The Differences Between Titleist T100 And Titleist T100s?

Let’s find out the differences between the Titleist T100 and the T100s and see how even a small point of difference can affect your tour performance.


You might think, due to too many similarities between the Titleist T100 and the T100s, that none actually offers more forgiveness. 

However, according to some pros, the T100s club may be a little more forgiving than the T100 due to the T100s’ innovative muscle channel in the back of the club head.

Ball Speed and Overall Performance

The ball speed of T100s will undoubtedly be faster. Titleist claims that using T100s typically results in a 2 mph increase in ball speed. This is made possible by the new muscle channel and the 2-degree stronger loft. 

As you are aware, the ball’s spin rates are decreased by a stronger loft. An expert who has tested the T100S compact iron 7 claims that spin rates were 500 rpm less and that he was able to travel an additional 9 yards while maintaining an average distance of 135 yards. 

Test Result

Here is a summary of the performance of a tour pro who has experimented with both the T100 and the T100s.

Ball Speed (MPH)108.3111.2
Launch Angle (Degree)23.321.7
Backspin (RPM)68606523
Side Angle (degrees)1.60,7
Carry (YDS)146153
Total (YDS)154158

Basically, what you can see very clearly is that T100s are certainly launching a bit lower and giving more ball speed. The ball speed of T100s is 3 mph faster compared to T100s.

Additionally, the carry and total yards increase by almost 10 yards. According to the table, the T100s head performs better than the T100 without sacrificing a better feel and appearance.

Look and Feel

Look and feel wise, both carry the same weight and are nearly identical in terms of appearance and feel. However, a 2-degree change in the loft makes you feel the ball moving faster after you strike it. 

With a clean appearance at the back and an identical brush steel finish, it is no wonder you might think of both the clubs as one.

Lie and Loft

These two terms are extremely common in golf and are essential to overall performance. View the table below to learn the lie and loft for various irons.

Differences in Loft Angle Titleist T100 Vs T100S

IronLoft of the T100Loft of the T100s

Differences in Lie Angle Titleist T100 Vs T100S

IronLie of the T100Lie of the T100s

Titleist T100 Vs T100S: Which One Should You Choose? 

We believe you have the answer to the debate: Titleist T100 Vs T100S: Which One Should You Choose? The clubs are consistent and classy in their feel, no doubt about it. 

T100s outperform T100s in terms of increased range and speed. This is so because T100s have a specially created muscle channel and a loft 2 degrees stronger than T100. 

Before deciding between these two drivers, try them both, and find which one works better for you and which one you prefer. If you are looking for an iron that will provide more distance and speed, the T100S iron is for you.

To determine which irons are best for you, we have provided a detailed comparison of the Titleist T100 vs T100S irons. The Titleist T series irons are extremely well-liked by athletes.  You can select one with confidence and take it on your upcoming tour.


By now, you have a pretty clear idea of the Titleist T100 and T100S irons. We have a few more frequently asked questions. Keep reading to get the precise answer to these questions. 

Is The Titleist T100S Iron More Forgiving Than The T100?

Yes, the T100s are a bit more forgiving than the T100. The new muscle channel and the 2-degree stronger loft play a crucial role in better forgiveness in T100s.

Which Is The More Beginner-Friendly Iron Between The Titleist T100 And T100S Irons?

These clubs are specially made for better performers and traveling professionals. Golfers with mid-to-high handicaps might be drawn to the T100 and T100s’ crisp appearance, springy sound, excellent top line, and minimal offset.

Which Is The More Expensive Of The Two Titleist T100 And T100S Irons?

Booth, the driver, costs the same. The Titleist T100 and T100S irons cost $186/iron. It is the cost of the True Temper AMT Tour White (steel). However, the cost of the Mitsubishi Tensei AV White AM2 (Graphite) is around $220.

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