Titleist 962 vs. 962B: Which Iron Would Be Your Best Option?

Being a modern golfer, most players need to learn about old-school vintage golf clubs. Especially while having your hands on used vintage 962 and 962B irons, it becomes difficult to choose the set suitable for your style.

Regarding Titleist 962 vs 962B, the differences are so minor that they might overwhelm you. However, these sets mainly differ on the level of offset, forgiveness for the line, consistency, and blade profile. Other than that, most specifications are quite identical.

Since you’ve set foot on the basics, it is time to go in-depth about the head-to-head comparison between 962 and 962B sets of clubs. Reading this till the end would help you decide precisely which set you should pick for the best feedback.

Overview Of Titleist 962 Irons

The 962 series of the iron club was launched in the early 90s with a view of precision and consistency. Most older golfers of today’s time must have heard of or used this legendary set of clubs. 

However, brand new 962 iron clubs are unavailable in the marketplace. Hence if you want one, you must look for a reconditioned and used set of clubs. Before going further, let us have a glance at the pros and cons of 962 iron.

Overview Of Titleist 962B Iron

The 962B is an upgraded version of the original Titleist 962 iron. However, it was made only for custom orders. Nevertheless, many retailers used to sell this set of clubs. 

Most features of 962B golf clubs are identical to the 962. But many minor yet important differences might shift the performance either way. As a beginner, you might want to look at the overall review of 962B at a glance.

Titleist 962 Vs 962B irons: Quick Comparison Chart

Although 962 and 962B are based on a similar backbone. But some differences have massive deviations in the result and performance of the clubs.

Take a peek at the following comparison chart to adhere to the changes made in 962B from the 962 original.

Factors962 Iron962B iron
Shape and Sole DesignBigger cast cavity backSmaller cast cavity back
Blade ProfileBigger blade profileSmaller blade profile
Offset AvailabilityHigher offset valueLower offset value
ConsistencySlightly lower consistencyMore consistency 
Loft Type (Wedge) AvailabilityWedge, Sand wedge (SW) and Lob wedge (LW)Only a pitching wedge (PW) available 

What Are The Differences Between Titleist 962 And 962B Irons?

Now, it’s time to go head to head between a 962 iron and its later version, 962B. As a golfer, you must know that the clubs and their minute differences play a vital role in the shots. 

Hence, knowing the comparison between these two would help you choose wisely the best-suited iron for yourself.

Iron Shape And Sole Design

Starting from the exterior making and appearance, the original Titleist 962 has a comparatively bigger cast cavity back.

This feature of the 962 increases the amount of mass that can be dispersed over the club’s perimeter and lowers the club’s center of gravity.

On the other hand, the 962B has a relatively lower cast cavity back on the iron. Hence with a slightly increased center of gravity, you might require more precision and accuracy to maintain the flight online.

The Blade Profile

Similar to the sole and shape, the 962 has a comparatively bigger blade profile. It helps a golfer maintain and control the ball’s trajectory on every shot. Hence it is a more beginner-friendly iron. 

The 962B has a lower blade profile, making it suitable for more custom shots requiring both skill and long-term experience to control the trajectory. That is, it is not a beginner-friendly set of irons.

Availability Of Offsets Rating

Offset refers to a minor separation between the club face and shaft. In order to squaring the blade and get a solid shot while avoiding a slice, a golfer must have a precious few more milliseconds.

Now, there is a recognizable difference between the offsets of these two sets of irons. The 962 series has a .160” offset on 1-iron to .080” on 9-iron. On the contrary, the 962B set of clubs had been introduced with a .120” offset on 1-iron and a .060” offset on a 9-iron.

Iron Category1iron2iron3iron4iron5iron6iron7iron8iron9iron

This makes the 962B irons with minimal offset rating. As a beginner using the 962 irons would allow you to get a higher launch angle at less swing force. But in the meantime, you might overdo the shots if you are not skilled.

Therefore, the 962B irons with minimal offsets could be advantageous for you to reduce a slice and avoid overdoing the shots.

Consistency With Precision

The one thing about the clubs that every golfer adores is consistency. That, too, with as much precision as it could be.

The 962 and 962B are very good and renowned vintage irons that are especially known for consistency.

But if we compare head-to-head, the 96B is more consistent than the 962 due to better custom upgrades. Hence, if you want a set of clubs for regular practice, the 962B could be a good choice.

Availability of Wedge

Wedge golf clubs are a subgroup of the iron line that are made for specific uses. Wedge lofts are the highest, shaft lengths are the shortest, and clubhead weights are the heaviest of all the iron classes.

The 962 are available with the Wedge, Sand Wedge, and Lob wedge type of irons in the set.

Whereas its later version, the 962B, is confined to the pitching wedge only. Therefore, the 962 would be a better pick if you are a more competitive player.

962 Or 962B: Which Titleist Iron Should You Choose?

The 962 and 962B positively impact every 90s golfer due to their performance, durability, accuracy, and power. But not everyone can handle those vintage irons, especially if you are playing with modern clubs for a long time.

As a beginner or mid-low handicapped golfer who wants consistency, precision, lower mishit, and better forgiveness, you can pick the 962B.

On the other hand, if you are building up golfing skills and are fond of a competitive game, the 962 will definitely surprise you after a regular practice session.

Lastly, we hope this article helps you get your hand on the most favorable set of vintage irons by knowing and understanding the 962 vs 962B comparisons.


If you want to learn more about the differences between a 962 and 962B, the following real-time user questionnaires would be helpful.

Which one is better, between 962 and 962B irons?

The 962B is a custom upgrade of the 962 iron from Titleist. Both sets of irons are equally better in their own perspective. It depends upon the golfer’s playing style and skill that would take the best out of these vintage clubs.

Is 962 good for regular golf sessions?

The 962 irons are highly suitable for consistent and accurate hits. It provides good power due to lower flex and maintains the line of trajectory. Therefore, the vintage 962 irons could be a good choice for a regular golfer.

Who should choose the 962B irons?

If you are fond of minimal offset and a smaller blade profile, you can pick the 962B. But as a matter of fact, it requires immense practice and skill development to control the 962B. Therefore, it is not recommended for beginners and higher handicapped golfers.

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