Titleist T200 vs. Taylormade P790: Which Iron Is the Game Changer?

Taylormade and Titleist are two leading brands that have been producing modern golf irons for a long time. Titleist t200 and Taylormade p790 are two of the most popular models of irons from these two brands. To answer Titleist t200 vs TaylorMade p790, it’s essential to know their differences.

The key difference between these two is that the t200 is less expensive than the p790 and is a game improvement iron, whereas the p790 is forged iron. Despite a few dissimilarities, both of them deliver almost the same performance on the golf field.

In this article, we will explore the major factors of these two most popular golf clubs. We’ll also see how they can be different from each other. So, let’s learn it.

Overview of Titleist t200 Golf Iron

A Titleist t200 iron is a player’s iron that comes with a classical look. It also has featured several advanced technologies such as Max Impact and forged face technology.

The Max Impact technology increases the ball’s speed and carries distance. This iron is also designed with an L-shaped forged face that includes, on average, 90g of tungsten in the heel and the toe. 

It allows the iron to deliver a soft feel and more forgiveness. Best of all, the t200 golf club is a multi-material iron that makes it more durable and more tour quality. 

Overview of Taylormade p790 Golf Iron

TaylorMade released their p790 model irons in the year of 2017 and still, they are one of the most popular irons in the golf world. A p790 iron is a forged iron that can be a great choice for mid to low-handicap golfers. 

This iron features a Thru Slot speed pocket technology that adds extra flex and forgiveness at impact.

Besides, the tungsten weighting technology used in this iron produces a low Center of Gravity, ensuring easy launch in the field. 

The forged face of a p790 iron also includes a urethane foam inside the club head. It allows the iron to produce more distance and be more forgiving. It also makes it very consistent and provides an amazing feel and sound.

Titleist t200 vs Taylormade p790 Golf Irons: Quick Comparison Chart

It is literally very difficult to compare a Titleist t200 iron with a TaylorMade p790. But a good knowledge of each of their specs will be very helpful to choose one of them. So, here is a comparison chart to highlight the differences within the specs of them: 

Criteria Taylormade p790Titleist t200
Spin rate 6428 rpm 5210 rpm
Swing weight D2 and D0 D1 
Forgiveness More forgiving Less forgiving 
Urethane foam Yes No 
Offset More Less 
Average Distance 165.6 yards 155 yards 
Materials Soft carbon steel Multi-material 
Flex option 32
Misses Less More 
Price More costly Less costly 

What are the Differences Between a Titleist t200 and a Taylormade p790 Golf Irons?

There are some simple differences between a Titleist t200 and a Taylormade p970. But they are not so deep. The leading differences between these two leading golf irons will be the following: 


In terms of technology, the Titleist t200, and TaylorMade p790 both of them are very advanced. Both of them feature tungsten weighting and forged technology as well. 

But there is also a key difference between Titleist t200 and TaylorMade p790. And that the p790 is designed with speed foam technology, whereas the t200 doesn’t feature this technology. 

Clubface design

The TaylorMade p790 irons have a hollow construction. This feature increases the carry distance and reduces the number of mishits.

On the other hand, the Titleist t200 irons have a shallower clubface that allows the golfers to play shots off the center. It also makes it more forgiving compared with other t-series irons. 

Feel and Sound

In terms of feel and sound, the TaylorMade p790 golf irons will go one step further than the Titleist t200 irons.

Speed foam has been injected inside the toe and the heel of the p790 irons to increase the ball speed and carry distance.

It also makes it lighter than the t200 irons and gives them a softer feel and sound. So, as the t200 irons don’t use this technology, their feel and sound are not as soft as the p790 irons.


It makes a very clear difference between these two. From the very beginning, the TaylorMade p790 irons are slightly more expensive than the Titleist t200 clubs.


When it comes to the loft options, there is a very keen difference between a Taylormade p790 and a Titleist t200 iron. The following will highlight it more clearly: 

Irons Taylormade p790 loft (in degrees) Titleist t200 loft (in degrees)
GW 50.048

Titleist t200 Or TaylorMade p790: Which Golf Iron to Choose?

Both of these irons can be a great choice for players who always want to go with popular brands. Moreover, they go head to head when it comes to distance and good looks. 

But more specifically, if you’re one of the low to mid-handicappers and want to have a game-improvement iron, you must go with the Titleist t200 iron. 

On the contrary, if your priority is the higher trajectory and maximum ball speed and you don’t much care about your money, TaylorMade will be the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There isn’t really anything else to say about Titleist t200 vs. Taylormade p790, still, you might have some questions. so here is some additional information for your better understanding:

Titleist t200 vs. TaylorMade p790: Which is more forgiving?

The TaylorMade p790 is more forgiving when compared with the Titleist t200. It’s because, unlike the t200 irons, the p790 irons feature speed foam technology for getting extra forgiveness.

Do any pros use the TaylorMade p790?

Yes, the TaylorMade p790 irons have been played by players like Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Chez Reavie, Adam Long, and more. Right now, this is the most popular model of golf iron among tour pros. 

Are TaylorMade’s p790 good for high handicappers?

Some recent models of Taylormade p790 have proven to be good for high handicapped players. But they can’t be the best. The truth is p790 irons are always great for low to mid-handicappers.  

What’s better: Titleist t200 or TaylorMade p790?

In my opinion, TaylorMade p790 is better than Titleist t200. Because TaylorMade always tends to use premium components and technologies for player development.

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