Bushnell Tour V4 vs V5: Find the Perfect Rangefinder for You

The Bushnell rangefinders are famous among golfers due to their advanced technology and cheap price. When it comes to choosing one from the two of their best product: tour V4 vs V5,  it can be easy to get confused.

The core difference between these two models lies in their performance and technology. The V4 has a vibrating jolt, while the other has a visual indicator. The former can acquire distance within 1000 yards, and the latter can go up to 1400 yards.

This is just a few points of differences, you need to learn more to choose one from the two. So stay connected right till the end!

Bushnell Tour V4 vs V5

Overview of Bushnell Tour V4 Golf Rangefinder

If you want to position the golf club on the sloppy ground to hit a perfect shot near the hole, Bushnell V4’s Slope Feature won’t let you down!

Because it provides information on the incline and decline degrees of the slope and greens around.

As it has an efficient “Fast Focus” system, it quickly sends readings on the yardage and accuracy after locking the target. 

And due to the fast feature, Bushnell V4 has strong signal or network to acquire information on the yardage or distance from the ball to the target.

Other Mobile GPS apps or rangefinders tend to provide data on the yardage that is not within the distance of the ball’s path. 

But guess what? Bushnell V4 tour sends incline and elevation data correctly if the yardage or ball, and hole are within a 1-yard distance. 

Overview of Bushnell Tour V5 Golf Rangefinder

Bushnell V5 rangefinder has improved the technology and the design to help golfers get more accurate results while measuring the target distance. 

Its crystal clear clarity in the viewfinder is ideal for detecting obstacles around the holes. 

Materials used in the device are water–resistant. This allows it to function even in drizzles! 

Last but not least, its visual jolt on display reduces the chance of hitting the target beyond its flag or hole. 

Because the red light indicator helps to measure the distance in the best way possible. 

Bushnell Tour V4 Vs V5 Golf Rangefinder: Quick Comparison Table 

Let’s put them side by side and compare them so that you can judge and take the best one. 

CriteriaBushnell Tour V4Bushnell Tour V5
Total Range of Acquisition1000 yards1300–1400 yards
Pinseeker Jolt TechnologyVibrating indicatorRed Ring visual indicator+ vibration
Display QualityForms black spotsForms no patches
ClarityCannot show obstaclesShows obstacles around the pin
Fast Focus SystemAvailableImproved focus
DesignNo magnetic cart installedConfigured with magnetic cart

What Are the Differences Between the Bushnell Tour V4 and V5 Golf Rangefinders? 

Although the basic features of the V4 and V5 rangefinders are the same, the V5 model has undergone some changes from the manufacturers. Let’s go through these differences to find out your best deal –


Bushnell has improved its technology in the V5 in terms of the pin seeker jolt feature.

After locking the target correctly, the V5 sends confirmation via a visual indicator. But the V4 vibrates only upon aiming the laser at the preferred location. 

To measure the distance and the shot accuracy, knowing you have correctly aimed the flag is a must. 

And the visual jolt that lights up a ring around the V5 viewfinder never messes with the measurements. 

tour v4

With the vibrating jolt in the V4 rangefinder, you can’t exactly aim the pin surrounded by background objects. 

But narrowing down the target with Bushnell V5 is easy-peasy due to its flashing red ring!



Unlike the tour V4, the V5 has a magnetic cart installed on it. This additional design is a plus to place the V5 on a golf cart frame. 

Without the mount on the V4, you’ll have to carry it in your hand or unpack it from the bag, which is a hassle. 

On the contrary, golfers can easily use the V5 from the cart without the risk of losing it accidentally.  

The magnet is durable, and it can withstand cart turns and shakes. So, there is zero to little chance for the V5 to slide through due to its design!

Build Quality 

Both the Bushnell tour rangefinders are durable enough because of the high–end materials used. However, they’re different in size and weight. 

Because of the additional features and mount of the tour, V5 weighs heavier. And its bulky size makes it a little difficult to keep the hand steady while aiming the pin. 

The ergonomic build–quality of the V4 allows wrapping the hand or thumb around it without any grip issues. 

Therefore, pressing its button to measure the yardage is easier with it compared to the V5 model. 


Although the reading accuracy of the tour V4 and V5 is within 1 yard, their performance varies in terms of target acquisition and range. The total range of the latter is 400 yards more. 

The V4 Bushnell rangefinder can target pins from up to 1000 yards, whereas with V5, it ranges around 1300 to 1400. 

In order to use the Tour V4’s maximum distance acquisition capabilities, proper lighting conditions are required. 

If the objects aren’t bright and the weather is cloudy the acquisition range will decrease.

Reflections of the objects do not affect the distance accuracy of the V5 model. Instead, the accuracy is perfected by the V6’s 6x magnification.

Generally, the 3-volt battery in the V4 functions better than the V5 cell. As the features and technology are limited in the former, the cell performs for almost 2 years without any repair or replacement.


In order to notice obstacles around the flag and hole, the manufacturers have configured a 6x magnifier in the V5. 

And it increases the optical clarity without any loss in accuracy of distance measurement. 

As the tour V4 has a liquid crystal display (LCD), it sometimes blocks clear vision with the black spots on the viewfinder. The worst part is these marks aren’t easily removable with a cloth. 

The manufacturers have configured a backlit LCD display in the V5 rangefinder. As a result, no patches form, and the golfers get better vision while locking the pin.

Bushnell Tour V4 or V5: Which Golf Rangefinder to Choose?


Bushnell keeps improving all their rangefinder models to serve the different purposes of the golfers. So, if you’re confused between V4 and V5, note your priorities first. 

For golfers who like to carry the device throughout their tournament, the V4 is a good choice. Because it lets you build a grip with ease and wrap your hand around it. 

To get maximum total range and to know the exact timing of aiming, the V5 has been popular among golfers. 

And for installing the device on the cart and maximizing its use, the V5 with magnetic cart is the right choice. 

Lastly, if improved technology and placement of the device on a cart is your preference, the V5 rangefinder will serve you right. Otherwise, to save money and maximize battery life, V4 can be your savior. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

It is a tough call to choose between Bushnell V4 and V5, as both have lucrative features. So, to help you decide, go through these queries and clear your doubts more: 

Is the Bushnell V4 faster at focusing than the Tour V5?

Both V4 and V5 both have a fast focus system, they aim for the target and send confirmation almost within the same time. V5 has improved technology in terms of object identification. So, V5 can be a bit slow to send feedback occasionally. 

Bushnell Tour V4 golf rangefinder vs. V5: which one is beginner friendly? 

The Tour V4 rangefinder is more beginner friendly than the V5. Due to the magnet on the latter, it’s difficult to get a grip on it. 

V5 full range can be intimidating while deciding the shots. As the V4 is lightweight, it’s pretty comforting to carry around.

How many years can the V4 and V5 rangefinders last?

It depends. If you keep utilizing them in the rain, considering they are water-resistant, they’re likely to die in two years. 

Because these models can resist drizzles and sweat but cannot withstand downpours. Store them in the casing while not in use to increase their lifespan.

Which jolt technology is better in the Bushnell V4 and V5 devices? 

The visual jolt technology in the V5 is ideal for people that prefer visual aids while locking the target. 

If you respond quickly to vibrations, the V4 Jolt feature is enough. However, the visual indicator is a plus to hit the shot precisely in the hole.

Does the Bushnell V5 rangefinder have an ergonomic design?

The Bushnell V5 rangefinder doesn’t have an ergonomic design, as it includes a magnet on it. And it is bulky! 

So, the golfers might face difficulty carrying it in hand or the cart. However, it fits perfectly in casing and golf bags.

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