Ping Hoofer Vs Hoofer Lite: Which Golf Bag You Should Get?

A carrying bag for all your clubs, irons, etc., is one of the most crucial accessories when playing golf. Therefore a Ping Hoofer bag might be quite useful, and they come in two options; regular and Hoofer lite. So you might wonder what is the difference between Ping Hoofer Vs Hoofer lite.

The first and most important difference between these bags is their weight. Ping Hoofer has a weight of 5.5 lbs compared to the 5 lbs weight of the Hoofer lite. Another difference you will see is that Ping Hoofer has 11 pockets, and Hoofer lite contains 7.

There are a few more differences between them, and it is crucial for you to know them before you select which bag to buy. So, keep on reading to know more. 

Ping Hoofer Vs Hoofer Lite

Overview Of Ping Hoofer Golf Bag

The Ping Hoofer stand bag is a superb all-arounder that offers the utmost security and comfort.

Additionally, it has a five-way strengthened top that prevents clumping and keeps your equipment safe. 

Moreover, this bag looks clean with a timeless design, minimal advertising, and has contemporary color options.

You will also notice a slot for a cart strap that enables you to fasten your luggage without obstructing any pockets.

Overview Of Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag

The Ping Hoofer lite is an extremely lightweight golf bag with a great balance of quality and convenience.

It also includes 7 huge pockets, a 4-way top spreading in a 1-2-1 pattern, and many more unique characteristics. 

Additionally, this bag’s ergonomically constructed and well-padded straps make it easy to carry.

The storage sections offer greater performance, and the clothing compartment has an entire zip for easier access.

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Ping Hoofer Vs Hoofer lite: Quick Comparison Table

Despite having many similarities in features and designs, these bags still have a lot of differences.

In our comparison table below, we will list down all the differences between the Ping Hoofer and the Hoofer lite golf bags.

Ping Hoofer Vs Hoofer lite: Quick Comparison

What Are The Differences Between ping hoofer vs hoofer lite?

There are around five major differences between the Pink Hoofer and Ping Hoofer Lite golf bags. These differences will help you to understand better which bag is more suitable for you among these two.


Ping bags: weight

One of the most important factors when selecting golf bags is the weight of the bag. Since you will be carrying the bag around your golf course, it is important to consider whether you will be able to carry the bag’s weight.

Compared to the Hoofer, which weighs around 5.5 lbs, the Hoofer Lite weighs just 5 lbs. Therefore, it is around 0.5 pounds lighter.

Even while it might not seem like much of a change, you’ll probably notice it after using it for a few hours of walking.

Thus, the appropriate carrying weight for you will depend on you. Remember that this weight only applies to the empty bag; once your clubs are inside, further weight will be added.

Number of Pockets

You will also see a difference in these Ping golf bags’ total number of pockets. The Ping Hoofer has a total of 11 pockets compared to the 7 pockets in the Ping Hoofer lite. 

Number of Pockets
Hoofer Lite

So, it depends on how many pockets you need in your golf bags. If you are going to carry more golfing accessories like more tees, clubs, shafts, etc., then you will need more pockets, so Ping Hoofer is for you. 

However, if you are only going to carry a small number of accessories, then Hoofer lite should be more than sufficient for you.

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Weight Carrying Capacity

Weight Carrying Capacity

You already know about the weights of the Hoofer and Hoofer lite; however, that’s only the weight of the empty bag.

The weight carrying capacity also differs between these bags; the Hoofer has a weight carrying capacity of 22L.

But, the Hoofer lite has a lower weight capacity of 19L, which is 3L less than the other option. In essence, the Hoofer has a larger pocket volume since it has more pockets.

This emphasizes the earlier point that the Hoofer is the appropriate bag for you if you desire a bag with greater storage space.



The top doesn’t matter much if you are just looking for a bag to carry all your accessories together. However, if you want a golf bag where all your items will be properly organized, then it is important. 

You will find a five-way top in the Ping Hoofer bag featuring three full-length separators that will keep your clubs separated and prevent them from clumping together. 

In contrast, the Hoofer lite up top has four dividers that are arranged in a 1-2-1 arrangement, providing adequate room for organizing all of your clubs.


Budget is one of the key factors when buying anything, and the same applies to buying a golf bag. The Ping Hoofer bag has a greater price than the Hoofer lite golf bag.

The higher price of the Hoofer bag is justified because of the more space and features you are getting on it. Thus, it depends on your budget which bag you need. 

If you are okay with sacrificing space, then the Hoofer lite is a good choice as you can save money. But, if you need more space, you will need to spend some extra money. 

Ping Hoofer Vs Hoofer Lite: Which Golf bag To choose?

Hoofer and Hoofer lite are excellent golf bags from Ping, and these bags follow a similar construction and design style.

However, they do vary in terms of features. So, which bag you should choose really depends on what your requirements are.

Suppose you want a bigger bag with more space and pockets to carry more golf accessories.

Moreover, if you have no problem with spending more money and can carry more weight around the golf course, then the Ping Hoofer is the one for you.

However, if you are on a budget and want a more compact, lower weighing golf bag with ample space for your golf accessories, then the Hoofer lite is for you.

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Now we will talk about all the faqs which are related to our today’s comparison between the Ping Hoofer and Hoofer lite golf bags.

Are Ping Hoofer and Ping Hoofer lite easier to carry around?

The Ping Hoofer bag has a higher capacity and also comes with more weight, but the Hoofer lite has a smaller capacity with a smaller weight.
Even if the weight difference is only a half pound, it still plays a great role when carrying the bag for a long time. So, the Hoofer lite will be easier to carry around compared to the Hoofer.

Ping Hoofer and Hoofer life: Which golf bag has a better-organized space?

Hoofer has a 5 way top, and the Hoofer lite has a 4 way top. Therefore, Hoofer has an advantage over Hoofer lite in regards to keeping your golf gear arranged because it has more separators and space.
Consequently, you may retain more items without having to group them together.

Which Golf bag has more pockets between Ping Hoofer and Hoofer lite?

Hoofer and Hoofer lite are both excellent golf bags from Ping, and they are designed to carry all your golf accessories without any crowding.
But, the Hoofer has a larger number of pockets allowing you to carry more accessories than the Hoofer lite.

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