Club Champion Vs. GolfTech: How Do They Differ in Golf Equipment Production?

Nowadays, club fitting has become very popular since it helps golfers choose the right combination according to their swing, skill level, and age. If you also want to fit your golf clubs, there are many available companies to help you. Club Champion and Golftech are two of the best of them. 

The core difference between these two is that the club champion is more customized than the golftech. So, Golftech is a great option for players who wish to add advanced technologies and better service at a cheaper rate. 

Though both of them are very similar, Club Champion vs Golftech can be very difficult to prescribe. In this article, we’ll go through an in-depth comparison of these two golf fitters. 

Club Champion Vs. GolfTech
Club Champion Vs. GolfTech

Overview of Club Champion

Club Champion is one of the most popular golf club-fitting companies in the world. It offers tour quality club fitting by giving the best combination of golf equipment for all skill levels. 

The professionalism and service quality of this company is also notable. It will monitor your swing and playing technology with approximately 6 irons and analyze it with modern technology. 

This company also has a variety of golf equipment collections from over fifty brands, including TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, Callaway, etc. It also offers club fittings like driver fitting, wedge fitting, iron fitting, putter fitting, and full bag fitting. 

Good Sides

  • Great professionalism
  • A lot of options from different brands
  • Equipped with advanced technology
  • It does a detailed experiment on several factors
  • Better service


  • Slightly expensive
  • Available in very few locations

Overview of GolfTech

GolfTech is another famous golf club fitter that allows a golfer to get the club fitted as well as take instructions to improve the game. The company uses its own technology to monitor your swing speed, ball speed, spin, playing technique, and other necessary terms.

It also gives you feedback on these specs so your game can be more benefitted. The company also offers the customers their personal instructor. They help players to improve their swing, putting, and hitting the ball. 

Golftech also has its own software to help customers and to be connected with them virtually. Surprisingly, one can get all these services at a very affordable price. 

So, this company may be a better choice for beginners. Best of all, the stores of this company are also available outside of the United States. 

Good Sides

  • Locations availability around the world
  • Affordable 
  • Own software and technology 
  • Personal coach availability 
  • Give the results of playing strategies 


  • It is slightly varietyless 
  • Not much customizable as club champion

Club Champion vs Golftech: Quick Comparison Chart

As the Club Champion and the Golftech are the two most famous golf fitters, they can be compared with each other in many ways. Here we’re going to compare these two:

Criteria Club Champion Golftech 
Software TrackMan Pro and SAM PuttLabTECFIT
Location 85 180
Fitting options 75
Personal coach No Yes 
Price Costly Cheaper 
Variety of Brands More than 50Less than fifty 
Fitting time More Less 

What are the Differences Between Club Champion and Golftech?

Golftech and Club Champion both provide nearly identical services. Both use modern technologies and software to help golfers according to their skill level. But some elements set these two apart from one another. The following are the main distinctions: 


Club Champion has fewer locations than Golftech. Golftech has 180 locations in the United States, whereas Club Champion has only 85 locations around that country.

Variety of fittings

Club Champion has a variety of fitting options than Golftech. The options include driver fitting, iron fitting, fairway wood fitting, wedge fitting, full bag fitting, long game fitting, and putter fitting. 

On the other hand, the fitting options provided by Golftech are only seven; those are full bag fitting, wedge fitting, putter fitting, iron fitting, and driver fitting. 


Another major difference between Club Champion and Golftech is their price for each fitting. As we discussed earlier, Club Champion will cost more money than Golftech. 

Fitting Name Club Champion Golftech 
Driver fitting $150$100
Putter fitting $100$100
Wedge fitting $80$100
Iron fitting $150$100
Full bag fitting $350$200
Long game fitting $200
Fairway wood fitting$100

Instructor Availability

Golftech offers personal coaches for their customers as well as they work as a golf club fitter. The customers also have the opportunity to meet their coaches anytime whether it’s weekly or monthly. But the Club Champion doesn’t have instructors available for the customers.

Result availability

Club Champion and Golftech both monitor your playing strategies so that they can give you the best club fitting that really suits your game. But there lies a very deep difference between these two.

Club Champion won’t give you the results of your playing technique and skill level. But Golftech, unlike Club Champion, saves feedback and allows you to see the results of your swing speed, ball speed, distance, lengths, height, and spin. 


In terms of professionalism, Club Champion is far better than Golftech. This company has more knowledgeable golfers to help their customers. Their environment and layout are also mentionable. 

Club Champion or Golftech: Which brand to Choose?

If you’re a beginner and want to improve your game, Golftech is better than any other company. It will also be available in your location. 

But if you have a healthy budget to get your club fitted and want to get a customized service, Club Champion will be the best one for you. 

After all, both of these companies are incredible and must be praised for their excellent services. So, you can simply choose anyone which is nearer to your location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now we know the similarities and also differences between Club Champion and Golftech. If you want to know more about them, here are some more questions about these two:

Club Champion vs. Golftech: Which is worth the money?

Surprisingly, both of them will be worth the money. Their customer service is fantastic and praisable. They also give their customers a thorough fitting. But more specifically, Golftech is worth money for amateur players, while the Club Champion is for the most serious golfers.

How long does it take to complete a Golftech fitting?

The time for a club fitting actually depends on different players. On average, it will take 45-90 minutes to complete a Golftech fitting.

Club Champion vs. Golftech: Which company should I choose for lessons?

If you want to take extra lessons or become a personal instructor, you will probably go with Golftech. They will offer an instructor to help you become a better golfer. 

How long does a Club Champion fitting take?

A Club Champion fitting will probably take about an hour or sometimes more than an hour. It will depend on your skill level and fitting quality.

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