Callaway Supersoft vs. Bridgestone E6: Comparing Golf Balls

When you emphasize the performance, the type of golf balls does matter. The golf balls that are considered top-range could be more challenging to differentiate. With brands like Callaway and Bridgestone, you get a lot of varieties.

The core difference between Callaway Supersoft and Bridgestone E6 is that the former is a bit softer. In addition, off the tee, you’ll experience that E6 is generating much less spin than Supersoft.

But that is not all about these golf balls, as there are more things to discuss. In this article, we will be covering all these aspects so that everything is clear on your part. So, without wasting a second, let’s jump right into the write-up.

callaway supersoft vs bridgestone e6

Overview of Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is mainly catered towards golfers who prefer added green control with some distance off the tee.

It comes with a versatile and multilayer element in the construction, which makes it highly effective for the things it promises. 

You’ll like this golf ball if you prefer an elevated launch with low spins. Its soft compression in the core allows you to have such outcomes from the shot. However, the ball is unsuitable for players who love a lot of spins. 

Besides, this golf ball provides great value compared to other similar balls. It comes with moderate durability and with a meager price tag.

Overview of Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Overview of Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball

The Bridgestone E6 golf ball makes a remarkable statement in the golf ball market. It has decent offerings that will ensure a good feel while providing solid value.

The ball aims to be suitable for all those players who like to play a good number of shots. For those with high preciseness and impeccability in the long games. 

Mostly the dimple patterns in the ball accelerate decent movement in the air, which is necessary for long games. That said, the windier condition is perfect for this ball to play in mid-trajectory.

Besides, the ball will be a nice option if you are a casual golfer, as it provides low spin and good ball speed. This ball promises to deliver for the bucks you will spend on it.

Overview of Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft Vs Bridgestone E6: Comparison Table

Both the golf ball types from these two brands come with certain similarities and dissimilarities. The table below will give you a better view of things.

Callaway Supersoft Vs Bridgestone E6: Comparison Table

What are the differences between Callaway Supersoft and Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball?

Despite being low-spin balls with good softness, the Callaway Supersoft and Bridgestone E6 golf balls have a fair share of differences.

For your convenience, we have listed all the necessary aspects that set both golf balls apart. Let’s check them out.


When it comes to durability, you must consider the covering material of both these golf balls. In the case of the Bridgestone E6, there is a 3-layer surlyn covering, which does a decent job of ensuring durability.

But the Supersoft’s 2- layer Ionomer covering does a better job than the E6. Mainly this happens due to the layer construction material.


You should carefully consider the compression rating of a golf ball before buying. The compression rating mainly signifies the golf ball’s capability to compress.

That said, less club head speed would be sufficient when the golf ball has a lower compression rating. However, golf balls with higher compression ratings will need high club speed.

In this regard, the Supersoft has a compression rating of 35 compared to 50 of E6. The club head speed requirement for the Supersoft will be much lesser than that of the E6.


Many people don’t realize the number of dimples golf balls should have. Most modern-day golf balls have dimples ranging from around 300-400. But not all the balls are dimpled in a similar pattern.

Dimples have an impact on reducing drag and increasing elevation. The type of dimples used in the ball also somewhat impacts.

In the case of both these balls, there isn’t any massive difference in the number of dimples.

However, in the Supersoft, a hex aerodynamic pattern has been used, slightly giving an edge in flight. 


For these golf balls, the soft covering gives an excellent feel and Greensted control. But the Bridgestone E6 has a slight edge over the Supersoft. 

It was challenging to choose between these balls, but the 3-layer design in the E6 was a crucial aspect. In addition, the traditional core used in the E6 always makes it a top option.



The color of the golf ball might not seem as important to many golfers. But when it comes to visibility is a crucial aspect. 

White is the most common color when considering golf balls from multiple brands. But certain brands offer variety. Golf ball brands offer white, Yellow, Green, and Orange colored balls as variants. 

Depending on the weather and conditions, you can choose a particular ball color, eventually increasing the ball’s visibility during gameplay. Also, colored balls effectively hold attention and help swing confidently. 

That said, the Callaway Supersoft will enable you to choose from 4 different colors. On the other hand, the Bridgestone E6 is limited to white-colored balls.


People usually dislike spending over $50 for a golf ball. But for both these golf balls, you won’t have to worry about such pricing. These balls belong to the affordable pricing segment. 

The pricing of both these models is almost similar. But for the sake of comparison, the Callaway Supersoft will cost a bit less than Bridgestone E6.

Callaway Supersoft or Bridgestone E6: Which golf ball to choose?

Both the Supersoft and E6 come with great reputations and offer great value. The slight difference in pricing doesn’t matter due to their top-notch offerings. But when weighing between these, we had one clear winner.

The E6 had better pricing and feel, on the green in a head-to-head comparison. Whereas the Supersoft’s variety, covering, and flight are a tad better. 

Measuring all these, we feel the Callaway Supersoft has a slight upper hand on the Bridgestone E6.

But when you set the parameters for selection differently, you might have a different opinion.


It’s okay to get confused and have a lot of queries while selecting the right golf ball. That is why we have added some of the most asked queries for your convenience to make your confusion disappear.

Can high handicappers go for Callaway Supersoft?

Yes, the Callaway Supersoft golf balls are viable options for high handicappers. These balls are good for lower spins that eventually help the high handicappers improve their shots. That said, you will notice a considerable difference in the drivers.

Are Callaway Supersoft golf balls good for distance?

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls provide a very good distance with lower spins. Depending on the swing speeds, you’ll also see a noticeable change in the distance. 

Which offers more softness between Supersoft and E6?

The Callaway Supersoft has the layering and design to feel softer than Bridgestone E6. It is a bit more forgiving, and the layers in the cover are good for impacting the speed outputs from swings.

Are both Supersoft and E6 golf balls good for beginners?

None of these golf balls would be suitable for beginners. There will be issues with the accuracy of shots, and the output level won’t be desirable.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right option between two golf balls with similar traits can sometimes be challenging.

The Callaway Supersoft and Bridgestone have several excellent traits, but you must draw a line to choose one.

When we weighed these two golf balls against each other, they had a fair share of similarities and dissimilarities.

Before choosing one of these balls, you must be fully aware of the pros and cons. Such as-, Supersoft has a variety of colors to choose from, whereas E6 has a higher compression rating.

Moreover, do not compromise your requirements, whichever option you choose. Because the outcome always matters, and a positive outcome is possible when you have the right golf ball for your gameplay.

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