Is the Ping I210 Replacement Worth the Hype? Our Analysis

Nothing is wrong if you always want to be updated with the golf club you use. As the day advances, you see the improvements made by the manufacturer within their golf clubs. The Ping I1210 replaced the previous version Ping 1210 for better.

But are you looking for a Ping I210 replacement? Well, Though the Ping I1210 is quite up to the mark in case of its performance, there is always room for improvement. And for this, the Ping I230 might be a possible replacement for the I210.

But do you badly need the latest one? Stick with this blog as we plan to cover everything you should know about the replacement of Ping I210.

Ping I210 Replacement

An Overview of Ping I210 Golf Club

The Ping i210, one of the top-performing golf clubs, created a lot of hype when it was first introduced in July 2018.

At that time, many professional and amateur golfers highly accepted the golf club as it was a decent replacement for the Ping 210.

One of the significant things about the Ping i210 is that it comes with precision grooves, which makes it suitable for playing any type of golf club.

Besides, if you have to play in the, no matter rough or wet conditions, the improved turf interaction of the golf club comes into play. Thanks to the hydro pearl finish in this case.

In addition, when it comes to feeling and forgiveness, hardly any issues can create dissatisfaction about the advanced golf club.

And that’s the reason why users are still posting positive reviews about the Ping i210 golf clubs.

If we compare the Ping i210 with the previous version, Ping 210, the elastomer of the Ping i210 has gotten bigger. This means you will find a softer feel and sound with the Ping i210.

Good Sides

  • Impressive forgiveness. 
  • Create more face contact. (approximately 25%)
  • Minimal look with quality. 
  • Quite up to the mark in case of control.
  • Suitable for mid and low handicap players. 


  • A bit more expensive. 
  • A little bit weaker compared to the latest Ping golf clubs. 

What Are the Possible Replacements of Ping i210? 

Possible Replacements of Ping i210

The Ping i210 is good; there’s no doubt about that fact. But there’s room for improvement; the Ping i230 can most likely replace the Ping i210.

And there are many valid reasons from the manufacturer, and the golfers of the Ping i230 can be a prominent replacement for the Ping i210.

But any golf club that will appear and beat the Ping i210 is not accessible. Don’t forget the Ping i210 is the Ping’s most played golf iron.

However, when it comes to looks, we have seen the upgraded Ping i230 comes with a more refined look.

Golfers who have issues with the design of the Ping i230 can check this out. However, the sole design remains the same in the case of both the Ping i210 and the Ping i230.

Beyond the look, you will experience a better feel and forgiveness with the Ping i230 than with the Ping i210.

However, if you think about the value of money, staying with the Ping i210 can be a better choice.

The golf iron is considered one of the most expensive golf clubs, but you must pay even more to have the Ping i230.

According to Ping, one of their core statements was the Ping i230, a replacement of the Ping i230, can offer impressive playability for different types of golfers out there.

If a golfer is not yet satisfied with the ball speed of the Ping i210, they can get slightly more with the Ping i230.

According to Ping, it can be roughly 1 MPH. And therefore, in case of distance, you will find the upgraded one to generate more.

Plus, the Ping i230 is technologically more advanced than the Ping i210, making the golf iron ensure lower CG and more MOI.

What Should You Consider When Replacing the Ping i210? 

What Should You Consider When Replacing the Ping i210?

You can always go with the more updated golf iron. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to avoid the golf iron you do not have, the Ping i210 in this case, and look for the new one. There’s facts to take into consideration. 

Your Playing Skill and Type 

Depending on the golf playing skill you have, the choice of golf club must vary. If you are a beginner, then you should always search for the golf club which is more forgiving because you are supposed to make a lot of mistakes in this playing stage. 

Physical Strength of the Golf Club

Chances are always there that once you have been using a golf club for a long time, it might be affected by extreme wear and tear.

And due to this, the golf club can become physically weak, negatively impacting its performance.

If you are not quite sure about the capability of your Ping i210 and you need to change it, then going with the upgraded Ping i230 will be a decent move.

Value for Money

When you plan to replace your Ping i210, make sure the new one you choose provides a decent value for money.

You may never want to buy a golf club that is quite similar in performance to the Ping i210 but costs you more.

However, if the golf club you choose as a replacement for the Ping i210 has additional features, it will be OKAY. 

We are not saying there will be a day and light performance difference, but you know what we mean. Going with the Ping i230 will be worth it if you don’t mind spending extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions 

There is always discussion going on regarding the Ping i210 replacement. And so, we’ve picked some of the most asked questions to answer here for you.

What Is More Beginner Friendly Ping I210 Or Ping I230?

You will find the Upgraded Ping i210 more beginner friendly compared to the Ping i230. However, both the professional and amateur golfers prefer the golf club. The Ping i230 is designed for better players. 

What Handicap Are Ping I210 For?

The Ping i210 is suitable for mid to low handicap players which is why the professional golfers like this golf iron a lot. You will find average forgiveness with the golf club which allows you to play different ranges of shots easily. 

What Is The Core Advantage Of Ping I210 Replacement? 

The core advantage that you get by replacing the Ping i210 is forgiveness. You are supposed to find the ping i230 more forgiving compared to the Ping i210. You may also like the Ping i230 if you prefer sleek design. 

What Pros Use Ping I210? 

The Ping i210 is widely familiar among the tour professionals. Well, some of the biggest names are Lee Westwood. Tony Finau, Mackenzie Hughes, Sahith Theegala and more who performed impressively with the golf iron.  

Final Words

If you want to improve your game, the Ping i210 replacement, Ping i230, will be a better solution. You are supposed to get an impressive feel, along with the combination of forgiveness and ball speed.

However, it won’t be a wrong choice to stick with the Ping i210. So, the hype we see about replacing the Ping i2130 does not deserve to be that much acute.

The Ping i210 is relatively OKAY, so it is accepted and regarded as one of the best Ping golf clubs. Then again, it’s all about your personal preference.

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