Srixon Z Star vs. Z Star XV: Which Golf Ball to Choose?

If you are looking for a suitable golf ball to satisfy your requirements, here we will introduce you to two of the best options. They are the Srixon Z Star and the Srixon Z Star XV golf balls. Even between these two, you might be wondering which one will better suit you?

Srixon Z Star has a thicker urethane cover which provides more greenside spin and a mid flight. On the other hand, the Srixon Z Star XV has high greenside speed along with a low driver spin.

In this article, we will explore the key differences of these two golf balls. By analyzing the good and bad sides of both of the Srixon golf balls, it will be easy for you to make a choice after reading through this guide.

Overview Of Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

Srixon Z Star golf balls are very soft despite being durable with a fastlayer core. These are 3 layer golf balls with a low driver spin. Srixon Z Star has a swing speed between 90-100 MPH because of its compression rating of 90. 

These balls have the lowest ball flights amongst the Z star golf balls. However, these also have the most greenside control.

Overview Of Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

The Srixon Z Star XV is a four piece golf ball with a low driver spin. It has the highest wedge spin amongst the Srixon Z Star golf balls. These balls give a medium solid feel as they are not too mushy or soft.

Srixon Z Star XV has a compression rating of 120. Therefore, it will require a slightly faster swing speed as well.

Srixon Z Star Vs Z Star XV: Comparison Table

Both of these golf balls of Srixon have good quality and performances. For professional golf players, it can be a little challenging to choose between them.  Here is a comparison table between the Srixon Z Star and Z Star XV:

QualitySrixon Z StarSrixon Z Star XV
FeelsoftMedium solid
LayersThree layersFour layers
Compression Rating90120
Swing speed90-100 MPH100-105 MPH
Driver spinHighLow
Wedge spinHighestHigh

What Are The Differences Between Srixon Z Star And Z Star XV?

There are a few key differences between Srixon Z Star And Z Star XV. In order to compare both of the golf balls, you will need to know about their respective differences in depth.


For a professional golfer, the feel and texture of the golf ball means a lot. Without the right feel of the golf ball on the hand of the player, the game would not be as good.

Both of these golf balls are soft in terms of feel. There are slight differences between them. Srixon Z Star has a medium solid feel to it. It is nice and soft all around.

On the other hand, Srixon Z Star XV has a little firmer feel to it. While it has a higher compression rating, the firm framing of it does not clash with its soft buttery outer part.

If you prefer a little firmer or solid feel for your golf ball, you should go for the XV golf ball.

Swing Speed

Swing speeds are an important factor while choosing your golf ball. If your swing speed is very high, you will need a golf ball of a higher compression rate.

As a result, the comparison between the two Srixon golf balls in terms of swing speed can be done with their compression rates. 

QualitySrixon Z StarSrixon Z Star XV
Swing speed90-100 MPH100-105 MPH
Compression Rating90120

Since the compression rate of the Srixon Z Star is a bit less, the swing speed required is also pretty less.

On the other hand, players with a very high swing speed require a golf ball such as the Srixon Z Star XV. It can create a swing speed up to 100+ mph.


Srixon made a huge update in terms of their spinning technology. They have introduced a 4th Generation Spin Skin with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) in their golf balls.

In a short game, there are not many differences between the Z Star and the Z Star XV. Both have consistent and good spin rates.

Greenside spins of the Srixon Z Star XV are slightly low in comparison. This golf ball produces an average spin of 6,900 rpm on a long game. So, it has a lower driver spin because of the extra fourth layer on its design.

Srixon Z Star, on the other hand, produces more spin compared to the XV golf ball. They have a few hundred more spin rpm than the XV golf ball.

Z Star usually has an average spin rate of 7,100 rpm. So, Z Star is a golf ball that features high spin capabilities on the greens.

Ball Flight

The ball flight style determines the comfort, highest, and most flexible way of playing. 

One of these two golf balls has the higher ball flight which is the Srixon Z Star XV. XV will definitely fly higher than the Z Star. With the added high swing speed, the Z Star XV takes flight very higher than the Z Star.

The Z Star takes a relatively low ball flight. It has more spin to make up for the less distance it covers. As a result, these golf balls can’t get very high while taking a flight.

Carry Distance

Undoubtedly, the Srixon Z Star XV has a bigger carry distance compared to the Z Star. Since the XV has a higher ball flight, it takes off high in the air and covers maximum distance upon shot.

Upon testing the ball, XV covered a distance of 164 yards. It can be more after a higher swing speed shot at the ball. 

On the contrary, the Z Star has a little bit of a less carry distance than the XV. Z Star has an average carry distance of 161 yards.

Srixon Z Star Or Z Star XV: Which Golf Ball To choose?

There is no set answer to which of the two golf balls is better. Both balls give off amazing performance depending on what kind of privilege you’re looking for.

You need to choose your preferred type of golf ball after considering what you are expecting from your ball and how you play.

If you are looking for a higher spin rate as a professional golf player, Srixon Z Star will be good enough for you.

It delivers a soft feeling because of its three layers and average carry distance. Players with medium leveled swing speed can be benefitted from this golf ball. 

Srixon Z Star XV will be perfect for someone who already has an average higher swing speed.

The speed makes up for the low driver spin. XV also provides maximum longest carry distance and the highest ball flight. If you can swing the club at 100+ mph, you will get the maximum carry distance.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have a lot of questions in your mind after reading this article. This section will answer some of your most asked questions regarding the mentioned golf balls:

Is the Srixon Z Star softer than the XV?

The Srixon Z Star feels slightly softer than the XV. Both have urethane covers on their outer shells. The cover on Z Star is of three layers while the XV has a 4 layer cover.
As a result, the cover of the XV has a medium solid feel to it. On the other hand, Z Star feels a bit softer all around.

Is Srixon Z Star faster than Srixon Z Star XV?

Srixon Z Star has a swing speed of 90-100 mph. On the other hand, Srixon Z Star XV has a swing speed of 100+.
Therefore, if you swing properly with the club, the XV can easily be faster than the Z Star by a long shot.

Does Srixon Z Star have more spin than Z Star XV?

Srixon Z Star has more spin than the Srixon Z Star XV.  The XV has a low driver spin rate which helps to make straight shots. The Srixon Z Star has more greenside spin. It has almost 200 rpm more spin than the XV golf ball.

Which is better: Srixon Z Star or Z Star XV?

Srixon Z Star XV is perfect for players who can already produce high rates of spin. They can handle the swing speed for the XV in the best way.
On the contrary, slow players can benefit from using the Srixon Z Star. As it allows a slower swing speed, beginners or medium experienced players can handle this golf ball well.

Is the Srixon Z Star more beginner friendly than the Z Star XV?

Since you need to have an experience of handling a high swing speed, Z Star XV can be a little complex at the beginning. If you can’t hit the club properly, you can’t get the full benefits of the Srixon Z Star XV.
On the contrary, Srixon Z Star doesn’t need as much speed while swinging, so even beginners can use it.

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