Callaway ERC Soft vs. Chrome Soft | Comparing Golf Balls

Callaway is a premium golf equipment manufacturer that has produced many fabulous golf balls for decades. The Callaway ERC Soft and the Callaway Chrome Soft are two of their most excellent golf balls. 

The ERC soft golf ball is a brand new release from Callaway, whereas the Chrome soft ball has been on the market for several years. The key difference between these two is that the Chrome soft ball comes with a urethane cover while the ERC golf ball has a polybutadiene cover. 

Now the question is, ERC Soft vs Chrome Soft Golf Balls: which one should you choose? To figure out which one is superior, keep reading the entire article.  This article will give you an in-depth analysis of both of these balls. 

An Overview Of The Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball

The Callaway ERC soft golf ball is a 3-piece ball. It is one of the softest golf balls from Callaway. The key feature of this ball is that it uses the Triple Track Line technology, which offers an easier alignment. 

It also features a High Energy Core, which provides a longer distance and higher ball speed. Besides, it is made of polybutadiene, a combination of ionomer and urethane. This material makes them more durable and offers excellent control.

However, the ERC soft ball will produce a low spin with extra distance and feel that allows the player to hit the ball a little straighter. After all, it can be a great choice at a reasonable price. 

An Overview Of Chrome Soft Golf Balls

The Chrome Soft golf ball is one of the most premium golf balls. It is manufactured with a double SoftFast core technology, determined by two cores: a softer inner core and a harder outer core. 

Moreover, it has a polyurethane cover, which makes the ball more stable, durable, and soft. Besides, it can be an excellent tour-level golf ball. It will provide the longest distance as well as a soft feel around the green. 

Furthermore, the Chrome soft golf balls will offer you a medium spin. So, it is an excellent choice for mid and high handicappers.

This ball also gives an equal distance to the premium golf balls. Therefore, it is a long-lasting collection at an affordable price. 

ERC Soft vs Chrome Soft Golf Balls: Comparison Chart

Choosing a particular ball between these two leading golf balls may seem difficult. So, it’s better to have a piece of in-depth knowledge about their specifications. Well, the following chart highlights the comparison of their specs.

Criteria ERC Soft Chrome Soft 
Brand Callaway  Callaway
Material Polybutadiene Polyurethane 
Feel Soft Soft 
Spin rateLow Medium 
Dimples 332 332 
Compression 60 75 
Swing SpeedUnder 90 mph90-100 mph
Alignment Triple TrackTriple Track and Truvis
Flight Straight Straight 
Flight Range Higher High 
Comparison Distance Feel 

What Are The Differences Between ERC Soft And Chrome Soft Golf Balls?

Despite being mostly similar, the ERC soft and Chrome soft golf balls have many particular specifications which differ between the two. 

So, now, we’ll discuss several features they have and compare them with each other so that you can choose the best one for your game. 

Construction and Durability 

Generally, almost all premium tour golf balls have a urethane cover, making them slightly more expensive but durable.

In this way, the Chrome Soft balls have a polyurethane cover that offers increased ball speed and swing speed.

CriteriaERC Soft Chrome Soft 
Construction 3-piece 4-piece 
Durability LessMore 

On the other hand, the ERC Soft balls have hybrid covers made of a mixture of ionomer and urethane.

This cover gives the ball more distance and a soft feel, but is less durable than the Chrome Soft. So, in terms of durability, the Chrome Soft is better than the ERC Soft Golf Ball.  

Number of Layers

It is one of the major differences between them. The Callaway ERC Soft golf balls consist of 3 layers, while the Chrome Soft balls have construction of 4 layers.

This design is the thing that makes sense when choosing a particular ball for a particular golfer.

3 layer balls are suitable for golfers of mid handicaps who tend to have a softer feel and do not worry about higher spin.

In contrast, four-layer balls are better for golfers who attempt to get a higher spin on the ball. So, in this way, both of them are good enough for their golfers.

Feel and Sound

When it comes to feel and sound, the Chrome Soft golf balls are slightly better than the Callaway ERC Soft golf balls.

As we discussed above, the Chrome Soft balls have strong but smooth outer covers named urethane, giving them a softer feel and sound. 


In terms of compression, both of these balls are about average. The Callaway ERC soft golf ball has a compression of about 60, while the Chrome Soft golf ball has about 75. This way, the ERC soft golf ball is softer than the Chrome soft golf balls.   


When it comes to the visual aid, both of them are very similar. These balls are manufactured with a three-line visual aid that allows golfers to align the ball off the tee.

The only difference is that the Callaway ERC Soft balls have Triple Track Lines technology  while the Chrome soft golf balls come with a True Visibility or Truvis design.  


Both of these balls will provide a similar level of control. Therefore, you’ll find the Chrome Soft ball is slightly better than the ERC Soft golf ball.

As the Chrome soft golf balls are the tour balls of Callaway, they’re meant to be superior with mid-spin and enough control.   


As we mentioned earlier, the Chrome Soft golf ball uses a polyurethane cover like almost all premium tour golf balls.

Though this material is durable, soft, and produces enough control over the ball, it is quite expensive. So, the  balls made of urethane are meant to be very costly in general. 

On the other hand, the Callaway EREC Soft golf balls come with a hybrid cover, a composition of ionomer and urethane.

The most significant feature of this material is that it is slightly less expensive than the urethane used in the Chrome soft.

So, the ERC golf balls will cost less without compromising softness and feel. Let’s see what the differences between their specs are at a glance: 

CriteriaERC Soft Chrome Soft 
Speed 110.9 mph112.8 mph
Launch angle 18.9°18.4°
Side Angle 1.7° L2.2° L
Side Spin585 rpm525 rpm
Back Spin 4891 rpm5422 rpm
Peak 2829
Carry 158159
Range 158 159
Offline 3.7 R0.7 R
Descent 44.2°44.8°

ERC Soft vs Chrome Soft: Which Golf Ball to Choose?

The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is a better choice for mid-handicappers and average golfers, while the Chrome Soft balls are best for advanced golfers.

Moreover, if you want to get a feel of a premium tour golf ball, you must go with the Chrome soft balls.

But if you want to save money, it’s better to go for the ERC soft golf balls. They are quite cheaper than the chrome soft balls. 

So, when it comes to ERC Soft vs Chrome Soft Golf Balls, you may have a clear idea from our review and discussion above.

After all, you may find the Chrome soft golf ball is superior, though both have value for the money.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sometimes, you may have a debate on the ERC or Chrome soft golf balls, or you may need to sort out either one of these two.

Then there may be some common questions you should answer. So, in this section, we’ll answer some of them to give you a better idea. 

Which One Is Better For The Senior Players Between The ERC Soft And The Chrome Soft Golf Balls?

The Callaway Chrome Soft ball is better for senior players because it comes with a medium level of spin and is made for golfers with higher wing speed.   

Which One Offers More Distance? 

The Callaway ERC Soft golf balls will offer you more distance than the chrome soft balls. The reason behind this feature is that the lower spin will let you get a higher launch. 

Is The Chrome Soft Golf Ball More Durable Than The ERC Soft Ball? 

Yes. The Chrome Soft golf balls are more long-lasting than the ERC Soft golf balls. Because the material, urethane, used in the Chrome ball, is durable enough and stronger than the hybrid materials of the ERC soft balls.

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