Srixon Z Star vs Titleist Pro V1 | Which Golf Ball is Better?

While looking for a first-rate golf ball, it’s hard to decide between Srixon Z Star and Titleist Pro V1. Despite being manufactured by two different brands, they are almost similar in terms of features and functionalities. But certainly, there are a few things that set them apart.

The key difference between Z Star and Pro V1 is that the latter is a bit more advanced in terms of durability and stopping power. Also, it gives you extra 3-4 yards. The Z Star, on the other hand, feels softer off the putter compared to the Titleist Pro V1.

However, if you are on the fence between these two premium golf balls, our Srixon Z Star Vs Pro V1 debate below might help. So, let’s dig in!

Overview Of Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

Srixon updated their Z Star premium golf balls last in 2021 and with this update, these balls are even more user-friendly now.

The three-layer balls feel softer than their competitors. They are basically designed for mid-height flights.

With the 0.6mm urethane cover, this ball offers an 88 compression rating. If you focus on fineness around the greens, you should definitely go for it.

Overview Of Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Pro V1 is not only the best-selling golf ball of Titleist but also the most played ball on the PGA Tour.

Titleist emphasized both quality and consistency while shaping this ball. As a result, you experience the best-ever combination of speed and spin. 

Although they launched the original Pro V1 20 years ago, the 2021 update ensures changes in every layer of the ball. 

And trust me, you will be blown away by the soft cast urethane elastomer cover along with the new dimple pattern.

Thanks to these upgrades for increasing greenside spin, distance, and flight consistency.

Srixon Z Star Vs Pro V1: Comparison Table

Whether you are a professional or an amateur golfer, you should choose the ball carefully.

As we are debating over the dominance of Pro V1 and Z Star, check out the comparison chart below on their prime specifications. Hope it helps to generate an overall idea of their performance level.

Area of ComparisonSrixon Z StarTitleist Pro V1
Construction3 piece3 piece
Greenside SpinHigh High
Driver SpinLowMid

What Are The Differences Between Srixon Z Star And Pro V1? 

Titleist is, indeed, the no 1 golf ball maker and the Pro V1 is the jewel in their crown. But the Srixon Z Star gives it a hard competition as well.

So, let’s look forward to their fields of distinction below to let you make a wise selection between these two. 


If we compare the feel of both the balls on the course, the Z Star offers a firmer feel.  Although it depends on personal preferences, some factors contribute to making one ball feel better than the other. 

As the Z Star has a little less compression rating, it might be the reason for providing a more confident feel when hit off the driver.


The Srixon Z Star is one of the highest-spinning balls in their lineup. Compared to the Pro V1, the spin is on par. So, you cannot go wrong with any of them.

Nevertheless, the Pro V1 spins a little more off the driver. But for short games, you prefer less spin. So, we prefer Z Star here as the winner. 

The Pro V1, on the other hand, offers more stopping power on the shorter irons and that’s really commendable.


In terms of putting, you will probably love the Z Star over the Pro V1. Because the Pro V1 feels a bit sloppy off the putter. Again, it comes down to personal preference though.


Here, the Z Star is the clear winner. Despite having no significant difference in playability, the Pro V1 comes with a premium price tag.

An average golfer cannot afford it as he is supposed to lose more balls on the course. So, Z Star is a better bargain which costs way less than the Titleist Pro V1.


Although the Srixon Z Star offers lower spin and more distance off the driver, it doesn’t really give you that super confident feeling when you hit the ball really well.

As you are not going to read the launch monitor when you are playing, this “crushed it” feeling is quite important to boost your confidence.

And guess what, hitting the Pro V1 gives you that feel. However, as Srixon offers less driver spin, it performs better in the wind.

Dimple Pattern

We all know how important the dimple pattern is to make a ball achieve greater distance and better elevation. 

A spherically-tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple layout of Pro V1 facilitates more consistent ball flight.

On the contrary, the Srixon Z Star has a 338 Speed dimple design to reduce drag and maximize your shot. 

Srixon Z Star And Pro V: Which Golf Ball To Choose?

When you compare Srixon Z Star and Pro V1 golf balls, it’s a close call, to be honest. There is not much difference in terms of performance.

They highly resemble each other in key areas like speed, distance, control, and construction. 

The only area they clearly contrast is the cost. Despite performing pretty much similar to the Pro V1, the Z Star comes really cheap. 

So, if you are an average golfer who tends to lose more balls, go for it. Moreover, it offers an exceptionally soft feel. 

However, the Pro V1 is made of higher-quality materials. Therefore, it’s more durable than the Z Star. Besides, Pro V1 is more popular for providing drop and stop greenside control.


Although we covered pretty much everything about these two superior golf ball distinctions above, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to satisfy your queries.

Which Srixon ball is most like Pro V1?

If you are looking for a similar quality golf ball from Srixon like the Titleist Pro V1, the Z Star would be your best bet.
They resemble each other in terms of design, spin, compression, and feel. The Z Star also performs quite similarly to the Pro V1.

Is Srixon Z Star better than Titleist Pro V1?

To be honest, they are not. There are some differences. The Pro V1 is certainly one of the top-selling golf balls of all time, obviously for good reasons.
But the Z Star is not far behind by offering a pretty good feel on the course. Moreover, it costs less without compromising performance.
So, the Z Star might slightly outperform the Pro V1 in some particular aspects, but the Pro V1 is still better if you can afford it.

Do any pros use Srixon Z Star?

Yes, of course. Many top Tour Players across the world use this excellent golf ball, thanks to its firmer feel and premium playability. 

Do premium golf balls make any difference?

It depends. If you have just stepped into the golfing world, probably no balls can help you upgrade your performance other than practice.
But with some experience, premium golf balls could be the game changer with their excellent spin, control, and feel.

Is the Srixon Z Star cheaper than Titleist Pro V1?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, that’s the key reason to go for Z Star despite being a bit deficient in performance in comparison to the Pro V1.
The cheaper price point doesn’t break the bank even if you lose a lot of balls on the golf course.

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