Are Cleveland Golf Clubs Good? A Deep Dive Into Their Quality!

With all the buzz around professional golfing and PGA Tours, it’s no doubt that golf has had a renewed interest among general people. And when looking at the sport, it appears to be for all, be it rookie, amateur, or pros. 

While there are seemingly unending options for professionals and amateurs, it’s difficult to come across a brand that is decent for the latter. This is where Cleveland Clubs comes in. 

Even though the brand sponsors professionals like Hideki Matsuyama and Shane Lowry, Cleveland is actually a pretty good brand for the average golfer. 

Let’s look at the detailed aspects to find out why? 

Are Cleveland Golf Clubs Good

Types of Cleveland Golf Clubs 

Before we dive into the performance and who are they for, let’s first have a look at the types of golf clubs offered by Cleveland. 


First up is their drives. Cleveland is well known for their Launcher series of drivers including the HB Turbo, XL Halo, and the UHX. Each of these drivers provides a maximized distance and forgiveness. 

Fairway Woods 

The fairway woods from Cleveland primarily uses a woods variant of their drivers. Basically, their drivers are modified to be the woods. It compromises a bit on the range. But the straights and the forgiveness are well maintained. 


If you’re all about the performance and feel of the club, then the hybrids from Cleveland can be your go-to choice.

Their proprietary HiBore design makes it unique and more performance-driven than most of its competitors. 

The highlight of Cleveland hybrids would be the accuracy and forgiveness it brings to the table. 


The range of irons is considerably limited compared to their other offerings. Even then, the brand has a selective few that offers a cavity back design.

Cleveland irons aren’t really designed for players with a low handicap and thus the demand is lower compared to their other lines. 

Overall, the irons from Cleveland are all about a balance of power, distance, and forgiveness. 


Many often consider the wedges from Cleveland are what made it the brand it is today. Unlike their irons, the wedges from Cleveland are universal. Players of any handicap level can try their hands at one. 


Every notable golf brand out there seems to have a limited option when it comes to putters. But not Cleveland. The brand has some of the widest range of putters you’ll find for any level of play. 

Their blade style and mallet head putters are the most widely sold and user favorite. You can find other types as well based on your performance aspect. 

Features of Cleveland Golf Clubs 

To better understand the features of the Cleveland golf clubs, we have decided to divide this section performance-wise. Have a look and you’ll understand what sets Cleveland clubs apart from the rest. 



Forgiveness is the name and game of Cleveland clubs. They are literally known for the very high level of forgiveness in all of their clubs. It makes them the perfect choice for amateurs and up-and-coming professionals. 

Cleveland has specific design elements like perimeter weighting, cavity backs, and wide soles, which can all help to increase the forgiveness in each shot. 

Depending on what you choose, the level of forgiveness will vary. For example, if you go with the driver, it may offer an enlarged sweet spot.

Or if you go with the irons, it may have a deeper cavity to assist in improved accuracy and reduced mishits. 

To sum it up, all Cleveland golf clubs come with a high level of forgiveness. 



It is every golfer’s dream to have a club fine-tuned to their exact preference. This is even more true for the professionals out there.

Well if you’re thinking about getting a Cleveland club, then rest assured, you’ll get a host of adjustable options regardless of the club. 

For example, their drivers have an adjustable loft and lie angle as well as an adjustable weight system.

This will allow you to easily shift the center of gravity of the club head and change the shot trajectory. 

You can also change the loft and lie angles of the fair woods and the hybrids thanks to the adjustable hosels.  Their irons and putters both have adjustable weight systems to shift weight to the player’s liking. 

Overall, the adjustability of Cleveland golf clubs is top-notch.

Spin and Control 

Spin and Control

Cleveland golf clubs are also pretty high on spin and control. Their drivers, fairways, irons, and wedges all have some built-in features that make them perfect for high spin and control.

Like their drivers have a turbocharged cup face that can generate higher ball speed with increased spin. 

The same holds true for the irons and the ground action. The spin in the air is well complemented by spin on the ground thanks to the v-shaped sole on their irons. 

The fairway and the hybrids both used the steel face to generate higher spin and control in each shot. 



Distance seems to always be the priority for Cleveland clubs. All of their lineups have some proprietary technology to assist in the length of each shot.

We already mentioned the turbocharged cup face of their drivers. Their fairway and hybrids have a dedicated glide rail sole for extra carry on each shot.

The irons have a Hibore crown to lower the center of gravity in favor of a powerful swing. 

The same goes for their wedges which use a combination of available tech to create the perfect lie angle for maximum distance. In short, Cleveland has got you covered distance-wise. 



Cleveland golf clubs have a history of making quality clubs using the highest material and sophisticated techniques. As a result, their clubs aren’t the most affordable ones in the market. 

In fact, Cleveland golf clubs are on the higher end of the affordability spectrum. 

If you’re still interested in one, you can opt for an older model or purchase second-hand clubs to get a better deal. 

Cleveland Golf Clubs: Who is it For? 

It should be clear by now that Cleveland is everything maximized. It has great forgiveness, great spin, and great distance. The control might be a bit on the underside but other factors easily compensate for it. 

But in the world of golfing, a split change in features can make the world’s difference. And even though we all praise Cleveland clubs, it isn’t universal. 

The Cleveland golf clubs are best suited for players with mid to high handicaps. That is players with a low handicap, the ones who desire more control in each shot are better off with higher-end options. 

For the general hobby golfers, or the ones starting in the game, Cleveland can be your go-to option hands down. 

Best Cleveland Clubs in Different Categories

Best Cleveland Clubs in Different Categories 

Now let’s look at some of the best options in different categories. Note that what’s best for you is what you’re most comfortable with.

So we suggest trying your hands on different options before purchasing one. Regardless, here are your best bets according to us. 

  • Driver – Golf Launcher Turbo 
  • Irons – Launcher XL 4 
  • Game Improvement Irons – Launcher XL Halo 5 
  • Wedges – Golf CBX 2
  • Putter – Huntington Beach Soft 11
  • Complete Set – CG Launcher XL 
  • Junior Set – Cleveland Junior Set

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that you know everything there is about Cleveland golf clubs, let’s see what other potential players are asking. 

Who owns Cleveland Golf?

Cleveland Golf is currently owned by SRI Sports which is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries. The company was founded as Cleveland Classics in 1979 by Roger Cleveland. 

Do pro players use Cleveland Clubs?

Around 10 PGA Tour players have been noted to use Cleveland clubs. Among them, the Cleveland-sponsored Shane Lowry and Hideki Matsuyama are notable.

What is Cleveland Golf most famous for? 

Cleveland Golf clubs are most noted for their wedges. It is the wedges that made them famous in the first place. 

Are Srixon and Cleveland the same?

No, they are not related. However, Cleveland and Srixon both share the same parent company. 

Final Words 

Cleveland golf clubs are some of the best clubs money can buy for beginners and intermediate golf players. 

Even if you are a pro, certain Cleveland clubs will offer you what you’re looking for but it’s mostly geared towards recreationists and amateurs of the game. 

Cleveland clubs are by no means cheap. But the great thing is, you’re getting the worth out of what you’re paying for. 

Their clubs are precisely what they advertise and that’s what makes them appeal to the masses. So if you’re worried about whether to go for a Cleveland set or not, rest assured, if you do, it’ll be well worth the investment.

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