Kirkland Wedges vs Vokey: Which Wedge Is Right for You?

When making every shot count, golfers understand that having the right wedge can make all the difference. The debate between Kirkland and Vokey wedges is likely familiar to those struggling to narrow down their selection. So, Kirkland wedges vs Vokey, what’s the difference? 

The main difference between Kirkland and Vokey wedges is the lie and loft angle. Kirkland wedges have only three loft angles (52°, 56°, 60°), whereas Vokey wedges are customizable, with loft angles ranging from 46° to 62°.

This article will explore the differences between these two popular wedge brands, helping you make an informed decision on your next wedge purchase. So, let’s start digging in to find out which suits you.

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey

Overview Of Kirkland wedges

Kirkland wedges are a great choice because they are reasonably priced and extremely high-quality.

The grooves are carefully crafted to some of the best industry standards, leaving golfers with great shot control. 

The feel and creativity these wedges offer are second to none. Kirkland wedges also come with three limited loft angles, ranging from 52, 56, and 60 degrees, so you can choose exactly what you need for each shot.

Overview Of Kirkland wedges

Overview of Vokey Wedges

Vokey wedges are hugely popular, as they have been around for many years and are manufactured by Titleist, a brand that golfers worldwide trust. 

The wedges provide the perfect balance between feel, spin, and accuracy, making them great for all sorts of shots.

Plus, the weathering process is designed to reduce glare in direct sunlight and create an attractive pattern that hooks in the grass less.

Overview of Vokey Wedges

Kirkland wedges vs Vokey: Comparison Table

Golfers everywhere want to know which wedge they should choose: the Kirkland Signature or Titleist Vokey.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison between the two so golfers can make the right purchasing decision this season. 

Features KirklandVokey
Loft angle52°, 56°, 60°46°- 52°, 54°- 56°, 58°- 62°
Torque8°, 10°8°, 10°, 12°, 14°
GrindF, M, S, D, K, L
TypesGap, Lob, SandPitching/Gap, Sand, Lob
Groove DesignU-GrooveV-Groove 
Spin ControlGood  Excellen
Price$230$180 – $230

What Are the Differences Between Kirkland Wedges and Vokey?

Are you trying to decide between Kirkland wedges and Vokey wedges? It can be a tough choice between two of the leading wedge brands in the market.

We’llWe’ll break down the differences between these two wedge product lines to help you make the best decision for your golf game.


Kirkland wedges are made with heat-treated carbon steel to improve the wedges strength and durability.

The heads are then nickel-chrome plated. Vokey wedges are made of 8620 carbon steel, the most widely used material due to their strength and soft feel.

Materialcarbon steel8620 carbon steel


In terms of design, Kirkland wedges have a traditional shape with clean lines, high toes, and a semi-blacked head design.

Vokey wedges have a slightly more modern look, featuring enhanced profile lines, softer head shapes, and sole refined designs. Both lines have been designed to help golfers gain maximum control and spin. 


Vocky Grind

Kirkland wedges have a complete sole design which offers more bounce making them ideal for thick-lie shots and those with steeper attack angles.

Vokey wedges have a versatile grind that allows players with different attack angles to get more spin and control on the ball.

GrindF, M, S, D, K, L


Kirkland wedges come in various lofts that may better suit a golfer’s preferred shots. The higher lofted wedges help create a higher ball flight with more spin, which is ideal for approaches from bunkers or hardpan lies.

Vokey wedges come in club and gap wedge lofts, so players can choose the best suits for their cavity-back irons.

Lie Angle
Loft52°, 56°, 60°46°-62°
Swing WeightD3,D4D4, D5


Kirkland wedges are available in both sand and lob wedge types. The sand wedges come with more bounce and higher lofts and are more suitable for greenside bunker shots and soft lies. 

The lob wedges have less bounce and lower lofts for shots requiring increased spin and control. Vokey wedges offer a wide variety of sand and lob-type wedges to suit any lie.


Kirkland wedges are more expensive than Vokey, with the Vokey wedges ranging from $180 to $230 and the Kirkland at $230.

It is essential to remember that the Vokey wedges provide a better feel and accuracy, while the Kirkland offers more durability and strength.

Kirkland wedges or Vokey: Which Golf wedge To choose?

When choosing a wedge between Kirkland and Vokey, personal preference matters most. Both wedges are of excellent quality, crafted with the same technology.

If you are looking for a wedge that has a traditional style, then Kirkland is for you. 

However, if you want a wedge with more versatility and technology, then Vokey is the way to go.

Ultimately, the best wedge for you will depend on your personal preference, budget, and style. 

No matter what, you can guarantee that you will have quality craftsmanship, either from Kirkland or Vokey.

So when it comes to wedges, take the time to decide which one is right for you, Kirkland or Vokey, to make the most out of your golf experience.


To help make your decision easier, check out the FAQs below for more on the differences between Kirkland and Vokey wedges.

Does Vokey have more forgiveness than Kirkland wedges?

Yes, Vokey wedges tend to offer better forgiveness than Kirkland wedges. They have a wider sole and more weight in the center of the club, both of which help provide a more prominent sweet spot.
This allows golfers to maintain consistency and accuracy, even on slight mis-hits.

What features set Kirkland Wedges and Vokey Wedges apart?

The Kirkland Wedge typically features a more traditional-style face and a slightly wider sole for improved playability.
On the other hand, the Vokey Wedge has a thicker front and a somewhat wider sole for more forgiving.
The Vokey Wedge is more modern, featuring the Chrome Soft X Groove insert to get a better feel and spin control.

What type of players usually prefer Kirkland Wedges?

Players who prefer a wedge’s traditional look and feel are usually better suited to the Kirkland Wedge.
The blade design of the Kirkland Wedge is great for players who need more feel and finesse around the greens, as well as better accuracy.
Its traditional design also allows players to work the ball with more spin and precision.

What type of players usually prefer the Vokey Wedge?

The Vokey Wedge is ideal for those who need extra forgiveness and performance. This wedge is designed to give more control, spin, and consistency than most other wedges on the market.
The face has been designed with a distinct thickness for increased speed and spin, resulting in a premium shot that can handle various conditions, from link-style courses to hard-pan lies.

What overall benefits can be gained from using a Kirkland or Vokey Wedge?

Regardless of which wedge you decide on, you can benefit from improved performance, accuracy, and feel for more consistent results.
The Kirkland and Vokey Wedges design has been tested and approved by top players, meaning you can trust the performance and effects you’ll get.
Having a reliable, trusted wedge in your bag ensures you’ll have the right tool for any type of shot or condition you encounter.

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