Taylormade TP5X Vs. Titleist Pro V1X | Golf Ball Comparison

Having a proper tour-grade golf ball is a necessity for improving your gameplay.  Manufacturers like Titleist and Taylormade make some of the best possible balls in this regard.

But even the best options like Taylormade TP5X and Titleist Pro V1X may not serve your purpose fully. Some aspects differentiate both these golf balls and also their specialization.

The Taylormade TP5X and Titleist ProV1x have differences in construction and spinning versions. But none of these gives either ball an edge over the other.

That said, in this article, we will compare TP5X Vs ProV1x golf balls, head to head, and portray their characteristics. So, let’s dive right into the article.

Overview of Tp5x golf ball

The Taylormade Tp5x golf ball is one of the best from the brand and is suited to certain players. It has a unique design, making it look unconventional compared to the other ball on the market.

The 5-layer construction helps in the reduction of drag with driver grips and also increases the carry distance.

It has a soft yet durable covering in the form of a urethane cover. Overall, such composition enables a higher flight and helps cover longer distances. 

Besides, these balls provide superb controls, mainly possible due to the impressive gradient layering, which maintains even striking energy.

Overview of Pro V1x golf ball

The Titleist Pro V1x golf ball comes with a professional standard and has been trusted for use in different tournaments.

It is a model that comes with much-improved spin control. And that is why it has been highly trusted as a tournament-grade ball.

Using the Pro V1x model will allow increased iron and short game spin. Also, the ball will get higher flights on hits than the previous models. 

The best part about this golf ball is the accuracy in the long-range shots. Compared to its contemporaries, it is much more accurate in getting long-range puts.

It also comes with a thinner covering, which is 17% thinner than its previous versions. Such thinner characteristics ensure high levels of spin from the ball. Besides this, it’s a much more suitable option for golfers with impaired vision.

Tp5x Vs Pro V1x Golf Ball: Comparison Chart

Both these tour-grade golf balls come up with similarities as well as dissimilarities. The comparison chart below will give a proper view:

FactorsTaylormade TP5xTitleist Pro V1x
Cover Urethane Urethane Elastomer
Weight1.4 lbs1.4 lbs
Height5.5 inch5 Inch
Width7.5 Inch9 Inch
Depth 1.25 Inch1 inch

What are the differences between Tp5x and Pro V1x golf balls?

The core difference between these two golf balls is in construction and spinning. But some other aspects distinguishBesidesthese balls.

Some of the aspects that differentiate Tp5x and Pro V1x balls are listed below:

Flight: TP5X Vs Pro V1X 

Projecting the golf ball toward the target is crucial, and its accuracy determines whether the ball will reach. The accuracy of the ball here is highly dependent on the golf ball’s flight.

In this regard, the ball striking has much to do with controlling long-range shots’ shape. However, similar striking may or may not result in similar outcomes on different balls.

For both these balls, the flight is pretty much identical. These launches were higher than their predecessors, and the peak height didn’t differ much. 

Distance: TP5X Vs Pro V1X 

The golf balls do affect the distance traveled after hitting. And it is highly dependent on the weather, the player, and the ball itself. 

In the case of both these golf balls, the Taylormade Tp5x travels a bit less due to its lower spin. Compared to the Titleist Pro V1x, the distance traveled by Tp5x is shortened by a yard or two. 

However, this whole thing highly depends on the player and his gameplay. The way the club will impact the ball plays a big part in this regard. 

Feel: TP5X Vs Pro V1X

The feel of the golf ball plays a big part in the rhythm. And the rhythm in the swinging helps a lot in the gameplay. 

That said, the feel of the golf ball is highly dependent on the construction. Materials used in it contribute to what the ball has to offer. 

Here the Taylormade Tp5x and Titleist Pro V1x have slight differences in the feel. Both of these models provide ample pace for putting and chipping. 

But the Pro V1x feels softer when chipping than the Tp5x. And when it comes to putting, there weren’t any massive differences you can figure out.

Control: TP5X Vs Pro V1X

Among all other aspects, these two golf balls considerably differ when control is concerned.

The Titleist Pro V1x offers considerable control on the chips and pitches due to their higher spinning trait. In contrast, the control on low spinning Taylormade Tp5x is a tad lower.

However, the differences aren’t massive as both the balls come with urethane covers, making them the best in the market.

It highly depends, on the other hand; if you look for a ball that’s more stable in the wind, Taylormade Tp5x has an edge due to its construction.

Performance with Iron shorts: TP5X Vs Pro V1X

Since the ball cover is made of urethane, the softness in Pro V1x is unprecedented. For working with this ball, you need to handle it masterfully with the iron shorts. The reason is its construction and firmness, which requires extra effort.

With the Tp5x, you’ll get enough flexibility that makes it easy to work the ball quickly. The best part is that they result in moderate side spin and projects higher in launches with short irons.

Performance on Green: TP5X Vs Pro V1X

The Tp5x ensures superb control on the green mainly due to the soft curated urethane covering.

You’ll experience the ball being fast and firm. However, with the Pro V1x, roll control is the best you’ll get. Others are just above average.

Tp5x or Pro V1x: Which one should you choose?

It all depends on the player when choosing between Pro V1x and Tp5x. Both are tour-grade balls with premium offerings and are trusted by many.

But specific differences make them unique prospects for particular segments. This article has tried to portray all those elements that differentiate these golf balls. It has shown the core differences and other aspects that set these balls apart.

Between them, the Titleist Pro V1x is more suited to people who want a firmer feel, and the Taylormade Tp5x to those who prefer reduced spins.

Moreover, we feel that this Tp5x Vs Pro V1x golf ball comparison has cleared all your doubts. In case any issue arises, do let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Taylormade Tp5x Spins Lower Than Titleist Pro V1x?

The Tp5x spins lower than Pro V1x mainly due to its construction and it is also a lower spinning model of the Tp5 family.

Does Titleist Pro V1x Have More Dimples Than Taylormade Tp5x?

Yes, the Pro V1x comes with 328 dimples compared to the 322 of Tp5x.

Is Tp5x More Consistent On Green Than Pro V1x?

Taylormade Tp5x has more control and consistency on the green than Pro V1x. The reason here has a lot to do with soft urethane covering, which is absent in the latter one.

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