Ultimate Guide to the Yamaha G29 Gas Golf Cart Speed Upgrade

If you own a Yamaha G29 Gas and have been trying to speed up the golf cart, you are in the right place. The Yamaha G29 Gas is restricted to around 10-15 mph by factory standard and settings. But you can upgrade your cart with some simple tweaks that would make it move as fast as 20-25 mph. 

You can upgrade the speed of your Yamaha G29 Gas golf cart in various ways, such as upgrading the engine, upgrading the controller, maintaining it on a regular interval and so on. Removing unnecessary weight from the cart is also a very effective way to make it move faster.

So if you want to know more in details about your Yamaha G29 Gas speed upgrade, we invite you to a full on instruction breakthrough and guideline for the required process. 

Yamaha G29 Gas Speed Upgrade

What Can You Upgrade On Yamaha G29 Gas To Increase Speed?

There are some simple ways to upgrade the speed of the Yamaha G29 Gas. However, you might need to perform these methods with proper safety and operate the golf cart with necessary cautions. 

To speed up your cart you need to perform these following methods that are simple yet very effective often.

Although, before you start performing these methods we encourage you to read the cart’s manual and completely understand how the machine works.

  • Remove the Governor
  • Engine Upgrade
  • Speed Controller Upgrade
  • Torque Converter Installation
  • High Performance Clutch Installation
  • Cold Air Intake Installation
  • Upgrade to Bigger Tires

Yamaha G29 Gas Speed Upgrade

Till now we have learned what we should do in order to increase the speed of the Yamaha G29 Gas. Now let’s get into details and instructions on how to do the upgrades that have been mentioned earlier.

Remove the Governor

The governor is the one that is limiting the top speed of the golf cart. Removing the governor will surely give the cart the flexibility to move faster.

Firstly you have to remove the cable from the carburetor. After that follow the cable to the governor and detach the governor spring.

Disconnect the gas pedal and reattach it to the carburetor. The gas pedal shaft might need some adjustments after the process.

If you have the tools and know how to complete the whole process, then it should not cost you anything. But if you need any technical support then you need to pay for that labor cost only.

Engine Upgrade

The Yamaha G29 Gas has stock engines in it which are much more efficient. But if you need more performance out of it then you need to upgrade it.

You can change the motor of the engine to get better performance. You can get a more powerful motor from your nearest golf exterior manufacturing company.

Or you can order one online. The higher performing engine motor will produce more torque, which will improve the initial pick up as well as uphill driving. 

It can cost you between $700 to $2000 to get a new engine motor installed. However, you will need to spend on labor costs unless you are willing to install it yourself.

Speed Controller Upgrade

The speed controller upgrade is a good way to upgrade the speed of the Yamaha G29 Gas golf cart. 

As the speed controller controls the cart’s acceleration and deceleration as well as the speed of the cart while it is running.

So getting a controller that allows more current and voltage to your motor can increase the speed of the cart.

You can get a better performing speed controller between $500 to $1500 from any reliable golf cart manufacturing company. 

Torque Converter Installation

Installing a torque converter can increase the number of torque that the wheels are getting from the engine. 

The amount of torque that the motor is producing is multiplied by the torque converter’s gear ratio.

For instance, if your golf cart is able to produce 5ft-lb of torque and you get a torque converter that has a gear ratio of 3:1, the output you would be getting is 15ft-lb. A torque converter can cost you between $100 to $250.

High Performance Clutch Installation

Installing a high performance clutch can increase torque. The clutch helps the motor to engage and disengage from the drivetrain. 

Installing a high performance clutch helps the motor to engage at high RPM, which will produce more torque from the engine.

In this way you can get better initial power out of the cart while using the stock engine. You can buy a high performance clutch from online between $75 to $150. 

Cold Air Intake Installation

A cold air intake is an aftermarket product that brings cool air directly into the engine. 

Installing a cold air intake is beneficial for more powerful engines that are often used at high speed.

By letting the engine get more air, it improves performance and helps to keep the engine safe from any heating damage.

Installing it can cost you $300 to $500 excluding the installation cost.

Upgrade to Bigger Tires

Upgrading to bigger tires is the easiest way to increase speed without touching the engine or by tweaking any motors. 

The larger the tires are, the faster the cart will run. If there is no additional weight on the back, the Yamaha G29 Gas can accommodate up to a 20″ tall all-terrain tire (20×10-10, 20×10-12) without a raise kit.

Any taller tires will require a lift kit on the G29 Gas. It will increase the speed of the cart by 2 to 4 mph without doing any expensive mods.

Bigger tires such as 20” tall can cost between $250 to $350. 

Maintenance Tips To Make Yamaha G29 Gas Golf Cart Go Faster

Golf cart maintenance can be a key point on keeping the engine running without issues. Well maintained engine always produces more power and gives the user smooth riding experiences. 

Make sure the cart’s batteries are treated with necessary care. Maintenance on a regular basis and proper winter storage should be on your checklist.

Also, if you feel the batteries are under-performing you might need to change the batteries instead of using the old defected ones. 

Whether you have changed the engine with a better performing one or using the stock one, maintenance is very important to the engine of a gas cart like Yamaha G29 Gas.

Make sure you are changing the oil at the right times. Belt inception and proper winter storage is also a must. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have come this far, we believe you already have a very clear idea on making your Yamaha G29 Gas move faster. In this section we are going to answer some frequently asked questions on the internet.

How to Remove the Governor From My Yamaha G29 Gas?

1. Remove the cable from the carburetor. 
2. Follow the detached cable following to the governor. Once you find the governor spring, disconnect it from there.
3. Disconnect the gas pedal cable from the governor and attach it to the carburetor.
4. Adjust the gas pedal shaft as your preference. 

How fast does a Yamaha G29 Gas can go?

The Yamaha G29 Gas is restricted to around 10-15 mph by factory standard and settings. But you can upgrade your cart with some simple tweaks that would make it move as fast as 20-25 mph.

What engine is in Yamaha G29 Gas?

Yamaha-built 357cc gasoline engine is the Yamaha G29 Gas golf cart.

Can I put additional weight in the back of my Yamaha G29 Gas?

Putting additional weight in the back of the cart can make the cart go slower than usual. So, if you want your cart to go as fast as possible, it is suggested to not to put any additional weight in the back.


We believe we have covered everything you need to know in order to speed up your Yamaha G29 Gas golf cart. By following the mentioned methods, your Yamaha golf cart will surely get faster than ever. 

But keep in mind, upgrading the engine or upgrading any part of it can get risky if it’s not done right. Maintaining the engine and changing oil frequently is also very important to keep the engine healthy. 

So, if you are planning on upgrading the speed of your Yamaha G29 Gas, we strictly insist on following the instructions we have given above.

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